Adam Ant - Nine Plan Failed Lyrics

After nine years in the army
They took away his brain
They tattooed "defect" on his brow
And signed him up again

He killed ten thousand Germans
A hundred Japanese
A family of Hindus
And a lot of Portugese
Nine plan failed

I could never see the point
Of showing them you're boss
When they drag you through the city streets
And nail you to a cross

They took him to the office
They strapped him to the bed
They fastened lots of pretty wires
Securely to his head
They wheeled him down the corridor
Upon a metal trolley
Now he wears big spectacles
And he sings like Buddy Holly
Nine plan failed

I could never see the point
Of showing them you're boss
When they drag you through the city streets
And nail you to a cross

The world declared its armistice
And took away his guns
And now he satisfies himself
On piss-weak tea and buns
On piss-weak tea and buns
Oh oh at the disco

Rome is very pretty
And Rome is very grand
But the Pope lost his four fingers
When they gave this boy his hand to kiss
When they gave this boy his hand to kiss
It wasn't funny no

He wasn't very good at school
His highest grade was C
But he believed the managers
When they said: "you leave it all to me"
They gave him suits from Saville Row
The quality so fine
So now he sits in the desert wastes
Just waiting for the sign
Nine plan failed

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Adam Ant Nine Plan Failed Comments
  1. Mike Barktic

    •"Arlington Military Cemetery Monument" 2011
    •"Roland the Headless Thomson Gunner - I wrote his biography" 2011
    •"Monuments Men" 2014
    Shitehound games & Soviet Show Trials.

  2. Jacky Lee

    Still my man I want to marry

  3. venustus129

    Best ants album , I was lucky enough to see Adam perform the whole album live on the dirk tour 2014

  4. jason williams

    Dirko is still my favourite album after 38 years of listening to it

    Chris C

    it's a great left field record.  highly recommended to the uninitiated.

  5. alco1592

    Love the Indian war drum. But what really makes this song, along with that beat, is Marco.


    Sorry but I think you'll find that the late Matthew Ashman played on this lp. Marco's no slouch but credit where it's due eh. Adam plays on some of it but it's mostly Matthew.

    Danny Vine

    Great guitarist was Mathew Ashman!

  6. Pete Alien


  7. Andrew Galloway

    what a marriage !!..

  8. Martha Martin

    Adam Ant is definitely unique, and definitely not like anyone else, his music is of the best English musical artists of that time!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sharon Sachs

    Cool song

  10. Brett Koeshall

    Nine Plan Failed especially for Adam and the Ants.

  11. mad webb

    Swanage 1980

  12. Teresa Ocallaghan

    This chap is not only an extremely talented genius but he's also very bloody sexy n beautiful

    Trevor Leon

    i have never seen a more beautifull sexy man peform live.. and i'm hetro as fuck...

  13. Kelly14UK

    Lyrical genius

  14. Alain

    if only ... then .... but no ... nine plan failed !

  15. mona

    I love the bridge 2:37


    Off the brilliant White Sox Album.

  17. Stephen Bier

    It's a reference to the movie: plan 9 from outer space


    my plan too


    Thanks for info.

  18. SkyDoseMinecraft

    Why does it swear!!WHY!

  19. mesca todd

    can i cum now?


    on my face please.... next to the eggs..

  20. dav01kar

    piss weak tea and buns


    well , were you thirsty ? ...