Ace Frehley - Wiped-Out Lyrics

Wiped Out!

I went to a party, just so smartly, cool as cool could be
I knew I could make it, knew I could shake it, loose and fancy free
So I went to the table and reached for a bottle
And poured me a glass of wine
Took a few sips and looked around, I was feelin' fine
But an hour along, comin' on strong, I was gettin' drunk
The next thing I knew I looked at you, I was blind as a skunk

(Oh, oh, oh)
I was...

I was wiped out
I had my lights out
Was fallin' right out
'Cause I was wiped out

Through the smoke-filled room I caught your eye
And I think that you caught mine
And I knew in a minute or maybe less, it was just a matter of time
Then you started to move with such a groove, stronger than sneakin' slow
Then you looked at me with your big blue eyes, they had such a glow
So I took your hand and tried to stand and ended up sittin' back down
Then you smiled at me and gave me a wink, how quick I lost my frown

(Oh, oh, oh)
I was...

I was wiped out
I had my lights out
Was fallin' right out
'Cause I was wiped out

So I looked at you and then I knew that we were gonna have some fun
So I thought to myself, wine was out, we should switch to rum
So without a word and like some bird, we flew to another place
And pretty soon we were in some room stretched miles out in space
The room was turnin', we were burnin', things became a haze
It seemed that already I had too many, firewater caused the blaze

(Oh, oh, oh)
I was...

I was wiped out
I had my lights out
Was fallin' right out
'Cause I was wiped out

I was wiped out
Was fallin' right out
I had my lights out
'Cause I was wiped out

I was wiped out
I had my lights out
Was fallin' right out
'Cause I was wiped out

I was wiped out
Was fallin' right out
I had my lights out
'Cause I was wiped out

I was wiped out

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Ace Frehley Wiped-Out Comments
  1. Steven M. Reiser

    Not just the best of the 4
    .. frankly one of the best ever

  2. Brian Anderson

    My favorite song from Ace's album and the most autobiographical!

  3. Joel Mehr

    Yes Kiss without ACE was and is just such a mess...people I tell you...ACE knew exactly what he was worth for fucking Paul and disgusting Gene

  4. J N

    This song is so funny to me. Ace was good.. I was wiped out, I had my lights out. He was talking about being drunk and fucked up. He was still a great guitar player. One of my best friends helped him down the stairs to sign autographs.

  5. Jason Powell

    The ace solo album just gave him the proper motivation. It outsold the other guy's albums very disproportionately. I mean come on gene singing when you wish upon a star. Never bothered listening to Paul or Peter's.

  6. Jeroen Honingh

    Story/Song of his life

  7. robert plaza

    ace up there with the 70s great like johnny thunders and Marc bolan

  8. Shawn Crowe

    This tune rocks!! This whole album rocks!!! 👍🏻😊🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🤢🤮🤮🤮🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻

  9. MarvelDcImage

    This song has a proto new wave sound to it. Ace pre guessed punk and new wave.

  10. Michael Abney

    Freakin simple but groovin and awesome album!

    Jeff Baker

    Ace didn't complicate stuff. Solid guitar dude/writer.

  11. Robert Kraft

    much Thanks to You and Yours. 😅🎼🎶🇺🇸😘🏆🎲. BOBZGT🏁🌍

  12. mikael stridh


  13. Derek Booth

    Gene and Paul dictated Ace. Very ignorant. Love ACE

  14. Derek Booth

    ACE created the sound of KISS. I don't care for the KISS today. ACE rules

    Jeff Baker

    Only old Kiss, pre solo records. R and R Over and Dressed To Kill.

    Jeff Baker

    And yes, Ace seems to be a cool mofo.

  15. Derek Booth

    ACE rules

  16. crazy burkey

    I rank the solos

    1234 86

    crazy burkey Paul’s fuckin last

  17. Captain Meemo

    Imagine if ACE never drank or did drugs ...... ok yeah I agree ..... fuk that ! 🤣

  18. Gustav Kreuter

    I love this song so much but it kinda sounds like a ho-down like YEE-HAW!!!

  19. Barry Manilowa

    The beginning of this song was either sampled or replicated for a television commercial.


    Barry Manilowa It actually comes from an older song from the 60’s called... Wipe Out.

  20. Phah King

    Ace's writing ability is by far better than Gene, Paul, and peter's combined.

  21. Realism I

    Cool intro and rhythm guitars.

  22. Crimson Ghos†

    KISS needed Ace. Ace did not need KISS.

  23. anders lindberg

    without ace, kiss would never have been a rockband at all, it would have been more like poprock, but never real hardrock. ace was the only true rocker in kiss.

