Ace Of Base - All That She Wants Lyrics

She leads a lonely life
She leads a lonely life

When she woke up late in the morning light
And the day had just begun
She opened up her eyes and thought
Oh what a morning
It's not a day for work
It's a day for catching tan
Just lying on the beach and having fun
She's going to get you

All that she wants is another baby
She's gone tomorrow, boy
All that she wants is another baby

All that she wants is another baby
She's gone tomorrow, boy
All that she wants is another baby

(All that she wants)
(All that she wants)

So if you are in sight and the day is right
She's the hunter, you're the fox
The gentle voice that talks to you
Won't talk forever
It is a night for passion
But the morning means goodbye
Beware of what is flashing in her eyes
She's going to get you

All that she wants is another baby
She's gone tomorrow, boy
All that she wants is another baby

All that she wants is another baby
She's gone tomorrow, boy
All that she wants is another baby (is another baby, yeah)


All that she wants is another baby (is another baby)
She's gone tomorrow, boy
All that she wants is another baby (is another baby, yeah)

All that she wants is another baby (is another baby)
She's gone tomorrow, boy
All that she wants is another baby (is another baby, yeah)

All that she wants
All that she wants

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Ace Of Base All That She Wants Comments
  1. That Stupid Dawg

    "As you can see, the ice man is listening to Ace of Base, which was a very popular group during his era, and primitive drummings soothed his people's tempers."

  2. ibrahem slman

    ماكو عرب بطياره

  3. Dir_ 18

    Silet tulung dilas

  4. satisfaction

    vayy beee..gözyaşım pıt dedi..

  5. Черновик Биоматери-Аликин

    Listen, why all creatures in this video are khazar lizard origin? Maybe also add gavvah, thenaz and chemtrail denial??!!

  6. Rukia Kuchiki

    Can't believe I'm here thanks to my boyfriend. He's been looking for this song for about a week. Girlfriend to the rescue.🤣

  7. Kath :3

    Diciembre 2019 :'3

  8. jailerofjustice

    Modern version of this lyrics is “all that she wants is another divorce”

  9. страшный сон

    Спасибо дорогой,что бы я делала без тебя?(

  10. Livio B.

    Fantastic song !🤩

  11. Piero Angela

    Siete grandiosi rimarrete sempre nei nostri cuori♥️ Un abbraccio forte a Linn
    😘 Saluti dall' Italia !!!

  12. Blaze Vasiloski

    Where is linn now I cant found some.picture of her now, how she look now I dont know


    I found some information on the internet. Her birthday and city is the same but it is all in Swedishöteborg/Malin-Sofia-Wennerberg-1970/bq9ev-2sxi0

  13. Mista PiNUSS

    All that she wants is another PINUSS


    muito bom lenbra de sua juventude .e o que levamos de lembrança

  15. Agus Setiawan

    Its still like yesterday i heard this song

  16. Nanang Kempol

    Says Sula ace of base pertains Lelia sampan album beautiful life dunghill best Dan punts radio cassette CD player us polytron yang type 712k

  17. Mehmet TARIMCI

    Yeşil deniz 💐

  18. MagCynic

    0:09 Duck arse!

  19. G-Beatz

    3030 neguin

  20. John Gregory

    I want a white girl with dreads

  21. rothschild aristoteles ghandi

    Shirley so lonely night

  22. Stefak

    Umbre Season 3 brought me here :))

  23. Sonya Méndez


  24. Blaze Vasiloski

    my childhood song i listening all my life

  25. James Sheehan

    Me age 5: She wants a baby.
    Me age 30: She wants lots of sex.
    Not too far off though.

  26. Native Earthling

    International anthem of the 90 s ❤️❤️

  27. Fabio Voce

    Legends Music!!!

  28. paula canda


  29. feta konfeta

    Оу mай

  30. Ri.Hanna.

    Кто вспомнил ,эту песня из за сериала "Ольга"

  31. dade vlog Channel

    des 2019

  32. TheAlexeytur


  33. Atha Charis Wirawan

    Silit tulung di las

  34. Amelia Rey


  35. Ririn Kurniawan

    Lagu favorit masa kecilku

  36. Konstantin Pobedonoscev

    Как же она прекрасна даже в деревенском амплуа!

  37. Bull Shit

    these times were magic!!!

  38. Carlos Antônio Chaves

    Dez. 2019 : Batida Atualíssima !!!!!
    Ace of de Base !!!

  39. Marcos 'O' Negative

    Que voz!

  40. Carlos Antônio Chaves

    Que Batida É Essa !!!!

  41. Carlos Antônio Chaves

    Esse Clip Vai Ficar Para a Historia da Música !!!!!
    Ace of Base !!!!! Muito Bem feito !!

