Adam Ant - Darlin' Boy Lyrics

Any messages Miss Moneypenny
They tried so hard
But there will never be
There will never be
Another Connery
Disco volante

Darlin' boy darlin' face
Parks his car in your space
Darlin' smile don't entertain
That deadly gaze
You'll never love again
Oh darlin', sweet darlin'

Oh don't come so close to you
No good for you
This perfect man
Too good to be true
Take your sex above beyond
A sack artist
The name is blonde

Darlin' boy, darlin' curls
Hypnotises all the girls

Darlin' boy, loves the chase
Parks his tongue in your face
Darlin' boy, darlin' curls
Hypnotises all the girls
Darlin' girl, save your breath
Walk away he's the kiss of death
Oh darlin' girl, save your breath
Walk away he's the kiss of death

Heaven's in the back seat
Of his car
Lips as hot
As Hiroshima

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Adam Ant Darlin' Boy Comments
  1. Wyatt Podmore

    New Romantic and synth-pop was the most musically interesting and exciting period of the 80s. Great innovative videos too.

  2. Jay Rogers

    Diana Dorrs... The original milf

  3. Robert Kotter

    The Time 80/81, John Wetton changes from Roxy Music to Adam&the Ants

  4. P K

    Forgot how awesome this song and video actually is ! Bring back talent like this...Adam we miss you !!!

  5. Jay Scheer

    dont you ever, dont you ever wish these styles would come back ?

  6. Magic Roundabout

    Fucking classic!


    Brilliant Singer And Song

  8. mistressmozart

    i was a kid when they were popular and loved them! I had an Adam Ant annual and also construction paper book :) I was too young to really appreciate their impact and just how ahead of his time he was! so glad i got to grow up with this music

  9. Nigel Nofrenze

    The saddest thing is that all those male dancers are most likely dead from AIDS.

    yeemo trash

    Nigel Nofrenze 🤡🤡🤡

  10. Trevor Leon

    i'm hetro, but Adam was sexier than fuck....

  11. Syd Hawdon

    Diana Dors was the epitome of magnificent.

  12. Amy Munnerley

    I am doing that song for my Christmas dance

  13. Squiddles Mc Diddles


    He nicked Prince's girl ( She said she liked the accent!) ,so Prince nicked his style!
    Fair enough I suppose! ( Alls fair in love & fashion) ;-)

  14. eric slade

    Who was the girl at 1.59m know her face

  15. WonderWhaz

    Perfect androgyny!

  16. Carrie Taylor

    come on people, we can get 18th century punk chic to be cool again!!! I want to wear huge dresses and petticoats

  17. Rare Books

  18. Victoria Atkinson

    I could eat him... with a spoon!

  19. Robby Bobby Robby


  20. Carolyn Allisee

    Strange- Where was the cameo/impersonation of Marlon Brando as the Godfather?  Adam did four impersonations that looked back at Prince Charming from the broken mirror, four individuals who had had great artistic inspiration and influence on him: Clint Eastwood as the Man With No Name,  Rudolph Valentino, Alice Cooper, and Marlon Brando as the Godfather. I recall this quite clearly, and yet, in this version of the video, he isn't here.

  21. Heidi Anita

    Adam was very handsome in those days.

  22. blackzed

    Shame he's aged not to good .

  23. Adeline Aguiar

    there's nothing to be scared of Prince Charming

  24. Adeline Aguiar

    don't you you ever

  25. Adeline Aguiar

    don't you ever

  26. Sam Holden

    Always remember the black cat in this lol🐱

  27. jacques andre van straaten

    Gay version of Cinderella

  28. Alan Scouser

    This song always makes me smile.

  29. Cory D

    i complain about cross dressing shows we have on tv like RuPauls drag race then I remember this...guess some some things have not changed

  30. Ivone Pereira

    Isn't Adam Ant a real Prince? What a beauty!! Had clothing like this in the 80's...

  31. tenderheart17

    Stuart Leslie Goddard. Absolutely fANTastic back then.. and STILL going strong! xxxxx

  32. LiLRip#

    Ridicule is nothing to be scared of ..