  24. anikka olivia williams

    Who else had kiss makeup AND was space ace

    This_f###ing guy

    I did lol

    Kascha K


    Michael Abney

    Oh yes,my dad my brother and his friend were kiss. Love the old pics and memories!

  25. anikka olivia williams


  26. Sergio Augusto Pesenti

    Nice job from Will Lee on bass

  27. Bob Silver

    00:50 rules

  28. kaitlyn habib

    Ace is amazing. He's an absolute legend

  29. Damon Callis

    great song but ace you really need to rework I was blind as a skunk line.   really???!! lol

    Fresh Prince Of Darkness

    😂 hey, maybe he knew a blind skunk, you don’t know!

    Fresh Prince Of Darkness

    Actually I just figured it out. “drunk as a skunk”+“blind drunk” = blind as a skunk! Kind of clever actually lol

    Todd Royce

    mike oliver  I like that idea. Not to mention skunks have very poor eyesight

  30. SonOfCheepThrill

    somehow i feel Les Claypool might hv been influenced by this song for his Wynona’s big brown beaver... both awesome tracks though..

  31. javie12Yt gaming

    Stay sober Ace.

  32. Dylan Waller

    The B-side of this album is just amazing all the way through!

    John Burns

    Dylan Waller Fractured Mirror!!

  33. Jerry Todd

    I loved this song before I knew what it was like to be wiped out. But, I sure know now.

  34. Glitter

    Notice Vivien Vincent has multiple YouTube accounts so he can claim he is better than ACE lol. You fucking queer you're even uglier as a woman lol no one likes you people make fun of you all the time. Everyone knows you're a crossdressing faggot! ACE FREHLEY kicks your little girl ass on guitar it's not even close bitch! ACE is respected and loved you are made fun of you fucking faggot! And poor poor Boob Kulick it must really suck to be a well......bob it's a pretty good little name plain common bob its not an ACE but little boob it's a nice little "musician" it must have really sucked after ACE intimidated little bob at the KISS guitar audition and little boob ran out crying when everyone laughed at him and then to know ACE FREHLEY became famous and wealthy while little boob was forced to prostitute his ass in order to pay for his trailer park rent.

  35. DrTomoculus

    When I was 11 I used to play this song over and over and over again. Even when I was 11 I knew Ace Frehley was the coolest member of KISS.

  36. Jason Paul Elder

    I can't seem to get enough of this song.

    Ronnie Lee Dill Jr

    Dude, i love this fucking song! I'm Wiped Out!

  37. Dennis the menace

    I was 7 when this came out, I've owned it on vinyl since then. now in my 40s ACE is tattooed on my arm. FUCKING he great album, space ace forever......

  38. GrayWoIf

    I still don't understand how Ace had the best solo album the most highly acclaimed one and yet they chose to go in a completely different direction for Dynasty...why? Ace obviously had the winning formula here. It's sad how the next few years where just sub par attempts and pop or prog rock. And only when Ace was sick and tired of them do they actually decide oh maybe we should make a heavy album now....

    Bon Summers

    Business ideas over soul, on the part of Gene & Paul, and maybe other management

    onTRAK merchant services

    GrayWoIf - I tolerated "Dynasty" but they lost me on "Unmasked" forward. "Psycho Circus" hearkens back to the original spirit they had in the mid-seventies, but Ace & Peter didn't play on it... "I Was Made For Loving You" was among their biggest (if not greatest) hit songs. They were probably trying to achieve that again, but nothing worked for them like the 1996 reunion that utilized their 1976 - 1977 era show & 1974 - 1979 songs (with a few additions, they did have a few good tunes over the decades).

    anikka olivia williams

    The producers and music industry got them Paul and Gene . Money and greed


    GrayWoIf Greed is definitely a factor but with the narcissistic tendencies that Paul and Gene have displayed over the years.....they cannot give credit to someone else or go in any direction that was not their idea. You hear about Ace and Peter being addicted to substances and in turn negatively effecting others. How about Gene and Pauls’ addictions? They are addicted to WEALTH and FAME! They will do anything to keep those things and they’ve brought negativity to others for decades. How much did they do for Ace and Peter when they were drunk and on drugs? Did they try to help them or anything? I’m asking because sometimes it seems like they didn’t do much to help.

    Chet Martin

    GrayWoIf Ace actually had the most songs featured on Dynasty and Unmasked but the band was fractured .

  39. lisa briscoe

    Love it xx

  40. Samuel Campos

    @RockSalami i guess it's muting with the left hand and a wah

  41. kenny stetka

    fucking awesome!!!!!!!! ace needs to do a reboot of this album for real!!!

