Adam Doleac - Whiskey's Fine Lyrics

Two drinks in on a Friday night
Heard a knock at the door
Someone turned on the light
And I said "baby
What you doing outside with that 2am
Kinda drunk, kinda smile?"

Every word that you say
Sounds like you missed me
Every move that you make
Says you wanna kiss me
And you whisper "baby
Can I hang here for a while?"

Well come on in, the whiskey's fine
It ain't even close, to closin' time
So if you wanna taste that Tennessee
Well, pour on out a drink with me
And put your lips on mine
Come on in, the whiskey's fine

You're pushin' me up, against the wall
Leavin' a trail of clothes and our sorrows down the hall
Yeah you're leaving your mark
With that lipstick red
And we're fallin' back into this bed

Well come on in, the whiskey's fine
It ain't even close, to closin' time
So if you wanna taste that Tennessee
Well, pour on out a drink with me
And put your lips on mine
Come on in, yeah, the whiskey's fine

I got a bottle opened up
And I wanna feel the rush
'Cause I need that you-and-me buzz

So come on in, the whiskey's fine
It ain't even close, to closin' time
So if you wanna taste that Tennessee
Well, pour on out a drink with me
And put your lips on mine
Come on in, yeah, the whiskey's fine
Oh yeah
Come on in, the whiskey's fine

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Adam Doleac Whiskey's Fine Comments
  1. Goldclaw837

    Adam was a proud team player for Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles in the only time we played in the College World Series!,Pretty cool

  2. Corey Ruch

    Nothing is harder then trying to find a country song when all you remember is that is says whiskey at some point... took me an hour to find this...

  3. Lucy James

    Hey this Lucy! I was the one dancing in your instagram post! I’m excited to go to your concert and here all the awesome songs you have to sing!

  4. Zach Bridges Music

    Good stuff Adam. SMTTT

  5. Lana Humiston

    Well hellooooo repeat button!

  6. Polaris Power

    Piano chords?

  7. MoreLyd 12

    Adam my teacher is engaged to your brother!!!! That’s how I found you. I LOVE YOU

    MoreLyd 12

    Btw your brother looks like Adam Levine..😘😘😂

  8. Russell Leggett

    How on earth did this song not make it big! SMH

  9. SoTotallyEpic

    Love this

  10. zamira lynn

    great song !! come on in !!!

  11. FastingBastard

    I thought the hook line sounded familiar. Mark Chesnutt had a song on his album 10 yrs ago called "come on in (the whiskey's fine)" . Two different songs, but the same hook line.😎

  12. Vernon Smith

    you have to listen to a beautifulmess on face book a track called tumbling falling

  13. Allen Goodman

    Damn good song.

  14. Nick Guenther

    Adam's voice sounds amazing. That's about the only good thing I can say about this song. It's teenage girl music. Not original. There's 50 other songs like it. Purely targeted at young white American 20 year old girls who don't know what life is about, no life experience. Just another drunk anthem for sorrows. What is this song about anyway, two drunk young people doing it? Great message, very high up there. I care because I don't like seeing our youth be trapped within virtueless emotional music, I find myself in that trap sometimes. It's not great of a place to be.

  15. Jay Weekes

    great job, guy

  16. sarah smith

    best song ever

  17. Jeffrey Faulkner

    The best country song I've heard in 5 years at least..... Easy going...relatable.... I just want to have another glass of whiskey and sing this to my girl. Amazing!!!

  18. Lorri Clark Murray

    Awesome song !!

  19. Jan Stahr

    Hope you bring more music to the radio!

  20. The Godfather

    Yes buy it and support him

  21. Bug Guy

    Favorite new song! Thanks SXM!

  22. kelsey_419

    JoJos insta story brought me here 🤪

  23. Emma Smithers

    Can someone make a karaoke video for this please? I'm in love with this song and it fits my vocal range very well.

    Justin Button

    Emma Smithers if you half unplug your headphones it will take the vocals out haha. It's pretty getto but it works hahaha

  24. Daniel R

    Not a country fan at all. But Did sound for these guys a few weeks ago. Great performers.

  25. Reece Mitchell

    This song is amazing, I'm sure a few people in Winnipeg heard me belting it out while pumping gas tonight. Keep up the good work

    A proud Sheerio

    That was you?!?!

  26. zerozz

    This has been on repeat for the last few hours since i hear it on the highway. Love it!

  27. Heather Myers

    Heard on SXM The Highway and I cant get enough of it ❤

  28. Kevin Bourque

    I seriously wouldn't mind a knock at the door and a 2 AM kinda drunk kinda smile. This song brings back some good memories

    Mary Catherine BiltonSmith

    His mom and dad are friends Of mine

  29. Scott Schoenfeld

    COUNTRY'S BACK!! Luke combs and Adam doleac are bringing back the true country they are gonna kick ass next year


    I listen to both those artist im curious if you have a playlist to share - I would love to discover more similar music 👍

  30. Rafael Ramirez

    One of the better new songs out there!! Good job Adam

  31. John Smith

    S.P.O.T.I.F.Y. Pls.
    I love this song too much.

  32. dana flanders

    I heard this song on my way up north here in Michigan a week ago and fell in love with it. Thank you!!

    Christopher Bielinski

    I miss Up North

  33. muellertime100

    Everyone on here telling Adam to put this on Spotify. How about buy it on iTunes or Google Music and have it FOREVER!

  34. Chelsea Boulrisse

    I tune into The Highway for the sole reason of trying to hear this song

  35. Dominic Mussoline

    Get on Spotify dude!

  36. Matthew Graham

    Great music and lyrics. Adam clearly speaks from the heart, and pulls from personal experience. More please.

  37. rob Kruzick

    That's a #1 hit.

  38. Stian Ulriksen


  39. Sara Nelson

    love 🖤

  40. Just a 2018 WRX

    Heard this on SXM The Highway! Please put this on Spotify!!! Love it!


    Mobile_Crysis I loooooove that station!!!

  41. hellen keller


  42. xIcemanReborn

    when are you guys throwin this on spotify

    hellen keller

    xIcemanReborn SERIOUSLY PLEASE