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Sun through red leaves
Ribbons through the trees
Trailing behind me
Tracing where I've been
Fled from the scene
Only red rope tethers me
The farther I go
The harder it is
To get back
One foot in the grave
The other still carving a path

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Actor | Observer Disappearance Comments
  1. Boston K.O.

    The “ Are We There Yet” girl has to be Anthony Davis’ daughter.

  2. Tito

    It’s a shame these girls didn’t make it big, like Lindsay Lohan. Also, does Taraji Henson ever age? That’s an almost 20-year-old movie!

  3. Jakoyia Johnson

    4:15 the girl that answers is my cousin

  4. Quay A.

    Black kid from sandlot

  5. Yung Zae

    2:06 Parker posey bf in shooting range 😂😂😂😂

  6. Darnez Thomas

    Is it me or does Kyle Pratt look like Jada Fire (pornstar) lol ijs

  7. Courtney B

    Great intro! Great video! Very informative. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Delicia James

    I didn’t know that was her. I LOVED GIANTS

  9. deiettra malone

    I want to see Crooklyn now! I love that reminds me of my childhood growing up in the 70's.

  10. Black Tigeress

    Tony Johnson who played Chris on Amen.

  11. Jon Idemoto


  12. imani062882

    Common denominator, they went to school. Black intelligent, gifted. I love it

  13. Princess _spartan

    Y can’t the title just start with child. Now black🤦🏾‍♀️


    Because there being specific. They're only talking about *black* child actors.

  14. Miss White

    I loved Zeld harris plus she plays sax like me! and the little boy from All of us. He was so absolutely adorable!! So proud of them all

  15. Mrs. Arthur Morgan

    Just goes to show that when black folks have opportunities and the funds that we can and do pursue higher education (not saying those of us with less don’t, nor that we’re worth less if we don’t, but it makes me proud to see they did).

  16. talaijah coleman

    Katie is on the games people play

  17. Juantia Topping

    been tryna find out what happened to the little girl who played Zana on the Sinbad show, her name is Erin Denise Davis,,can you help

  18. Crazy Chick Shena

    My wife and kids was my favorite when I was little lol 😂💗🙏💞

  19. Darth WarMac88

    Great video

  20. Sharon Wright

    So happy for them that they stayed out of trouble got their education and did not end up like the different strokes kids for instants they seem like they are well-rounded adults

  21. Ayla Deal

    So ain't nobody gon talk about how parker was dating chris sails


    You must be deaf huh?

  22. Tajma Cameron

    I've always loved Zelda Harris and am happy to see that she is successful.

  23. LovelyCole Edwards-Champion

    They should’ve put them twins on the disney channel

  24. cellmate1

    Pregnant and not married is not something to be modeled!!!

  25. Yanna Edits

    i gotta old soul 💀

  26. Lord Shura

    I still cant get over how Parker Posey Blossomed the way she did.. Lord have MERCY!

  27. It'sDriaWorld

    Do just Jordan cast!

  28. Amari Tv

    Me realizing Parker is Chris ex. Ya I’m out.

  29. thahman187

    I wanna know what happened to Ashli Adams, who played CeCe Peterson on the Parent 'Hood.

  30. Bestfriends Forever

    I still watch “Are we there yet” like the movie is 😂😂❤️

  31. Brookell Harvey

    I love daddy daycare 🥰🥰🥰

  32. Goldie

    Loved it!

  33. K&B squad

    The smalll girl of full house the baby

  34. Kamryn Norman

    Phillip Daniel bolden

  35. Lena Henry

    Khamani Griffin is my cosin

  36. Robin Jones

    The OSLEN twins

  37. The typical Girl

    I know some of them

  38. Cayla_unique valentine

    Hey Martin

    I think thts Wht it’s called😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  39. Virginia Melatiah

    Omg Gullah Gullah Island😩

  40. Antonio Coburn

    Man, I miss these 📺 shows! 😫

  41. Thomas Nappo

    Where the big huge girl precious

  42. Thomas Nappo

    Wheres fatso precious these days...cmon

  43. Thomas Nappo

    Were nobodys then...nobodys now

  44. Jemiya skrine

    What about full house the two boy twins

  45. Jemiya skrine

    Im was born in 2009 and i still watch my wife and kids

  46. LVSkinny

    Kyla still so beautiful 💕💕 Her daughters look just like her !

