Ace Of Base - The Sign Lyrics

I, I got a new life
You would hardly recognize me
I'm so glad
How could a person like me care for you?
Why, why do I bother
When you're not the one for me
Is enough enough?

I saw the sign
And it opened up my eyes
I saw the sign
Life is demanding without understanding

I saw the sign
And it opened up my eyes
I saw the sign
No one's gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong
But where do you belong

Under the pale moon
For so many years I've wondered who you are
How could a person like you bring me joy?
Under the pale moon
Where I see a lot of stars
Is enough enough?

I saw the sign
And it opened up my eyes
I saw the sign
Life is demanding without understanding

I saw the sign
And it opened up my eyes
I saw the sign
No one's gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong
But where do you belong

I saw the sign
And it opened up my mind
And I am happy now living without you
I've left you

I saw the sign
And it opened up my eyes
I saw the sign
No one's gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong

I saw the sign
I saw the sign
I saw the sign
I saw the sign
I saw the sign
I saw the sign
I saw the sign
I saw the sign
And it opened up my eyes
I saw the sign

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Ace Of Base The Sign Comments
  1. That Stupid Dawg

    "As you can see, the ice man is listening to Ace of Base, which was a very popular group during his era, and primitive drummings soothed his people's tempers."

  2. Marquinhos noisxcz

    Quem ainda curte 2019 SP ,Brasil .

  3. Emerald Gemini

    According to most occult scholars this video virtually proves that the members of Ace Of Base were heavily involved in devil worship.

  4. TheManialolita

    2019 and sing along!!

  5. Renzo Miranda

    Que recuerdos de mi infancia... Cuando toda mi familia estaba completa y con mis primos y hermanos solo jugabamos y todo era felicidad.

  6. Kath :3

    Diciembre 2019 :D sigo escuchando este Rolón

  7. El Panadero de la Esquina

    I miss the Petscop comments...

  8. Isabel Mont

    Parece aqueles ritmos tipo ragatanga 🇧🇷🤣❤️oushoush

  9. Carlos Escobar


  10. Kasia Kamińska

    My favorite music.

  11. Jack Green

    Roger may be trying to kill us.

  12. R. V.

    this is not about the time, this is about the whole humanity in that time - they were more efficient, higher quality.

  13. zasada44

    декабрь 2019. спасибо за юность!

  14. Ittimond Poshyanonda

    One of my favorite song ever

  15. G.U. Slick

    And y'all still don't see that unk smh

  16. Arosifu

    1:14 isn't that something you can collect in petscope?

  17. Simon Wood

    I want to die, and school's the reason why I want to die, school is demanding without understanding, I want to die, and school's the reason why I wanna die, no one's gonna help you to get the grades that you want, but what grades do you want


    Live life


    Live life

  18. Bj _ Martinezi

    I just love this song! The 90's the best ever...

  19. Aidyn Teleu

    I from Kazakhstan ! 👍

  20. Carla Rivero

    The video that made me become a HUGE Jenny's fan 👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Mariana Altamirano Rodríguez

    Soy d Ecuador me encanta muchooo!!

  22. GlitchMaster2

    She painted the walls black. I helped her.

  23. Jeff McCloud

    The Mountain Goats brought me here. again

  24. efe smith

    who is listening to Ace of Base in December 2019

  25. Zhodes

    The 90s ABBA

  26. -.- Sofìa Salazar -.-

    eXcUsE mE... *_WHAT THE FUCKK_*

  27. Boris Stoyanov

    This song is dogshit

  28. Пенни Бузова

    А авакин е песня есть

  29. Educated yuiop

    When ur at a sleep over with the boys and she texts “heyy”

    Edit: Tbh I blame the sign for I got got sent to the principals when the Bluetooth from my phone started earraping this

  30. ALBEDO

    I saw on south park

  31. DerKommissar

    The 'Sign' = Life, Stability, Power

  32. felicidamia123

    canciones de mi juventud, maravillosas!

  33. That Guy

    Is that Ace of Base?.....ROGER!!!

  34. maus tank

    перевод на русский канечна гавно редкое, но айс оф бейс мы любим не за это)))

  35. Katharine Ho

    This always reminds me of my brother.

  36. Radiooxid 1

    American dad

  37. XxxLC lone

    I was 3 or 4 when this came out

  38. Chance Berg

    Haters anybody that put down Ace of the Base.

  39. Ömer Yilmaz


  40. Ariana Martínez Reyes

    Casi 2020 y aquí escuchando buenas rolas !!!!


    Mistique music

  42. KrissylovesyoungandteenchanceLoveLL Kisses

    I saw agup...he opened up my eyes...I dragged him up n put him in the light where he alladin

  43. KrissylovesyoungandteenchanceLoveLL Kisses


  44. KrissylovesyoungandteenchanceLoveLL Kisses

    I got a new life you would not recognize me I'm so're not the one 👆

  45. KrissylovesyoungandteenchanceLoveLL Kisses

    He gave her a rose...they held hands....she n her both were reminded he has a lustful girlfriend who kisses n makes out with him ....the light appeared...she chose the he's alone.......

  46. KrissylovesyoungandteenchanceLoveLL Kisses

    I wanted an amp n pro Mic when I was age 7 but my dad said no....he only wanted me to have a dumb small karaoke box n dumb frequency Mic that cuts through radio stations ....98.8

    Never was allowed to be famous nor wild nor crazy....NOR I decided to get a job at ave 7....60$ a day headlessssing shrimp.....60$ was not enough ....I spent it on candy ice cream chocolate a dolly my own barbie

    Couldn't buy a car with 60$ duh

  47. Alvin manaog

    I saw the sign that the song until forever in next generations...i saw the sign...

