Ace Hood - Everyday Lyrics

Everyday, Everyday, Everyday

Everyday I gotta hustle, everyday I gotta shine
I wake up every morning with money on my mind
I gotta push my verte, I gotta drop my top (Everyday)
I gotta check my trap, I gotta hit my block (Everyday)
Oooh Every-Everyday, oooh Every-Everyday
I gotta push my verte, I gotta drop my top (Everyday)
I gotta check my trap, I gotta hit my block (Everyday)

[Verse 1]
Nothin' else matter but the money
Nothin' else matter but the money
Fuck a nigga hatin'
Nigga's used to pull up in the bucket
Now [?] cost a hundred
You don't wanna run it
Need a couple mil, I can front it
Everything you do, And I done it, I just keep it one hundred
Everyday a nigga gettin' blunted, and I'm with a white snow bunny
Heard you got problems, Glock 40 on me for the dummies
And I got a little for your buddies
Homie don't play that, swear [?] word to my momma
She just told me focus on the comma's, boy that's everyday
I just wanna get it ten ways, rollie and a pair of new J's
Everyday I wake, I gotta thank the Lord for the day
Then I gotta go and get paid
Oh my goodness
Ain't drived the Porsche in a month, my range rover make a nigga hush
Fuck nigga want
Sorry if I'm being too blunt,I gotta show a hater how to stunt
Boy you a joke, Kevin Hart with it
Deerfield rapper worth about a couple million
Imma go get it nigga, Imma go get it nigga, Imma go get it


[Verse 2]
Boy I'm getting money like a sheikh
Quarter mil, make it in a week
Crib like a mall, young nigga living like meech
A Couple bad bitches in the jeep
20 gold bottles, you don't know nothin' bout this
You don't know nothin' bout a brick, 50K large
Coulda went and bought a new Benz, but instead I just put it on the wrist
And your bitch love it, rich nigga but I'm still thuggin'
Broke nigga's stay mean muggin'
Used to have trouble with the four door Ford, now I'm tryin' make the Forbes
Ya'll ain't seen nothin'
Ain't even trippin', promise Imma die real nigga and free my homeboys in the system
Stay prayed up, everyday my mind made up
Everyday [?], never caught slippin'
Case the wanna push they luck, try me if you thinkin' I'm bluffing
I love it when the beat go to ride out
I gotta yellow bone stripper at the trap house
I put the Chevy in the shop through summer time
Broward County, Deerfield born, running mine


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Ace Hood Everyday Comments
  1. Christian Sevilla

    I don't understand how there ain't more views this shit a banger. 💯💯

  2. Tyler Tillotson

    Anyone kept repeating the song like me Hood f*** people that snitch

  3. i Hate People

    hood Nation ✌👏

  4. Janetta Hines

    EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!

  5. James Manuel

    Still mf 🔥

  6. Sandiso Mchiza

    2019, and i'm still banging this like it came out yesterday, #MotivationalMusic. Salute all the way from South Africa.

  7. Anthony Cooper

    The best of all time Ace Hood.............,,,!

  8. MR. LOW KEY

    Just finding this song. But it's gone be my motivation song everyday.

  9. Nandhu M

    This is Dope Man!!

  10. Terrence smith

    Ace make good music

  11. Lil Chris

    He killed it mayne,,,Respect

  12. Destiny McDonald

    Need a million views!😍😍😍

  13. Sydney wassalu

    Anyone listening to this in 2019?

    Dani John

    Always, till end of time.


    Hah. Nigga please. I run this shit first thing in the morning everyday before I even take a piss ^^

    DjgAshton Best

    gqi dhe hyso japy yps

    carlos lo

    Where u at im in 3065 here. But im some light years away

  14. Zskywalker 2020

    I grew up to this

  15. Adam Lilly

    Who else here in 2019?

  16. Rodrigo Nascimento

    Algum BR??

  17. SNO 1

    smh.... its nigga shouldve bought two pairs of Js instead of that rolliw


    🔥 🔥 🔥

  19. Antonio Rivera

    "Gotta thank the lord for the day then I gotta go get paid" G shit thanks Ace

  20. Andrew Ridosko

    Lol I dont want pictures I want money #blunt

  21. Mr. Palmer

    Ace hood is on my top 5

  22. Rodrigo Nascimento


  23. HMF hit music Factory

    Love from Haïti 🇭🇹

  24. Prince of Buganda

    2019 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  25. Med zouari

    بداية يوم آخر تافه 🔫

  26. Ok Ok


  27. Branson Barrish

    Hard ASF 🔥🔥💯💯

  28. Brandon Jimenez

    ANYBODY else playing at the end of 2018 💯💯💯💯

  29. Louis Laryea

    Excellent Music. Hoodnation forever✊🏾.

  30. Louis Laryea

    Excellent Music. Hoodnation forever✊🏾.

  31. Zysygy

    smh cant belive how still this song didnt hit 1mil yet

  32. Daniel Andersson

    still in ur speakers at 2018 on so on ;)

    Branson Barrish

    On God 🔥🔥

  33. CzAr ODriego

    I didnt know my favorite song by Ace had a video

  34. Nicolas Bra

    harder than every other everyday song

  35. Manual Sanchez

    Er day $$

  36. mr . triangle

    we are pumped up .uh

  37. Tre Mann

    83k #disrespected

  38. buckmoney sha buckmoney sha

    this my homie

  39. DimitriRiggas

    How has this only got 79k

    youngboy never broke again

    I know right hes underated af . good thoo cuz he would've sold his soul for mainstream he didnt do that thoo

    Branson Barrish

    Swear 💯💯🅿️🅿️

    youngboy never broke again

    @Branson Barrish niqqas sleeping on ace

    Obaa- Sika

    @youngboy never broke again how do they sell their soul bruh?? Enlighten me yea

  40. Dangerous Jay

    Everyone has their own hustle. For me, it was the last 2 years of college. This joint right here, pushed me harder, farther, and for longer durations when it came to studying. Memorizing medical conditions. Illnesses. Terminology. Thanks ace. I can honestly say I got through some tough times ignoring the BS, and being absent from important peoples lives just so I can grind. Now, I no longer struggle, nor do I live from paycheck to paycheck. Get it how you live. Just get through it...

    Branson Barrish

    Realist Shit I've Heard 🅿️🅿️

  41. Hannah Marshall

    We The Best & Hood Nation!

    Y N G D M N D

    Its hood nation now khaled betrayed Ace

    Hannah Marshall

    Y N G D M N D, it's We The Best & Hood Nation!

    Hannah Marshall

    Y N G D M N D, it's not just Hood Nation. It's We The Best & Hood Nation!

  42. Arif Rana

    I would like to this song again...I like it... so nice song..♥♥♥

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    i like jakes version better

    Dwayne Lewis

    Joseph Carnes go listen to his shit den bitch


    YEAH. Bitch

    June the Goon

    Yeah bitch! Get yo ass back in the kitchen, hoe.


    And make me some grilled cheese. Hoe.

  44. Y N G D M N D

    The song is fire 🔥 and ace the beast 💪🏼 but check out that 1974 Caprice Classic roar 💯💯💯

    Donald Ford

    That ain't a caprice no more Witt that nascar motor NASTY!

    Branson Barrish

    Real Shit 🅿️

  45. Brody Durant

    Gotta hustle love u ace

    Ashton Best

    will sotw is tap agapp

  46. Blu Cow

    this song got me through alot of shit, thanks ace

    Branson Barrish

    On God It Did 💯💯🅿️🅿️

    Zskywalker 2020

    U right on tht

  47. kigomo23

    liberty walk ferrari 458 3:21

  48. Jim Duffin