Ace Frehley - White Room Lyrics

In the white room with black curtains near the station
Blackroof country, no gold pavements, tired starlings
Silver horses ran down moonbeams in your dark eyes
Dawnlight smiles on you leaving, my contentment

I'll wait in this place where the sun never shines
Wait in this place where the shadows run from themselves

You said no strings could secure you at the station
Platform ticket, restless diesels, goodbye windows
I walked into such a sad time at the station
As I walked out, felt my own need just beginning

I'll wait in the queue when the trains come back
Lie with you where the shadows run from themselves

At the party she was kindness in the hard crowd
Consolation for the old wound now forgotten
Yellow tigers crouched in jungles in her dark eyes
She's just dressing, goodbye windows, tired starlings

I'll sleep in this place with the lonely crowd;
Lie in the dark where the shadows run from themselves

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Ace Frehley White Room Comments
  1. Robbert Johan Smidt

    Wel, thats the problem with drummers when they have to play what's not theirs

  2. Charla Leibrock


  3. Frankie xXx

    R.I.P Ginger Baker

  4. Jose Luis Muena Torres


  5. Will Chew

    ACE FOREVER !!!!!!!

  6. Ann Wilkiemeyer

    Wild thing was written by Chip Taylor

  7. Doug Robitaille

    Seeing Ace July 5th 2019 at the Cabot Theatre Beverly, Mass. Can't wait!!!

  8. Mark Lawless

    BETTER than the original. Uncle ACE rules

  9. tommyt1971

    Saw him play live in NJ a couple of years ago at a rock festival. INCREDIBLE show, Ace really tore it up, played a shitload of old KISS and some of the best soloing I've seen.

  10. Michael Mace

    Who's singing?

    Ace Frehley - Space Man

    Ace and Scot Coogan

  11. knightfive

    No wonder Kiss made it in the beginning, sad they didnt keep the one true talent in the band...

  12. Siggy Pop

    YEAH, ACE! ;) U still rock!

  13. Kenny Camaro

    Great version of a great song!

  14. Ace Turner

    Pretty fuckin cool.👍 😎

  15. Ace Turner

    Ace nailed this version...way better than the original by far...👍


    cold gin for ace !!!

  17. Jerome Wagschal

    He should use a wah more often...

  18. Napalm Nathan

    keep it simple simmons

  19. baseballmanbriar

    Ace fucking killed it here!!!

  20. nigel standen

    A version with attitude. Class.

  21. 01artist

    I wish Ace had put more Ace into this instead of trying to do this like the original.

  22. victoria libby

    DAMN!!! You Go, Ace!!!!!

  23. Samuel Campos

    Really cool use of acoustic guitar overdubs

  24. sean marcy

    WOW, only a badass guitarist
    like ACE could touch the likes
    of Hendricks and Clapton, and
    he Ace'd it!!!

  25. James Rockford


  26. Rainy Day

    ROCK GOD. LORD, he sounds GOOD here!

  27. husker hammer

    Listen to the rendition of Thin Lizzy's "Emerald" Jesus its awesome.

  28. B Real

    Aces best singing EVER!

    GG Aaron

    I think he really kicked ass on Past The Milky Way

  29. cuznred

    Ace put his stamp on a Cream classic!   Love it

  30. Jamie Gray

    1k knew music 15 sucked cock

  31. LesPendens1

    Ace and Peter were the ones that made KISS great. Paul was cool up until about 1979 . Paul is such a whiny bitch now, I had to unfollow him on Twitter.

  32. KissU2345

    Great, great guitar work, suits Ace's particular signing style. This album is very good actually, one one or 2 weaker tracks. it's an 8 out of 10 for the album and a 10 for this cover version.

  33. Don Webster

    My Hendrix!

  34. Eric Curry-Pitcher

    these tired old songs sound relevant again. ace pays these tracks the credit they are due. at the same time breaths much needed new life into them his leads kill. god bless ace

  35. Dave T

    Paul Daniel Frehley ROCKS !!!
    Keep up the good work sir Ace,


    I say keep up the good work, too. I was really impressed with the vocals and guitar work, you really made it your own. You made all the guitar kids in my home town want to run out and buy Les Paul's and copies. Thanks for making rock and roll fun when it needed it.

  36. pg1171

    WOW! Great cover! The sound is Ace, but still very remiscent of the original. Great job! Thanks!