  33. Bodhi Baby Boy


  34. kate elliott

    Along with his JEWISH mate who keeps getting BJs down the local sauna xxx

  35. kate elliott

    Keep coming back more will be revealed xxx

  36. kate elliott

    Why does Mick Parr the Royal Mail punk insist on taking soft toys to RAF airshows? And he's scared of driving on motorways. He does this thing called "The fag flute" when he gets scared xxx

  37. Andreia Cristina Vieira da Silva

    Did he come to Brazil?
    If not he nerds to come here!

    MC Squared

    Anyone gonna tell her he's in a mental asylum?

    Andreia Cristina Vieira da Silva

    @MC Squared Really?

    MC Squared

    @Andreia Cristina Vieira da Silva I think. He may be out now but I don't think he's performing anymore.

    Katja Aaltonen

    He was just touring in the US and now in his homeland.

  38. Jemjem Jaye

    Gosh, he could really swing from the chandelier!

  39. Andrew Morton

    He woz defo head of is time, he made some great vidos tho.

  40. Bryan Dale

    Diana Dors, England's Marilyn Monroe but Doris could act. Thanks Adam Ant for reminding the younger generation of her.

  41. Mark O'Neill

    Ridicule,my friends-it's nothing to be scared of......

  42. mishimi

    cameo by Alice Cooper.


    That was Adam dressed as Alice Cooper.

  43. Bev Ganley

    Handsome Adam 👍

  44. Roberto Ferrigato

    Adamantium is indestructible

  45. Debbie McGill

    I love this song and video but I always wonder why they are dressed as Clint Eastwood, Alice Cooper and Rudolph Valentino at the end


    They are people Adam admired and was inspired by in life.

  46. Robert Kotter

    Das Video war unter uns Jungs Tagesgespräch an der Berufsschule, es gab 1981 leider zuwenig "Azubines Werkzeugmacherinen"

  47. Robert Kotter

    Da war auch ein ehemaliger E-Bass-Gitarist von Roxy Music dabei, John Wetton, der quirlige Blonde rechts. Ha

  48. Gini Z

    I loved him when I was a child... and still I do! Greets to you Mr. Goddard :-)

  49. Lou Hall

    Dont u ever lmao gwan man

  50. Angela Altintas

    Foregin mounds and it appears that we are dealing with one circle, the same circle. This is all apart of a human trafficking ring. One can paint a pretty canvas but it is what lies underneath the canvas that matters. The question is involvement and who knew and who made a choice not to report and obstruct justice.

  51. samantha lewin

    God, he was hot!

  52. Alex .Fun Time Films

    Diana Dors is the Fairy godmother

  53. Mike O`Brien

    Rudolph Valentino, Man with No Name, Alice Cooper, Dick Turpin, panto...and Diana Doors....Perfect :) Diana was an absolute star in this.

  54. Sarcastically Deranged

    I can't believe that this song charted. It's utter crap!

  55. Jax Nean

    This is so weird!

  56. Martin Poole

    Confession, when I was a kid I thought he was singing Prince Charley (in reference to Prince Charles)

  57. john rambo

    Diane dors a legend

  58. Grover Bennington

    A message to our social media generation perhaps?

  59. Grover Bennington

    Who does original video and music like this anymore....


    Ridicule is nothing to be scared of

  61. Dr Parnassus

    Diana Dors still had it.

  62. psammiad

    Good grief that's Diana Dors!

  63. T-i-t-c-h

    tony whites fault i know this

  64. Amber Johnson

    Cameo from Salem, from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

  65. Richard Kent

    Guess what

    Ridicule is nothung to be scared off

  66. synthpop witch


  67. Kayla Halder

    So, we all in agreement that Adam and the Ants was just Stuart Goddard's excuse to dress pretty?

  68. MonstehDinosawr

    I was no prince charming
    Nothing dandy about me

  69. Renate Scheepers

    I was 52 this year and when I was a teenager in the 80's, I was so in love with him. I just found this channel and it really takes me back, making me all teary and feeling nostalgic.

  70. Chad Kreiberg

    This video foreshadowed TikTok. Adam Ant was TOO ahead of his time

    yeemo trash

    Chad Kreiberg how lol

  71. kap234 kap234

    What happened to him doing The Godfather Marlin Brando at the end??

  72. Jill Masters

    When music videos were FUN!

