Ace Of Base - Would You Believe Lyrics

Would you believe in us if I said to you
I want to
Would you believe in us if I said I do
I want you
Oh, oh, oh
I want you back to stay
But there is a danger for you to overcome
Believe in us, I'll make you so happy

There is someone more than you
It is me and I can see
Here is a summer for us to heal again
I'm better off if we were more than friends

I know bad news spreading fast
Let the good ones win at last
For me and for us
Let's try again

Would you believe in us if I said to you
I want to
Would you believe in us if I said I do
I want you
Oh, oh, oh
I want you back to stay
There is a danger for you to overcome
Believe in us, I'll make you so happy

You're an open book to me
And I know your history
I'm in New York
Let's go to Central Park
I'll light your fire with my magic spark

I know bad news spreading fast
Let the good ones win at last
For me and for us
Let's try again

Would you believe in us if I said to you
I want to
Would you believe in us if I said I do
I want you
Oh, oh, oh
I want you back to stay
Would you believe in us if I said to you
I want you

I want you

Would you believe in us if I said to you
I want to
Would you believe in us if I said I do
I want you
Oh, oh, oh
I want you back to stay
Will you, will you believe in love
I want you
I want you
I want you
I want you

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Ace Of Base Would You Believe Comments
  1. Carla Rivero

    Adoro esa CANCIÓN 👍
    Amo y extraño a AOB ❤️
    adoro a JENNYYYYYY que ojos.... Que bella es!

  2. Marty Ollier

    Why didn't you release these earlier?

  3. luiz guilherme moreira sales

    Nossa a Linn mudou muito seu rosto de uma época há outra

  4. Daniel Lopes

    Still Rocking! ✌

  5. Jolle Roskam

    WOW     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  😉😘😋😎

  6. Lordani66

    So underrated. Such a true GEM. I can't wait for Hidden Gems 2.

  7. Fire Dice

    Aspergers got me here 😁💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️

  8. Петя Кулибин

    Прииезжайте к нам в Россию, Таких красивых через одну, а как она поёт ))

  9. Yoshitsugu Iwakura

    nice arrangement!!

  10. fadril surachman

    Im looking fr music video of linn wear that purple shirt, anyone know's wht the tittle is?

  11. Bart Simpson

    Windows '95

  12. lisa vitaglia

    I know this video was released in 2015. does anyone know when it was filmed?

    lisa vitaglia

    that is the archive footage from another video. there appears to be the main footage of them singing I was wondering when that was filmed

  13. Dave McKenzie

    One of their most underrated compositions...this scores a perfect 10 for me on ALL 4 parameters of the "Holy Four-ity" - Vocals, Lyrics, Background Score & Video.

    Rarely hv I seen any composition with the Perfect Blend of All 4 things... 😊👍

  14. Rudy SR

    Like song in ace of base 1991

  15. Lola Boyd

    Essas duas são MUITO lindas meu deus do céu 😲😙

  16. Bleda Diaz

    Jenny and Linn Best Duo! Magnificent Voices. Thank you Ace of Base.

  17. Samuel Overs

    How was this not a hit!?!

  18. Fire Dice

    Can't express how much I love all of Ace of Base ❤️❤️❤️ beautiful music beautiful people. God Bless you all 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️💯✝️✌🏻

  19. Akram Nedjlaoui


    90's Tv

    Just take a look at other famous people in her age and you can imagine how she looks right now just a lil' bit.If you live a normal life without stres you can get older slowly and look good.😉(I think she looks good)

  20. Lonesome Ghost

    Linn. ♡

  21. Thomas B.

    Beautiful and best song from last official Album of Ace of Base. I love the voice from Lin, she was/is THE voice of Ace of Base, after she didn´t like to sing as leadsinger of the band, they could not continue their old successes of first and second Album. Of course, Jenny has vocally improved on "Flowers" & "Da Capo", but she just does not like Malin. The exchange of both singers on "Golden Ratio" was a big mistake and for me is not a real Ace of Base album, the sales figures speak for themselves. It just remains to hope that Malin, wherever you are, decides to give us a comeback again with Ace of Base in original line-up and to record a new album.
    It would be so great! Best wishes from Austria.

