Ace Frehley - Trouble Walkin' Lyrics

I am trouble walkin'
I am every mother's nightmare
I am trouble walkin'
Out on the street there's a lesson learned
You play with and you'll get burned
On the newsstand there's another book
Out on the street what count is the way you look
There ain't no doubt I got what you need
You'll be beggin' baby please, please, please
With every switch sharper than a blade
I got you in my sights you can't escape
No matter where you run
No matter where you hide
Out here there's a rule you'll find
Only the strong survive

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Ace Frehley Trouble Walkin' Comments
  1. DivineFire Angels

    It sounds much better than a kiss! God Bless You!

    Javy C

    how exactly does it sound much better than Kiss? c'mon, you have to explain yourself

  2. Tim Jones

    Ace was riffing & soloing pretty darn fast here.


    I dig this album much more than the new stuff

    Javy C

    IMO, this is the best Ace solo album from start to finish