Adam Ant - Punkyoungirl Lyrics

Punky young girl you're a piece of work
Designed to make a body hurt
Punky young girl, well what do you know
Got ourselves a new Bardot

Punky young girl needs a middle aged man
Whose midlife crisis you began
Punky young girl, such a work of art
Licensing each body part

Ooh, don't wanna go yet
Lift up your skirt, let me lick the alphabet

Punky young girl needs a Terence Stamp
Perfect at swinging sixties vamp
Punky young girl in it for the craic
Pack all your best times lying on your back

Oh, Punky young girl what's under there
I hope to christ it's lingerie
If it goes wrong, don't you look at me
My brain don't carry responsibility

Ooh, Punky young girl your state of mind
Men kneel down, in front of your behind
Punky young girl, in it for the craic
Our work is such an aphrodisiac

Ooh, don't want, don't wanna go yet
Lift up your skirt, lick the alphabet

We are, we are
We are what we wear
All the big names, don't have a clue

She said, she said...

She said nothing tastes as good as skinny feels
She said nothing tastes as good
She said nothing tastes as good as skinny feels
She said nothing tastes as good
She said nothing tastes as good as skinny feels
She said nothing tastes as good
She said nothing tastes as good as skinny feels
She said nothing tastes as good

She said nothing tastes as good as skinny feels
She said nothing tastes as good, as good
She said nothing, she said nothing
She said nothing tastes, nothing, no no no nothing
As good

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Adam Ant Punkyoungirl Comments
  1. Claire M Montrose

    Love Adam Ant. Always have always will and I'm 55 🥰

  2. Rebecca Rail

    Go go go!!!!!!

  3. Doe Duckie

    Oohhhh hell yeah!! I would do 1:10 ANYTIME...think he'd only make it to D though, before I crushed his head.

  4. Colleen Byrne

    when you coming to South Africa dude, don't know what you're missing man

  5. michael rice

    Happy to see you back Adam Ant . You were my favorite band when i was 12 and 13 and now I am 47 hearing this album and I am saying yes . I am feeling this music Thank you

  6. Marlie Centawer

    really good, really weird xo

  7. Larz Gustafsson

    The next album is due to 2018, I assume.

  8. Larz Gustafsson

    This is an innovative approach. I like the guitar sound as well.

  9. Faith Franklin

    This is a SIC song....WOW!!!! Makes POLICE's Don't Stand So Close To Me seem really elementary. I love this song!!!

  10. mearcat74

    Is this the Adam I know?!

  11. Kevin Branigan

    Wow I was prepared to be let down, but this is clever stuff!

  12. Mustafa Künececk

    awesome!... i`m paralised, i feel like i`m 15 years old...
    and hear the voice of a good friend...
    love it!!!

  13. G'sBurgers

    lyrical genius right here

    Mustafa Künececk

    +G'sBurgers i agree absolutely...perfect

  14. Melanie Mc

    From 🐜 to Z

  15. David Greene

    A , B , C , D , E , F , G , H , I , J , K , L , M,  N , O , you  can  guess the rest  ! 

    Sandi K

    "Guess" wouldn't have been the verb I'd use. ;)

  16. Lee Woodhead

    I agree. Perfect

  17. Greta Ros


  18. DollyzMixeD

    Lift Up Your Skirt Let Me Lick The Alphabet.. (8) Love Him, Music & Album Welcome Back Adam Cardiff 2014 Can't Wait!

  19. Patrice Thess

    Adam still has the ability to write awesome music and keep it fresh and still looks sexy as every. He's gotten sexy looking over the years, keep on going for your fans. lol

  20. Susanne Absalonsen

    I'm in love, once again!"

  21. Dalida330

    I'm so happy he is still around, I can't stop listening to this

  22. Tammy Sell

    Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels......I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Spot on, spot on!!!!

  23. grailmaiden

    he wrote the song about kate moss - he's got a crush on her....

  24. ladyoftheflowers mesmires

    Love this song too

  25. ladyoftheflowers mesmires

    Love this sing too

  26. Tammy Sell

    punkyounguy,...adam ant....I'd let you lick the alphabet :) **wink** GREAT TUNE!!!

  27. Matty Perron

    Adam you are beautiful baby.

  28. кєяїcкa

    Mmmm adore this song....

  29. guy wynn-jones

    loved adam since 1980,s this is adam at his best

  30. HISATdotCOM

    I love this Album and this is probably my favourite track - although it's hard to choose because the whole CD is so brilliant

  31. Crystal Waters

    one of my favorites on the album. sticks in my head!!

  32. Tracy Jones

    Loving this tune

  33. Halfdan1

    I freaking LOVE this song!!! Adam Ant is back baby!! Now let's hope he never goes 18 months between this and his next album, let alone 18 miserable freaking years of no Adam. I propose we call this thankfully over and done, dark aged period of music as "the Aardvark years".

    Jonathan Whitaker