Ace Frehley - Toys Lyrics

Drivin' my Jag, shootin' my guns
Take me to Vegas, I wanna have fun
I wanna shoot craps, I wanna play cards
Stay up late, 'til the sun come up
I wanna play with the toys I like
Not stop until I've had enough

Toys (Toys)
For big boys (boys)
You'd be surprised
The joy they bring

The open road, we take down the top
But don't look back and forget to stop
We could go fishin' and take a speed boat
Jump across waves and surf 'til we drop
I wanna play with the toys I like
Play hard until I've had enough


Toys (Toys)
For big boys (boys)
I end up feelin' like a king

I wanna sky dive, feel the rush
Climb a mountain straight to the top
I wanna play with the toys I like
Keep playin' until I've had enough


Toys (Toys)
For big boys (boys)
And I end up feelin' like a king


Toys (Toys)
For big boys (boys)
And I end up feelin' like a king

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Ace Frehley Toys Comments
  1. Eric Rios

    He performed this live in Ramona CA. Amazing show

  2. T gnomechaser

    This song is about man toys, but not one mention of motorcycles?

  3. battlestarmarc

    This is a good cd.
    Most of the songs are fabulous.

  4. Charles Hanes

    been rockin to ace frehley for 45 Fucking years...long live ace frehley. love ya bro

  5. Please Subscribe to My New KISS Channel KISSf

    Weird but catchy somehow

  6. stevedancer

    Smokin' album! Finally back to the way rock was meant to be played!

  7. Logan Cuppy

    Saw the "Spaceman" last month in Greensburg, Pa. Awesome as always! Blew the joint up!

  8. Dead Weight

    Got this cranked up....Can hear this 100 ft away.

  9. SupaStah01

    Very solid album!

  10. moparsNguitars

    I agree , very solid rock album by the ace himself. I have forever admired ace and his playing from the start and this album n this track sums it up.

  11. Tony Alden

    Killer album, Space Ace!   I'm really diggin' it!

  12. Eric Hays

    There is no greater Ace Frehley fan than me, but I have to say; this sounds a lot like "Earache My Eye" by Cheech & Chong.



  13. redhead5150

    Ace justs keeps ROCKIN" !!!!

  14. Mr. Schneider

    To me, this was the album of the year, fuck all of the critics.

  15. garageguy879

    reminds me of Snow Blind,,great tune

  16. Cody Green's Mom's Broken Vibrator


  17. Darrin89

    Thank you Ace! Keep on rocking!

  18. 1sheadog

    Holy SHIT!!! Make love to that fucking Gibson brother!!!!

    Rainy Day

    DAMN! That's a good analogy for what he DOES. :D

  19. Kenny Garza

    when did this come this year when did miss this the song change ace man is jamming still bad ass !!!


    +Don Kenny Garza I agree, just now hearing about this amazing album. Ace needs a publicist!

  20. Gary Johns

  21. TheCorrectViews

    So much better than what Kiss is doing these days. I have mad respect for Eric Singer having met him with Alice Cooper, but Paul and Gene have ruined Kiss for so many of us. 

    John McGlone

    ace your voice so damn clean love ya albums great come home NYC miss ya bro


    Cool guitar, but the vocals are lost. Such a cool, unique voice and it is hidden. 

    Cody Green's Mom's Broken Vibrator

    I like Ace's voice a lot has a raw, unpretentious punk edge.


    lancetop when I tell people his age they are like now way and Wikipedia him lol