  22. eduardo lopez

    10 in edition

  23. Evaldo Aguiar

    Legal som gostei bom toca bateria improvisa

  24. Shakira Ariana

    Noob Lady kyla Is Noob.

  25. Mark Arrivi

    I Love Malin And Its Great😘❤

  26. Maribel Muñoz pine

    I like your songs
    upload another videos

  27. Mario Japhta

    Without Linn Berggren Ace of Base was never the same again I'm glad she came back for this video in 2017. I noticed in Life is a flower and Beautiful morning videos she didn't sing only Jenny #Sadface

    Damir Mufazalov

    She had never been back to AoB. This is a compilation from 2 versions of the music video for Lucky Love song: European and American

  28. GRAF Mikanski

    Sweden women's fantastic beautiful

  29. J Santos Armenta

    y el vídeo está muy bien 😙

  30. J Santos Armenta

    woow! q bonita 😍 canción

  31. Mauricio Valdés de Anda

    Ace of Base should hace never EVER dissolved... what an amazing group!!!

  32. Sugeng Jubex

    I like I like it but kids today don't like songs like this

  33. Sherry Valli

    Is there an actual video for this song?

    Ekixman _

    Sherry Valli This one 😂

  34. Romchikthelemon

    Ace of Base передают привет ✌ Любим

  35. jj schäck

    Le regard de Lynn a quelque chose de troublant...

  36. krysthianz Miranda

    Mi Grupo especial... destrozaron mi 💔 cuando se separaron

  37. Tutorials & Showcases

    happy nation is da best

  38. Samuel Overs

    Awesome track, can't stop listening to it!

  39. NTG

    Linn’s voice in the chorus! I miss her so much...

  40. Rahbar Rahman

    Miss you Linn!

  41. Vincent Brunet

    So cool song !!! very nice !!

  42. pinklavender12

    Linn is the best ever. Thank you for the voice and the music. Always. For all times.
    Love & Light to you ❤

  43. bünyamin Uyar

    👍👍ah be Linn😕

  44. kriss1905

    Obydwa teledyski z piosenki "Lucky Love" do tej piosenki nie ma oryginalnego teledysku .

  45. Michael

    i want to breed

  46. meg

    Malinn miss you!!! 💕

    Piotr Angelus

    Same here 💕

  47. Дмитрий Пугачёв

    Linn привет)

  48. thiery572

    Pretty ladies...

  49. Chris Underwood

    I believe I do lol Chris 1975

  50. Robbie

    *Linn <3*

  51. Chris Underwood

    i believe clu 1975

  52. Chris Underwood

    i believe clu

  53. Ajax el Grande

    orgasmo auditivo y sexual escuchar la voz de malin sofia katarina bergreen

  54. Александр Агейченко

    Респект фанату-монтажеру за проявленный труд в подборе артикуляции!)

  55. Darwimm

    Jonas shows his talents again in the writing of this song. He should write more of these lower vocal range songs for Linn to sing, to avoid damage her voice 😋😋

  56. Кристина Кузнецова

    да круто!прошла моя юность.

  57. Dronstacja

    0:23 I remember her


    Ace of base Forever


    ACE OF BASE i Love you

  60. Shon Edwards

    I LOVE this song. Better than "The Sign". I listen to it all day!

  61. Steve Leahy

    How is this an official video when it's a repeat of another song

    Ekixman _

    Steve Leahy Because it was made by a fan

  62. Arthur Vega

    Team Linn for life.



  63. Александр Денежный

    Linn and Jenny))

  64. Николай Семенов


  65. duchu14

    oni żyją

  66. Pablo Ezequiel Ritchie

    It's a fan made video, but I think is one of the best in quality edition. The lipsync is short but it match perfect. Great job.

    Diego Sueldo

    My dear Friend..... <3

  67. Cryptopsy

    Where are you, Lynn ?! Give at least some kind of news about yourself, we are waiting for you. With love... Acers...
    Где ты, Линн?! Дай хоть какую то весточку о себе, мы тебя ждем. С любовью,... эйсеры...

    Инесса Дёмкина

    ну, жива здорова, можешь в инете по искать, там есть годовой отчет.

