Ace Hood - Married To The Game Lyrics

Rip Shawty Lo

I did this for my niggas, for my son and my lil daughter
Wishing everyday that someone bring me back my grandma
Sick of all this bullshit I'm sick of this drama
And I don't want to impose or drop you off with all my problems
And they tell me hold my head and they tell me to be strong
In a room full of my people but I still feel so alone
And they tell me to keep on, my eyes are on the throne
Just hope you ain't the one who hides his hands but throw the stones
I gotta get back in my zone, I gotta rewrite all my wrongs
I gotta show all these niggas who sleeping the reason that I am the chosen
Fuck it I'm back on my God flow, I do this shit with my eyes closed
I got the I got the God glow, I keep the stick in the console
Throw the crosses on my dashboard, many nights I wanna fast forward
Fresh stamps on my passport, all I'm thinking bout is thank you lord
These niggas wanna hold me, these niggas can't control me
These niggas wasn't raised right how you call a lame nigga OG
Had a visionary since 14 young nigga with a big dream
Hit the scene I was 18 with the cash flow niggas all know
Spitting all this real shit, record labels gotta deal with it
Underrated is an understatement all these haters coming out the pool pit
I'm the guy with the big smile cause I know I got a full clip
And I know long as God with me I can strive reaching at a higher temp
I'm a fly guy nigga why lie but the truth hurts but the pain heals
Long has a nigga got WiFi we can puff past on they dawg ass
Ladies love me like I'm LL, chocolate sunday on the hashtag
Niggas doing shit half assed, glad put them in a trashbag
Where the money? Where the money bags? Straight to it got a sun pass
Bae calling for the D
Know I got a couple though like the honey badge'
I'm in Arizona like the Cardinals
Beat the odds like I'm Harpo
Niggas claim they got this and that but know its tough to see it like it's Waldo
Rip my homie Shawty Lo legendary up in Bankhead
Praying everyday my people safe and every other day another murder case
Black man gotta dig a grave they just let the cops get away
Damn shame but the time change nowadays niggas shoot back
Feel like I'm living in combat
Feel like I'm living in combat
We just asking where the love at, nigga

(DJ esco, ET)
We must say a prayer for our people (esco terrestrial)
Just fighting to be equal
Preach preach preach preach

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Ace Hood Married To The Game Comments
  1. Riamsky Poole

    Who would down this

  2. Mvvlikkk

    He not on cause he talk bout real shit

  3. Thr33 Wise Men Me Myself & I

    Certified Real

  4. Jay Ali

    Real M. C! # nation

  5. Sam Distefano

    Oh lawwwwd he merks this

  6. Parker Reloaded

    That "body bag" adlib 🔥🔥

  7. TehhDraft

    legit if ace hood just had more features with artists that are coming up he could be number 1 in the game

  8. Nino Brown

    Man people are sleeping on Ace