  47. LVSkinny

    Oh Katie like youtubers huh? 🤔👀😍

  48. Fire Leo

    I love Crooklyn

  49. Coya B

    What about the cute boy in the movie "Soul Food"?

  50. Life with itty bitty Riah

    I love Aleshia from are we there yet

  51. Life with itty bitty Riah


  52. Noma Khosi

    I was not ready to see Bobby all grown up 😩

  53. Zerry Mic

    What happened to Shawn Carson

  54. Treneice Walker

    girl continue to do these video they interesting..

  55. Isbella Stemm

    Cory from that's so raven

  56. Shante Gause

    Wow, that's a blessing...

  57. Ambrosia Terre

    Zolee Griggs, Madison Pettis, Cymphonique Miller, Teala Dunn

  58. Brittany

    What about the kids who played Eddie Murphy's children in The Haunted Mansion? Side note: the actress who played his daughter is the sister of the actress who played Briana on Bernie Mac Show

  59. Leila world

    What about the little girl from good luck Charlie

  60. Leila world

    5:01 Godam I remember when everyone did this

  61. Asya Minnich

    Kids from The Parent 'Hood!

  62. Terry Bogard

    Speaking of He Got Game Ray Allen is in that movie the same guy who made the greatest clutch shot i ever seen and Saved Lebron Legacy

  63. •{LPS flower girl forever}•

    What happened to the 2016 Annie

  64. savageshane the boss

    B who you calling black


    Kyla Prat has such a cute baby voice..


    I love that intro song/music it’s so late 70’s early 80’s

  67. GYoloMac15

    Where skeeter at? Lol

  68. Everly S.

    What happened to the girls from the movie our song ?

  69. Marvin Bennett

    Crooklyn was a great movie

  70. Hellen Chipwende

    This has reminded me of my childhood ♥♥♥

  71. Jalen Parsley

    Smh. Aleisha Allen was also "Lindsey" in "Are We Done Yet?", THE SEQUEL to "Are We There Yet?" AND THEN all that other stuff happened. 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️

  72. Angel Foster

    Kayla Pratt is gonna be on black ink crew Compton with her hubby

  73. Lynn Campbell

    Franklin from my 'wife and kids'

  74. Jeiana Lottie

    What about that girl from everybody hates Chris her name on the show was tasha

  75. lizards boy 81westcoast shawn Britton

    My wife and kids star wow she's all grown up in feel old I'm only 33 lol btw black women are the best looking women so don't worry about no white girls they ain't got shit on most black few white girls are cool like mine lol

  76. Candice Young

    I looooove taking my kids thru my memory lane...the only 3rd n 4th graders they know who've watched Crooklyn, Daddy daycare...Bebe's kids coming soon. Lol. Good times good times

  77. D'Kari Rollins

    Parker could’ve started a family by now and had many sons and daughters by now... Smh...

  78. Melieaa McCollum

    crooklyn is my showww

  79. Kinsley Ryan

    I love Daddy Day Care it's a funny movie

  80. Kinsley Ryan

    My sister always used to watch Kenan and Kel when she was younger I want to watch it too but it doesn't come on TV anymore are you serious!!!

  81. RIFICA777

    Allll That.... Alll Thaaaaat 🎶

  82. RIFICA777

    Saxophone with Rock interesting.

  83. Michael Bell

    i had one time show on family matters

  84. Ayomikun F

    TJ from smart guy?
    Peter from Cosby show?

  85. The black Unicorn/mermaid

    I didn’t know that Chris sail’s Parker was that Parker 😯‼️

  86. Sweet Cocoa

    I feel so old watchin this 😳

  87. shirajai

    Home girl was like 16 when she started in are you there yet!

  88. shirajai

    Gulla Gulla Island was my show but Vanessa used to get on my ever lasting nerves

  89. paula Cassanova

    Kyla also appeared in the dog movie where she spoke to dogs

  90. Tuesday Range

    The dude in good burger

  91. Gary Benjamin Holt Jr.

    😳 @ Kady. Wow

  92. Shinelle Joyce

    I always thought Kyla and Vanessa looked alike.

  93. Dar’laysia Tv

    Chris sails is Parkers/catie cyle ex 🙄

  94. Alana Abner

    Who else thought kyla Pratt part was frozen. Then i notice it was suppose to be like that. But i love this channel!

  95. shishters poppin

    You forgot Kevin