  42. Virgílio Santos

    A voz dela ,é grossa 😂😂. Brazil 😘😙😙

  43. Moh Reda

    اه يادنيا

  44. Aaliyah victoria Rodriguez

    All that she wants 👆

  45. Francisco Carreira

    Musica top

  46. Emil Nielsen

    Kandis fra Pyrus.

  47. Ахылбек Кульмурзаев


  48. Halil Ozcan

    Yeşil denizden gelen var mı la😂😂

  49. Jason Scott Smathers

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  52. Wüsten Blume

    Memories from the 90's ....

  53. Shafiq Suhaimi

    Who still watching 2022?

  54. Sanjeev Chougule

    i like music

  55. Cléia Nunes

    Amo essa banda ❤❤

  56. Jefferson Calhau

    I am Brazilian, I love Ace Of Base, I was born listening!

  57. Abdullah Alhamodi


  58. Adriana Valim

    Saudades balada curto circuito tocava muito 😍

  59. Abhi

    That wicked bass line is beautiful!

  60. Gabriela Orth


  61. Harry Hart


  62. Jolki Palki

    А кто такой этот овощевоз?
    Про водителя что ли песня?

    Ismayil Huseynov

    Jolki Palki 🤣 бляя орнул 👍🏼🤣

  63. Ratu Ratunissa

    I like this song

  64. sella yuliana

    Oalah ini lagu silit tulung di las

  65. Colin Williams

    What? I thought she wanted another nipper?

  66. Msm Slimany

    كنت نقرا اولي ابتدائي ان سمعتها في كسيط

  67. Milla G

    Just give her another damn baby 👶

  68. Макс Верт


  69. Cyclists Need To Change

    Always thought she was a junky and wanted another hit (baby) gone tomorrow as she overdosed?

  70. Jason Day

    She wants those food stamps

  71. Leiber Alexis Gomez Hernandez

    I love the girl its beautifull 😍😈❤

  72. Yeyen Ariusyani

    Remembering elementary school 😍 1993 😎

  73. Chris Zablocki

    Dear white boys,
    Stop cock blocking each other and start doing what God intended.

  74. Octavio Nava

    The bad batch🤣🤠

  75. Luis Pilapanta

    Who is listening in 2020???

  76. Asuka

    when i was kid i was fallen in love with blondy hahaahahha

  77. игнат огншщз

    музыка детства

  78. Sana Rahman

    I am here just because my dad wants me to search for this song at midnight


    Your dad is the coolest

    Sana Rahman

    @LeeLicious ❤❤




    Maybe your dad is implying that you happened because of this song :)


    Has he been drinking beer?

  79. Сергей Ремезок

    зер гут. не в бровь а в глаз

  80. Mehmet Ay

    🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 bizden kimse yok galiba

  81. Jordant129

    Just fishing for likes.

  82. Драган Стошич

    О, мальчик босс

  83. Денис Кулаков

    музыка детства!

  84. Meroboy77538

    Shes the hunter im the fox

  85. mank adjoe

    i"m from Indonesia song 80's good music ☕🤩

  86. Anton Diachuk


  87. Mustafa Abdelkader

    مافيش ولا ليبي غريبه

  88. Arthur Miguel

    Omg the remix is so much better but is a good song

  89. Yana Vlog

    Siapa yang datang ke sini Karena ada yang Request Radio "Silit Tulung di Las" 😁

    Pavita Nareshtya

    gw juga korban nya 😂

  90. Армагеддон

    Одна песня хлеще другой. У этого народа мёртвая душа и он заслужил участи Содома и Гоморры.

  91. Redwan Jbari

    music boooom 1994

  92. xamurai00

    A song about A sex addict.. and all the while i assumed shes literally wanted a baby

    Jeremy mckinnon

    I thought it was a warning as to the true nature of women lol.....

    Ben aicha Houari

    I miss this song

  93. permata chan

    Apa cuma gw yang dateng gara gara meme silit tulung di las😑

  94. xamurai00

    They say family is everything. Your children are your world. Nothing else matters. Automatically a woman gets sole custody of children in a breakup. So we have to ask.. If children are our world.. then surely woman rule over it.

  95. Ica Lalitya

    Orang indonesia disini siapa yang nyanyinya "silit tolong di las" 😂😂😂

  96. Ace of Base (Official)

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    Maxxx Maximiliano

    Lin's voice is like taking steps in heaven when she sings....OMG

    Andrés Amor Ríos

    Y a mí no me dáis las gracias?.

    Mark noer

    What does she want

    Daniela Galindo

    Yo cresi con ella

    HamutaliSebo KingGOLOLA

    Thank you for all the good vybes and memories.