  42. Jeff Baker

    Thee best chorus....

  43. Dennis the menace

    Dad bought me all four solos when they came out in 1978 I was only 7 years old. I still own those vinyl copies and listen to them often,great memories.

    Glenn Levy too but i dont have mine anymore, wish i still did.....

    Dennis the menace

    @Glenn Levy get them back

  44. Richard Demoret

    4/4 time "I WAS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  45. reaper man

    I was wiped out,  I had my lights out.............

    Jeff Baker

    +reaper man ...was fallin' right out.....

  46. Ziggyzag Zi

    Gene can take a rocket ride

    Jeff Baker

    +Ziggyzag Zi lol....I hear ya.

    Ronnie Lee Dill Jr

    Fuck Gene.

    Scott Bryan

    Ziggyzag Zi paul has been for it is genes turn

    Samuel Campos

    rocket ride is about entering a black hole

  47. jduncanm3golf

    Ace's solo album was the best

    Red Hunteur

    Yep. My faves when I was a kid were Gene, Paul, Ace, then Peter, but when the solo albums came out, I pretty much only listened to Ace and Peters. Gene's was odd and Paul's was about as bland as RoboCop's dinner paste.

    Jeff Baker

    It was really good.

  48. Equality Matters

    The sexiest member of KISS. ;)

  49. zaggnut13

    obviously KISS held him BACK!

    Scott Bryan

    zaggnut13 of course...its always been the gene and paul show....featuring whoever was the drummer/lead for that year....then new ones the year later

  50. orgasmtron1

    dam your fine

  51. Pyro Dog

    great drinkin' song !!!

  52. 2000man

    The power of the space man !

  53. maddog76

    fame didnt change him lol...bein a drunk and a junkie did


    He was a drunk and a junkie before being famous....

  54. EdwardJacobDiggory17

    lol who screamed "wiped-out" at the beginning? XD


    The Clarences love & support Ace/Kiss!

  56. americanguy2328

    Everything about this album was just right. A great guitar album with soaring notes, melodic & technical playing, killer tone, great mix, Ace's unique style of singing was just right, all the lyrics seem to be the perfect for the songs, it's legitimate heavy rock while at the same time pure rock and roll. I do not think it is possible to make such a thing again, no matter who tries (even Ace & Eddie Kramer themselves).

  57. minibikemafia

    @superzapper it still sucked [email protected]! man of 1000 faces was just almost a decent song tho

  58. Brian Anderson

    My favorite track on his album, this song totally fits his persona at that time; living day to day in a haze and very reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze"...

  59. blica1

    @superzapper easy there bro..none of us "13" care if we were wrong or not...his album still stunk, and ace's was still the best one..and it doesn't take years out of our lives if we did in fact, we got it wrong..he stinks and that's the point !

  60. superzapper

    @blica1 It was "When you wish upon a Star" not somewhere over the rainbow . 13 twats all wrong

  61. superzapper

    @jannyrcobs really . over in the UK Pauls and Aces were the ones to have . Pauls is actually a perfect rock album . pity his last one was utter shit.

  62. Fotechron

    space ace ..hell yea..

  63. Bob Lee

    My buddy and I teamed up to buy these records, I got Ace and Gene's, and he got Peter's and Paul's. I'd say I made out better in that deal - Ace's album is as nearly good as most Kiss albums to be honest. He's the only that's still his Kiss-self on the solo record, which means his true self, do of course it's the best of the four. Every one of his songs for Kiss was a classic & one of the three or four best on its album. He is and always has been the coolest one. Sorry Gene. You know it's true.

    Bob Silver

    Thats funny...our neighborhood was the same..I had Ace, Chris had Peter Criss, Bob had Gene, and Dustin had Paul...the late 70's was awesome!

  64. SilverWingsOfMorning

    Classic song, flawless album. Every song rocks. I love this song particularly because it rocks out, has a trippy rhythm and Ace's voice is so good. He sounds like Vinnie Barbarino when he sings "firewater caused the blaze". Just so happy and boisterous. His voice is great on the whole album, but I think it's especially good on this one. I can listen to this whole album beginning to end and never want it to end. Very happy, cheerful record. Ace is so under-rated.

  65. robert perry

    fuck ya ......

  66. redhead5150

    Still playing this all the time!!! Guitar riffs are awesome on his solo album. The best talent to grace the KISS stage!!!

  67. jannyrcobs

    When they came out in '78, Ace's and Gene's were the solo albums to own. I don't remember anyone in my neighbourhood/school owning copies of Paul's and Peter's. To this day, I have never actually heard a single number off those LPs!