  68. Jan Kowalski

    Beautifull voices (sopran and contralt) and beautifull girls (black ang blond hair). Linn come back. please.

  69. Sarah Calhoun

    Love the video

  70. Михаил М

    блондинка.....копия моя любимая женушка.......спасибо вам .......90е....

  71. Eric Ma

    I love how the key changes each chorus.

    Samuel Overs

    I only just noticed that, I flicked through each chorus and they all go a bit higher!

  72. AOB

    the 2 girls are so beautiful(on the part at home), how old were jenny and linn at that time? anyone can answer my question please.. thanks


    +dendi supriyadi Linn was probably 25 and Jenny was probably 23, so they were still pretty young.

  73. Gerardo Angel

    Gracias/Thank you Trace Adam!


    классные тетки под их песни рос

  75. Ratu gaul

    Ace of base .All That She wants
    I like

  76. MegaBOBCAT11

    There the ABBA of the 1990"s!

  77. rbrtck

    Hey, Jenny is (apparently) singing some of Linn's words! :) That's alright, Trace Adam did a fantastic job with this video edit--very convincing as a music video.

  78. Dagmara M.

    Malin where are you girl?

    luiz guilherme moreira sales

    she depresses in moment drugs and alcohol

    Sebastian Isla

    she's out of spotlight hidden in some place in Sweden, her brother says she look different and she is well. we don't know if she has children or anything about her personal life. It will always be the mystery of the band... you know, every good band had a secret/untold story, this is the one of Ace of Base


    luiz guilherme moreira sales No. I don't think she got into drugs and alcohol. For whatever reason she left the stage, I hope she found love, happiness, life. ☺

    Ekixman _

    luiz guilherme moreira sales OMG. You are an idiot lier

  79. Vilson Jr.

    It‘s always great to remember the Ace of Base songs! I love their rhythm, melodies and voices indeed. Jenny and Linn are wonderful singers! They could come back ;-)


    +Vilson Vieira Júnior They are *irreplaceable* singers who are intrinsic and essential to the sound of Ace of Base, and don't anybody *ever* forget that! They could come back, but would they? Right now, they're both out, concerning Ace of Base (not just Linn)--they're considered members of the band, but they're not active in it. Linn is really quite content with her quiet, private life, while Jenny has her solo career and, I imagine, some not-so-fond memories about that whole getting-replaced thing Jonas and Ulf did to her. So let's not hold our collective breath for a comeback anytime soon. These lovely ladies would have to get mighty nostalgic to ever want to come back, and that could take a few--or dozens of--years.

    I'd love to have the *real* Ace of Base (*Linn*, *Jenny*, Jonas, Ulf) back, and Linn starting a solo career would be fantastic, too (anything involving Linn, please!), but only if everyone involved would be happy with it.

    El Americano

    some article says that Malin studies Judaism, is that true? is just a question about her, nothing relate with racism


    +Felmac I've heard that part of her college curriculum was Jewish Studies, and that she took some classes on the Hebrew language.

  80. madjid cherifi

    Super groupe forever thank y ou

  81. Romulo Carvalho


  82. Starlancer

    plz never stop making music <3

  83. Albert S.H

    Very nice!! Linn y Jenny lo mejor, The best

  84. Jimmy Carpio

    linda banda

  85. SearchForTomorrow

    i love it!

  86. Riveringot

    Hello !!!!!!
    Don't worry be happy !!!!!! :)(:

  87. Саша Герасимов

    what are you doing 5 years???

  88. maranji85

    Can you upload HQ video of live performances from award shows and tv shows?

  89. Эдуард Соколов

    Они лучшие!

  90. Edward M

    When was this filmed, looks like early 2000's, but edited last year. Very great job indeed. You guys were ahead of your times.

    Ekixman _

    Edward M In 1995. These images are taken from LUCKY LOVE videos (Europe version and US version)

  91. Jordan Carrington

    Already have watched the video at the first time. The song sounds kinda decent.

  92. Jimmy Ibbott

    thats the video to lucky love

  93. SuperMregg


  94. Heriberto Diaz Esteva

    excelente, sobresaliente!!!!! ace of base felicitaciones....hermosa musica