Ace Hood - Mr. Black Man Lyrics

Hey, Mr. Black Man living in America
We can never let these motherfuckers bury us
Embarrass us
Hey, Mr. Black Man living in America (hey)
Hey, Mr. Black Man living in America (hey)

Woke up in the morning thanked the Lord for seeing another day
Should I sell dope or figure shit out in another way
Tryna keep my faith but see the devil from a mile away
Bills are piling, momma just complaining bout them everyday
Getting sick and tired, tears are running down her eyes
Only thing that's on my mind, I just got to fucking grind
Like ain't got shit to lose, I got so more shit to prove
Hit my plug and make some moves or finess them with that tool
This is me and daddy shoot, that's what they want us to do
System set so we can lose, just depends on what you choose
Grab that chopper, shoot that block up you gon end up on the news
Rather fill yourself up with knowledge that's that power we refuse
Prisons over populated cause we dropping outta school
Let 'em tell it we uneducated , life a devastation
All our actions are not validated, police agitated
Shoot us up then go home and kiss their babies
Shit so fucking crazy
I apologize to every single person that we lost
From a stupid motherfucker who think they above the law
Got me screaming fuck the cops, make me wanna squeeze the Glock
Send my love out to the block ain't no way will I be stopped
Ain't no way we looking back
Those opinions these are facts
You don't feel me you just wack
Now tell me how real is that?
But in the mind of a nigga in the ghetto tryna make it
That trouble seems to find a nigga it's so hard to shake it
Say a prayer for my niggas still in it
I know it's hard and they just tryna make a living
Tryna feed the fam like it's Thanksgiving
Everyday a nigga praying for forgiveness
The penitentiary's a billion dollar business
And I will never let you trick me in the system

Oh, Mr. Black Man living in America
Please don't never let these motherfuckers bury us
Embarrass us
Hey, Mr. Black Man living in America
We can never let these motherfuckers bury us
We can never let these motherfuckers bury us

Ok, I pour another cup and roll and endo
Rolling 'round the city with extendos
They can't stop staring out the window
They just tired of burying they kin folk
I say the police out shooting, it's a cold world
What if one day that's your son or your little girl?

Hey, Mr. Black man living in America
We can never let these motherfuckers bury us
Embarrass us
I know the system is against a guy that's smart enough
Hey, Mr. Black Man living in America
We will never let these motherfuckers bury us
Embarrass us
Hey, Mr. Black Man living in America
Hey, Mr. Black Man living in America
Embarrass us

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Ace Hood Mr. Black Man Comments
  1. DLR Express, LLC

    I love being a black man

  2. Cedric McDaniel

    Ace hood the truth💯💪🏾

  3. doc Mugus

    Ace will always be my top 5....Your biggest fan in Ghana ...... quit sleeping on him

  4. Asha Ali

    You not really Ace Fan if you’re not here 2019

  5. Oytun Bey

    We concious souls
    That's all that matters dont worry about the views.
    The rest are sleep walkin
    Mindless drones

  6. Wakeuptheblacknation

    My favorite Ace Hood song


    All Thumbs Down Are Haters Don't Stop Ace Keep Standing On There Neck The Neanderthal Man Time Is Up..

  8. Fat King

    This shit is 🔥2019

  9. Street Sports Talk

    Consciencesounds is honored to hear your message

  10. simba abrams

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  11. Frank Johnson


  12. Maarten den Akker

    So underrated! Keep it up, be pure like this.

    We all are going to need it.

    Thank you Ace!

  13. Honest liar

    Keep your head up Mr Black Man

  14. Boobie Wow

    Love you Ace and yes how is y'all sleeping on the Best

  15. Redd Khalifa

    This song need more listeners

  16. Ty Nation

    how does childish gambinos this is america blow up but this gets hella slept on

  17. Anthony Clerfont

    I have to say that Hollywood is a fool to not make this shit the rap Hall of Fame right here. King lyricist.

  18. Victor Salgado

    thank you pandora 👌 why is this not in the million views!?!?

  19. Ison Iyatolla

    Acehood ain't went nowhere !!!!

  20. Kepha Stephen

    All time track

  21. Rudy Rangel

    Not even black but this hoe jams. Mexicans don't get treated any better.

  22. Sanele Dlamini

    Ace Mega Slept On


    This some deep message


    Shit to real

  25. Wakeuptheblacknation

    Still here in 2018

  26. King James Mayo

    Dope track Ace hood is the illiest

  27. John henderson

    that's my son on the track

  28. GooGant49

    Shit brings that warrior outta me. "Can't let these Mf burry us.... embarrass us."

  29. Dennis Crawford

    i hate cardi b got a hit but this no where near where is suppose to be on the charts one of the realest ever FACTTSSS

    John Henry

    i know doesnt write her own shit jus an embarrassment to rap just like all mumble rappers in cardis case sex sales smfh

  30. milyyy Xo

    On replay for dayyys 🔥

  31. David Reyes

    Goosebumps every time

  32. James Manuel

    Ace just keep it up man been a fan since 09

  33. Resd

    Very good ! 🔥

  34. Terrance Edwards

    nights hear tho

  35. Tmoney Cash

    they needa stop sleeping on ace hood

  36. Quandell And Kalyiah

    only 50k??? people listen to trash music cause this shyt right here as real as it gets

    Cynthia Emanuel

    took the words right out my mouth ppl just don't fuck wit real music

    Dwayne Lewis

    Tavisha Guerra 94k now

  37. jacob sol rodriguez

    Ace hood goes hard

  38. Cassidy 444

    glad i came across this real musics hard to come by these days

  39. Coast2Soul Music

    its mr. brown man for me

    John Henry

    love my brown brothers n sisters be safe out here

  40. Benga Muzik Official TV

    Ace hood the fuckin realest nigga 4eva!!!

  41. Felipe Smith

    Eçis grigo é fodah demais manooo!

  42. hesham alaidarous

    My phones on fireeeeee

  43. Twin1TopGun

    How is this song gettin slept on



    Nydetra Rogers

    because of what its talking about reality rap no one reaLLY LISTENS TO

    Anthony Clerfont

    Right????? Lmao

    James Fyne

    Have to ask how is Ace being slept on!

    Sirr Santana

    Exactly bro still light

  44. Kev’s Uploads

    Damn shit so real 🔥🔥

  45. Tee Man

    A moment of truth.

  46. Kassan Mcneil

    this beat is fire and he str8 bodied this shit salute acehood fire bro damnnnn

  47. Chanchal Khandelwal

    Real Shit

  48. Laz Alonzo

    The hottest shit in this mixtape fxxn🔥🔥

  49. Kevin Romero

    instrumental anyone??

    Charles Smith

    Just type in "Mr Black man instrumental"

    Ryan Gulbrandsen

    can't, just tried to search it but no results. probably no one has made a video of it yet.

    Corey Snipes

    +Ryan Gulbrandsen I made a remake and posted it on my channel. A like and subscribe would be appreciated

  50. Michael Smith

    black man

  51. Lance Wesley