  48. Альбина Хожаева

    Песня моей юности!!! Класс!!!!!

  49. Ashley Bell

    I use a Freudian modality to dream interpretation, and believe that dream symbols appear in your subconscious to reflect every unexpressed emotion, every suppressed memory, every unresolved feeling that you have, until you are compelled to face them in your waking life...
    Dreams are mirrors, reflective of our subconscious desires, unexpressed fears and repressed fantasies.
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  50. Brandon Lynchock

    How does comic book guy say it?

    Best. Song. Ever.

  51. Omar Enrique Ajila

    They were my favorite band of 90s when I was 9 or 10 years old. I love them! Greetings from Ecuador!

  52. violet erin

    Is this a 90s song?

  53. phúc gaming free fire

    13/12/2019 vẫn đang nghe!!!

  54. Veggie AussieChick

    Love 90s music take me back


    The blond woman is gorgeous

  56. Tyler Gray

    American dad rogor scene

  57. Nas Rudin

    Apa cuma aing budak Sunda nu masih ngadengekeun lagu iyeu di 13-12-19😂😂😂.🤘🤘

  58. B R

    Gold digging CUNTS probably hitched themselves to the first one with a fat wallet

  59. Braveheart 7

    Ποιος ήρθε από τους netwix ?

  60. Serhio Ramos

    Я вырос на этих песнях!

  61. Sabrina Oettler

    In den 90gern meine Lieblingsband😊

  62. Graeme Shaw

    Still a fantastic song never get bored off it

  63. sujirukifuja -_-

    Ala Fuller house

  64. şeval kahya

    Gonna miss you petscop...

  65. Madigacha GAMER

    I wasn't even born in the 90s and i love this song!

  66. Efek Gacha

    12 december 2019?

  67. Daryl Fields

    I was 6 years old when this came out

  68. poison dart

    And i opened up my eyes but i still couldnt see without my glasses

  69. Jefferson Calhau

    I am Brazilian, I was born listening to this classic, Ace Of base forever!

  70. James

    I've always thought this song was about Satan.

  71. otro canal más del monton

    Full house girl talk

  72. Mason Smith

    I saw The yellow) Sign

  73. Nocturna 78

    Hermosos recuerdos ❤

  74. The Stevo

    I want to go back home to the 80's/90's.

  75. Darth Becca

    I belong in the 90s

  76. Manos25Greek Manos25Greek


  77. manduheavy vazquez

    1992 amazing.
    2019 amazing.

    3020 amazing.


  78. siska siska

    Saya subscribe karena ada subtitle bahasa

  79. Alvin manaog

    The anthem song of the 90s ...agree?

  80. Laurie Penner

    This song is almost 30 years old and I thought it was "I saw the sun" until like 6 months ago.

    Daϻή Daήΐ

    Dude...that is my boyfriend!! Like I knew the real lyrics show did he get sun!!??

    Josefh Divina

    i read this comment and "i saw the sun" is what i hear now

  81. jenson torres

    I saw the sun

  82. Stéphanie Schmitt

    MERCI Ace of Base pour votre musique! Toute mon adolescence. J ' adore! De France.

  83. Andrew Langford

    Got to be the most annoying song ever made

    Loveunderlaw Heil Lucifer

    Andrew Langford AND YET HERE YOU ARE LOL, MUPPET...

  84. papas8403

    December 2019

  85. Ray_Captainmanfan8

    American dad brought me here THANK YOU ROGER

  86. Kelsie Bell

    All the idiots:
    Dogs- woof woof

    Cats- meow meow

    Idiots- 2019 2019

    Me: guys let people live

  87. Наталья Новикова

    *Linn is the most beautiful woman in the world. She doesn't even need make up and her hair done. She's perfect!*

  88. Helene Zehnder

    Ça m'a rajeuni de 27 ans

  89. Farish Farisha Afnaf

    I'm from Malaysia admired your band since 1997...

  90. 2thpic

    Take Eurodance, slow it down to pop/R&b tempos, and you have Ace of Base or the second half of Zedd's career

  91. Emiliano Bilbao

    10 December of 2019

    Проект Ne2Da. Noize MC

    13 dec 19 :)

    Storm Ranger

    15 of december

    Sour Words

    16th December

  92. carlos collantes

    Mi grupo favorito

  93. Abdul Haris


  94. Maurice Young

    Urban Meyer brought me here

  95. 김창재


    아름다운 옛 추억이 떠오릅니다~~~♡

  96. Andrew Stovall

    Always thought of.Street Fighter everytime I heard this

  97. 아수라

    고 2때 들었던 노래. 뮤비는 그닥 ㅋ

  98. Ask MiName

    She saw the sign and said peace out homeboy

  99. Janelle Stoermer

    I've died and gone to the nineties! I was a teenager when this song was everywhere. Memories.

  100. Ace of Base (Official)

    Thanks for watching! Please press the thumbs up and subscribe if you like our videos 👍🏻

    Hannita Herberth

    Los amooo

    Δωρα Γκολεμη

    Love you guys 😘😘😘😘😘


    I'm a big fan of this song.

    Carla Rivero

    My love Will be always for you AOB my 4 beloved ones! Thanks for being part of my life
    You were, you are and you Will always be in my heart! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    And Jenny...... Thanks for being YOU!! ❤️