Adam Ant - Who's A Goofy Bunny? Lyrics

One word from him is worth ten from me
A student of adversity
He beat indulgence right out of me
That wild eyed child from Tin Pan Alley

He wanted to search inside me
To find this oh so, oh so cool purity
He showed me the films I just can't see
The wild eyed child of Tin Pan Alley, yeah

Who's a goofy bunny, who's a goofy bunny then?
Who's a goofy bunny, who's a goofy bunny then?

He showed my the slim chance I'd got
And all the friendships that I had not
Be sure he has the guts of three
The wild eyed child of Tin Pan Alley, yeah

Who's a goofy bunny, who's a goofy bunny then?

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Adam Ant Who's A Goofy Bunny? Comments
  1. juveale29

    For those who commented that this was a rehash of Libertine, this was originally recorded as a demo at the time of Prince Charming so pre-dates it. I think the line about "the friendships I have not" may be a reference to Dave, Matthew and Leigh" who sided with Malcolm and kicked Adam out of his own band. Great lyric and fitting tribute to Malcolm

  2. ThunderHawk 7

    i guess its his song he can do what he likes with it .... i do prefer this one lol

  3. s f

    I don't think there's one single song that Adam And has done that I can say I don't like, obviously there's some I like better than others but in general a very good artist. The instrumental is always great and the energy of his voice is cool, in my opinion it's very uplifting his music!

  4. Dawn Dolman

    I adore Adam Ant since I was 14

  5. Danny Vine

    This is a re-worked 'Libertine' song from the Strip album. Not sure why Adam did it again?

  6. Snowy Hoffa

    Ilearn from him still

  7. Snowy Hoffa

    komt mij bekent voor dit nummerxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Robbert van't Hof

    sounds familiair to me that s the song before Spanish cames from a album brouth out somewere in 1990  in a different outlay

  9. RainbowDashHD

    I Love Adam Ants songs. great voice a well gold heart and he cares about his family friends and fans. He's a great person!

  10. Rogers Ella

    Not what i'm used to, but nevertheless pleased that Adam is again making songs. This will never be commercially successful, but I kinda like it. Will go off to search for more right now.

  11. Jon Doe

    This is a tribute to the late great Malcolm McLaren, welcome back Adam.

  12. versiongirl84

    I LOVE this song - his voice makes me melt!!!!! I have loved him for 30yrs and will never stop!!!!!

  13. gingingerella

    I LOVE this!

  14. Nick D

    I like this song...even if it's a revamp of libertine

    ThunderHawk 7

    yes thats the one

  15. puremania7777

    amazing, back to form