  68. Joe M

    this song reminds me of ballroom blitz from waynes world

  69. redhead5150

    ACE kicked ass on this album!!!! Gene was pissed becauce he had no musical skills!!!!

  70. Glitter

    ACES! solo record is probably the best record any KISS member has done together or solo!

  71. Pedro Z

    @TurdFurggison Lol.

  72. Bigdaddyluv68

    If you listen to all the solo albums IT IS CLEAR who had the most talent!

  73. TurdFurggison


  74. thingplate

    you guys art is art so what if people have chemical problems-this is borderline progressive rock-hey we all have our problems.Who the fuck are we to judge others --remember that-all you folks do on here is squabble -just listen to the the music and quite comparing each others views and people--get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. 36hcupsizeandgrowing

    the powers behind the curtain make things happen. KISS

  76. Klarke

    I missed Ace in london and donnington... Even when I was across the pond in New York at the same time as Ace I managed to miss him. One day Ace! ONE DAY!

  77. redhead5150


  78. Dawn Damron

    God I love the hell out of this rightous song ,how true how true it Rock on !!!I was......wiped out !!

  79. Sam Marcon

    @newyork39904 that is bullshit! Tommy could only help ACE tie his shoes ! for me.

  80. redhead5150

    ACE played all guitars & bass on his solo album plus singing & recording it!!!! ACE ROCKS!!!!

  81. 777zippy777

    @newyork39904 It is true, but that's no slight on Ace. Unless you constantly practice songs that you've learned or written, you will forget them for the most part. Even Eddie Van Halen's kid showed Ed shit he was forgetting before they went on tour with Dave in '08. It's no big deal.

  82. Jon-Anthony Maieroni

    @borismaloo you are gay

  83. Jon-Anthony Maieroni


  84. xxxxxxrockxxxxxx

    that tommy helped him relearn the songs? well ace was playing his stuff when he left you don't play a song for a while you're bound to forget it

  85. RockenDokkenlover91

    you guys talk like Ace Frehely is better than KISS he was a part of KISS too you know! its not like he's better and talented than the rest of em' he was a part of KISS. Allthough he was the most talented

    Kascha K

    You contradicted the crap out of yourself with this post nine years ago and you probably still do it daily.

  86. tgnomercy

    When the 4 solo albums came out it was real obvious real quick where the talent and song writing from the start came from...... its all right here!

  87. sydirasky

    ummm yeahhhh......

    sorry dude i don't live in southern states......

  88. Isaac Marmolejo

    Ace is an awesome songwriter

  89. zr24X4ROCKS

    thunderstruck665, i guess your right , in some ways , but kiss will always be my favorite band, i was alive when the albums came out , you probably werent even born yet , but thats another story.

  90. sydirasky

    thought i read somewhere he'll be touring in the new year for anomaly so i'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  91. xxxxxxrockxxxxxx

    he came to milwaukee but i missed it which really freakin sucked

  92. sydirasky

    my bro got me turned on to kiss when i was 3 and ace has always been my favourite....

    to me it's obvious where the talent was with kiss...yeah gene's a marketing genius, but ace had the talent...not knocking paul, because he's pretty awesome too (and a sweetheart as well ^.^)

    ace's new album fucking blew me away and i'm really hoping he'll come to toronto to play 'cause i'll be there for sure!! ^.^

  93. tgnomercy

    I loved this song and album when it came out.......Shame that Gene and Paul didnt even let him play with them during the Hall of fame induction show!

  94. darctic

    @thunderstruck665 AMEN !!!!!!!

  95. zr24X4ROCKS

    ace and peter never say the really hurtful stuff that gene,,,,, and well actually paul does't say bad shit , but I still think they should be in the band right now!!!!

    Steve Mayer

    zr24X4ROCKS how bout

  96. DV DODDS

    Love Anton Fig's Drumming

  97. Cody Green's Mom's Broken Vibrator

    ACE ACE ACE! I just bought Anomoly online, and look forward to receiving it. Been an Ace fan since 1976.

  98. MUYFA East bay

    this is one of the most underated albums

  99. TruthSurge

    I'm a big Kiss fan but I'm also a realist. I liked Ace's solo the best because it rocked. Ace was a better musician than Gene or Paul yet they always knock him when they are asked why they booted him. "He didn't grow musically." HAHAHAHHA Such tools. But in Kiss, Gene was the alpha-male and you either bent over or you got run out. So, I wonder what Paul was doing? HEHEHEH

  100. xxxxxxrockxxxxxx

    well Peter's song tossin and turnin was on full house but the person who put that on there was probably a fan of Peter though