  37. Eric Cadow

    kool, krisp sound

  38. Jacob J Kennedy

    This song fucking shreds
    the chops are too righteous

  39. Jeff Kappel

    there is something that always sounds so godlike to me when he ACE!

    Rainy Day

    Ace Ace baby

  40. Joe Strickland

    True to who he is,His vocals are always a great voice from the past. Ace you rock like Clapton!

  41. Sporto Lindgren


  42. MrZapparin

    This is ace

  43. paul frehley

    after the intro the bass drum just sounds all over the show

  44. studio7

    Ace once said that he didn't use many pedals with his guitar work...wa wa...etc. because he would get them mixed up or they would just get in the way....but Ace needs to use them more...every other guitarist does and it can add to a sound. So come on Ace lets hear more...its not done any harm to Slash has it? Great version by the way....

  45. meljpetra

    Well ~ Ace'd !  : )

  46. The Snoman

    it's a great album and a great remake of a great song . Nice job on the whole album ACE .

  47. Joeluis Medina

    buen cover con ace

  48. Music City Rock Videos

    I put my headphones on..turn up the volume..and say..shake my head.."damn,he;s done it again,lol!!" GREAT JOB ACE!

  49. Carrot Top

    Great copy the song exactly like the original. Zero creativity points.

  50. Ka-POP! !!

    Respectable cover version.

  51. klaws32

    not bad

  52. bill thompson

    I saw Frehleys Comet in the 80s. I really liked it.
    Rock Soldiers is really good.

  53. David P

    I like this better than the origional version

  54. TheCorrectViews


  55. OnkelBermuda

    His voice is so freakin good on this track.

    Mark Lawless

    yeah, is very great

  56. guitarscott626

    The is COOL, because ACE is COOL! Keep on Rockin ACE, Great Everything on this record.

  57. Matti Behm

    Ace´s greatest wah -bit since Rocket Ride...

  58. bigrocketrocks

    I think the revived version Ace did reflects the essence of the song while also carrying his own persona over to the original charting. Very spacey and trippy, yet very modernized.

  59. brandon murphy

    I Can't wait until vinnie vincent releases something new

  60. Bobby Glenn


  61. Bobby Glenn


  62. thatsbest


  63. Bruce Hiett

    ACE Doesn't have a bad song . I love it all !!

  64. truthhurts101

    Aces' playing here is spot on

  65. Granville Friel

    wow thats freaking awesome. make Eric proud

  66. Derrick Bullock


  67. Bruno April

    Great cover !!! Frehley's sound fits well with that classic tune. This guy is (almost) back from the dead and he's now better than ever! Hats off to Ace !!!

  68. Darrin Ros

    Sounds great Ace!

  69. donrssh77 rush

    Ace is again at the top of his game, been a fan since 1974,,,would love a reunion tour with Ace, Paul, Peter, and Gene.. to me that is the Kiss I grew up to... My Kiss vinyl collection only has the Original line up... no Kiss imposters in my collections. that's just my feelings on the Original line up that made the Rock Stars and RICH, This Band in the 70's changed my MUSIC world, and it did the same for Millions back in the day... Rock On Ace....Rock Solider.... As Dee Snyder states, if it ain't Metal, or good "old Rock" IT"S CRAP...

  70. Randy S

    Fresh take on a song that couldn't be touched ...Gotta give Ace big props on the sound on this one.....

  71. Crazy Legs

    ace has never sounded this good. wtg ace wtg

  72. George Pittman




  73. David Murray

    Kick ass ACE! He loves the same music I love. ACE plays it harder! Like SLAMMIN IT!

  74. david ellks

    grate cover ace

  75. RocKN JB InDaD

    Ace Frehley lead guitaaah

  76. Jerry Myers

    Killer guitar sound it! I doubt Ace tours Seattle Washington but if he did I'd go....but no interest in seeing KISS for the 7th time.

    The Ghost Musician

    +Jerry Myers YEAH. Seattle.  I saw Ace in Spokane in 2008 last.   I got a hotel room and drunk, and had a blast.  Haven't seen Kiss since 2000 with the BAD BOYS!!!

  77. Lorann Pyles

    That's awesome! Nice job Ace!!

  78. James Rockford

    Ace was better than Clapton


    yes i do and dont confuse aggression or a heavier sound or the style you like for being better. I like Ace a lot but he doesnt know half the stuff Clapton does. Any real guitar aficionado will tell you the same and also laugh if you said Ace was better

    James Rockford

    Musical knowledge does not make you a good musician. Regardless, Clapton is very limited. He plays the same exact solo in every song and has for 60 years. Ace for 5 years in the 70s was a 10x more creative soloist. More melodic, more intense.


