Adam Ant - Cradle Your Hatred Lyrics

I am sorry I eat my soup with a fork
I am sorry I don't listen when you talk
Stand up
I am sorry I never took the load of you
Stand up
I am sorry if my behaviour seems too cruel

I am sorry it's time to talk, it's time
Stand up
I am sorry that you're not me and I'm not you
Stand up
I am sorry for all the shit I've put you through
Stand up
I am sorry I stole away your perfect dream
Stand up
I am sorry for all the time I didn't kiss you
It doesn't matter
Stand up

[Chorus (x2):]
You cradle you hatred like a baby
Slave to resentment lately
Stand up
God only knows when it's gonna stop
Whatever I say is okay as long as you come out on top

I am sorry we're not like the cartoon family
Stand up
I am sorry but I see that as nothing to envy
Stand up
I am sorry no-one has ever sworn at you
I am sorry 'cause they sure have sworn at me
Let me explain:
A poor boy's dreams are the only luxury
I am sorry we're always lockong horns
I am tired of sitting on the dunces step
The dunces cap just another croen of thorns
It's time...


I am sorry but I see that as nothing to envy

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Adam Ant Cradle Your Hatred Comments
  1. Mr Coffee

    I'm going to have to order this in LP format... It's just so perfect. The soundscapes and drum work are so fresh!! ❤️🎉❄️☕

  2. popatyourecords

    great love it

  3. richy12377

    Fucking love this track. Thanks so much for posting xx

  4. kimmyslookin

    just a great song! Adam is a wonderful creator of music. luv you always

  5. inconceivabledark

    so glad he's back

  6. Immortal Fool

    Thanks Adam. This is my personal favorite.

  7. Senzala Sem Preto

    No, I am sorry.

  8. Tina Jane Oxnam

    really enjoyed the Adam ant gig in the plymouth pavillions with my sistet in law. thanks Adam. please come back again .

  9. michael rice

    Adam Ant back better than ever . Thank You again

  10. Kevin Branigan

    Adam never ceases to amaze me! And he still sounds 25 although he certainly isn't!!

  11. Melanie Mc

    Like this song Thanks Adam!!🐜🎶

  12. David Greene

    you are not me ,  but I Love you ,     it's time 2015 .

  13. Lee Woodhead

    This is a great song and album. Came upon it by accident really. Which is apt because I bought 4 tickets and then I broke my leg and only got the cast off the day he was playing at The Ritz in Manchester on 1 April 2024. So I was on one leg and he turned up over an hour late and didnt apologise and acted like a twat throughout the gig. Then I had to take all the flak from my mates. But I still love the twat. We all make mistakes. Especially me I'm a right cunt. Xxx

  14. Gem Marshall

    Love all of adam ants songs but this is my favourite at the moment :)

  15. trvbr

    Amazing. Who else does his best album as a "comeback album"??

  16. Chynaash

    This album is his life's story. This song speaks a lot to me and almost like it speaks for me. Don't know about anyone else but yeah. This one is my favorite of the lot.

  17. Sara Wickline

    This song has a lot of truth in it. I hope it makes a hit.

  18. Nicoleta0405

    I LOVE this song!! Also the new album is all the others that Adam has released in his career.

  19. marko mk

    It's good enough to be a single release. Shrink will be great played Live on tour as well.

  20. BlueBlackHussar1

    Great song .