Ace Hood - Beast Of The South Lyrics

Ok I'm smoked out with my woes round
As we pour up shots of that Henn
Got some real shit you don't know about
That's been clouding up my head
Cut off old hoes, some fake friends a nigga occupied with these ends
And a nigga comfortable in this Benz
No I'm not the same Antoine from back then
Made some sacrifices, my family life I can't jeopardize what I built
I ain't here to sympathize I got kids and I don't want them to worry about shit
So I'm in an overdrive, I'm going overtime a nigga Sammy Sosa with these hits
Seven years in it bitch I been a menace the flow that they spitting the one I invented
Who got a problem just holler I got 'em
My foot on the throttle with this I'm a chemist
This that Lil Wayne when he got out of prison
This is that shit make you switch your religion
This is as hot as the stove in the kitchen a bomb in the lobby Osama Bin Laddie they can not deny me my flow went to potty
That shit is a hommy the beat is a body
2016 I'm a pull up the Bentley then pull up the Chevy then whip out the 'Rarri
Me and my team came to fuck up the party then snatch all the women and walk out the party
I'm on that nonchalant Kanye shrug, these niggas they will never learn
Y'all working every fucking nerve, these niggas got the fuckin' nerve
Don't compare me to these fuckin' nerds, same shit in each and every verse
Blah-blah, telling all lies I just really need to find a fuck first
I am charged up, get your bars up
You a sweet square like a Starburst
I can hear my people saying "get 'em, get 'em"
Niggas tried to dent me that's a fender bender, wooh

Nigga! Beast of the South! Nigga! Beast of the South! Nigga!

Screaming Hood Nation they ain't fucking with us
I'm the hottest nigga in the South living
This that free tape, Happy Thanksgiving
Boy this shit is only God given
Fuck the waiting 'cause the time ticking
Do it better than the last did it
Now or never I got heavy metal in that Double R call it rose petals
Niggas know better who to play with, I determine what the wave is
Better tell 'em what my name is
Aww, look at what the game did
Pay attention it expose friends, niggas hanging by a clothes pin
Fucked all up what pride did, need to cut out all that nonsense
Money the root of the evil, you got it you stunting like Evil Knievel
Hope you remember me like I'm the Beatles

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Ace Hood Beast Of The South Comments
  1. Spyder Anaheim1203

    This shit got me turnt up.glocks up

  2. Yung Frankco


  3. Paul Wall

    So underrated

  4. Michael Johnston

    Fucking underrated!!! Damn it pisses me off he isn’t getting the credit he deserves

  5. Don Don


  6. Randy Merchant

    I hope he finished this shit man he killed that *****

  7. [Grom] Hellscream

    bumping on repeat

  8. I_am H0PE

    I like Ace Hood but Damn🔥

  9. landon Mcfee

    Underrated but overrated for most niggas tho like actually in his music can actually picture it wen you listen

  10. Enrique Rosas

    Let’s put it this way there are powerful, few, but very powerful influential people who control why becomes your favorite music. Ace Hood is one of the guys you know they don’t want to succeed he doesn’t need help to do this real shit right here. I’m just hoping he becomes to so Ill

    Mateo Hernandez

    Enrique Rosas real shit man, glad to see there are more people out there that know this

    Mateo Hernandez

    I think that’s also why they took him off Spotify because that’s where I was bumping this mixtape but it’s no longer on there

  11. Earl Samples

    Beast of south

  12. Marcus Morris

    Savage flow

  13. Savage Ru