    James Rockford to say his limited because he does the same licks are you serious? you know what that is called it's called phrasing, obviously he is going to play the same licks there his licks it's like Jimmy page he will do the same stuff he always does just like eric, srv and BB king they will always sound the same because its what makes them unique if they were to change their playing and licks every single day it wouldn't set them apart from other players and make them who they are so for you to say he does the same stuff you're logic is flawed and come on now you seriously think ace is better do you, go listen to Eric Clapton play Robert Johnsons tunes and tell me ace(and I love ace don't get me wrong) could do that, you're only talking about aces soloing compared to Eric but I'm talking just as an overall player (versatility, acoustic and slide ability) and a soloing style just comes to personal preference of what you like to hear more so that's fine but when it comes to overall ability and who was more influential Eric ABSOLUTELY BLOWS HIM OUT THE WATER and if you think otherwise I feel sorry for you and ace has even admitted he wings it half the time whereas Eric has built his playing on a strong foundation.

    Morning Star

    This made me laugh hahaha

  79. Celestial Lopez

    Paul Stanley..... Gene Simmons..... Listen and learn, Respectfully an Ace Frehley fan/collector...Have tommy copy this one too ha ha ha........


    +Celestial Lopez ow please you act like ace wrote this song he is doing a cover the same shit you bag tommy on..

    Celestial Lopez

    +scottkfan1 Dude come on.....Ace is no dressing like Clapton, Baker or Bruce from Cream he is just paying tribute to his origins musically speaking....but I understand if you are Tommy fahker fan... I'm sorry I meant no disrespect to any kiss fan

    Michael Mace

    Tommy Thayer has a bad gig.

    Michael Mace

    Ace is kicking ass on guitar here regardless

    Rage By Nightfall

    I mean Tommy is just a hired gun. He’s a good guitarist. I’ve always been an Ace fan.

  80. PopeShaitan

    Fuckin Awesome!

  81. flavour1970

    Fuck he is getting better with age, you rock Ace

  82. bradley1970

    he kicked this song in the ass. sounds good

  83. hasekdom

    First new album in a long time I am looking forward to. Support Ace. Buy the album. Every sale matters.

  84. Alberto Rado

    awesome job mo man

  85. Dan Bergstrom

    Scot Coogan is obviously no Ginger Baker. But who is? Still, this kicks ass! Can't wait for Origins Vol. 1!

  86. ROACH

    lol the Tommy faker fans trolling the great ace frehley lmao without ace he has no career! bwahahah and don't tell me about his mediocre career before kiss lmao if he was so great why was he in a tribute band and then getting gene and Paul's coffee?

  87. svenolley

    Well I like it.

  88. Hugo Chairez

    Space with Ace!!!!

  89. Andi N.

    The best musican from kiss.
    Thankx, i remember 11.12.1996 Frankfurt!

    Rage By Nightfall

    Andi N. I saw Kiss in 1996 too man. I was so young though, 10 years old. Still remember. Lots of fun.

  90. WebsiteWrestling

    This schlock is AWFUL..MAKE IT STOP!!!!!

  91. Ron James

    Nice Job Ace!!!!! nailed it!!!!!

  92. satelloidmike

    Never heard Ace sing better!

  93. jeffery williams

    Ace is rocking on America! Kool Ace!

  94. steven lennon

    who`s doing the vocals with all of the vibrato? never heard Ace sing like that


    +steven lennon It's Scott Coogan, Ace's drummer.

  95. stanley deveraux

    Fabulous guitar playing.

  96. Super25Smasher

    Whenever Ace does a cover, he delivers the goods! His versions of Do Ya, New York Groove, Fox On The Run, The Joker, and Into The Night kick ass! This single shows a lot of promise for the new album!

  97. Darian Cravens

    Honestly, when it came on Trunk Nation that Ace Frehley did a cover of White Room I was kind of panicked because this song just so good and I didn't want the cover to be bad. Thank god though Frehley delivered a great covered. Vocally I thought he over did the word "station" but that could to compensate for Clapton's deep voice on that word. Anyway, heavy covers are almost always great and this one is. Definitely haven't stopped listening to it since I heard it.

  98. Steve Davern

    Something about Ace
    , always takes me there