  73. Longi1974

    I was born in 1974, and used to love Adam and the Ants as a kid. I was bought this album on cassette in 1982 when I was only eight. It used to have the lyrics to all the songs printed inside on the cassette inlay card, and I would be singing at the top of my voice "SEX!!! S. E. X......SEX!!! S. E. X" ha ha

  74. Bernard W

    It's like an episode of Blackadder

  75. ginnerize

    Hard to believe that he was placed in an institution for the insane when he was 8 years old, because of the lose of his father. He admired Diana Doors so much he wouldn't leave her out of the video, even though she said she couldn't do the dance.

  76. Gini Z

    I was a child when i fall in love with Adam :-) But nice to see this again and my memories came back :-)

  77. Ride The Lightning

    Him as Clint Eastwood 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  78. tomgauntlestrange

    best song ever

  79. paperchain 123

    Kudos to Ms Dors.

  80. Alan Scouser

    Ah, memories of Autumn 1981.

  81. James R

    What a brilliant song. Loved it in the early Eighties and still do today 👏✊😉

  82. Seanadun

    So camp but brilliant Adam Ant was so ahead of his time

  83. Zelda Pinwheel

    I love it that many people did the prince charming dance at one of his concerts. Unfortunately, I love in South Texas, and even peopñe pushing 30 with blue HAIR dont know the magic of Adam and the ants. I nearly cried. My brand new super cute and really intellegent new bartender ( I'm a cook) had no idea who Adam ant was. I nearly. Wept. How can you have such pretty blue hair and not know who Adam ant is?! How is that possible? How does that evenhappen?

    Zelda Pinwheel

    My grandson who is 3 knows the dance, but he also knows french jazz, American punk, and italian opera ( Vivaldi And such) how does a grown person with blue hair not know who Adam ant is?! I almost cried real tears. ( I don't even cry when I chop onions. )

    Zelda Pinwheel

    I love so many types and genres of music, it makes me so sad that people 35 and younger don't know or haven't been exposed to different types of music. When did that start happening? That we quit exposing our kids to our grandparents music?

    Zelda Pinwheel

    She's such a sweet and smart girl, she is a great parent, she had blue hair. She has never heard of my favorite bands. Ever.


    @Zelda Pinwheel
    Reason for this is adam ant is dated and clearly didn't stand the test of time. Sure, he was big decades ago, but he was essentially little more than a catchy gimmick groomed by the the likes of Malcolm McClaren and record company executives. You sound old.

  84. synthpop witch

    the most iconic music video and song of all time dare i say

    Lucky Charms

    You dare

  85. Nial Westwood

    oh my god Dianna Dors was quite a milf

  86. llewellyn williams

    she was hot

  87. Richie 2257

    It was Monkey on the telly and Adam and the ants on the stereo. Amazing days.

  88. Captain Freedom

    Valhalla for Chippendales dancers.

  89. luornu

    Because I'm older than dirt I remember watching this video when it had its world premier on (If I remember rightly) Swap Shop, or whatever Saturday morning kids show was on the bbc at the time. I remember they made a big thing about how it was being seen for the first time anywhere. Diana Dors' performance particularly sticks in the memory.

  90. stephen noonan

    The gayest song and singer ever.
    Metaphorically speaking obviously.
    He didn’t even have the edge to be a poof.


    stephen noonan
    Fair point. Had he been a puddle jumper, this would have made him somewhat more interesting.

  91. HALL 9000

    Ok people can someone explain me what the video is about in the end 🤯🤯lol this is weird

    Andrew Matthews

    HALL 9000 look to history HALL

  92. sifil311

    Watch again. This could not be a single in modern times. This is punk as fuck. Seriously, if taken seriously. If you played this on a juke box back then....

  93. PAULINE Hogan

    Is that Gemma Collins lollll

  94. Debbie Cannon

    My first Love...x

  95. FEELING FINE AT 49 Amanda

    When me & my mates go drunk. Best song ever 🤣iCtuaully think 🤔 m Diana doors

    Andrew Matthews

    FEELING FINE AT 49 Amanda nice to just be someone else at times Amanda 😉

  96. HuFlungDung

    there's nothing to be scared of

  97. Ricky Greenleaf

    There was only ever one Prince Charming and that's Adam Ant himself, great song and video from the 1980s =))

  98. MontagZoso

    Oh man, I miss the early 1980s. MTV was King.