Ace Frehley - The Return Of Space Bear Lyrics

Look, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a space bear!

I'm a Taurus
I'm a down to earth human being
You want to talk to me?

I didn't know I played "bass"
Ah, I'm the trout player!

... the telescopes

I'm an imposter!
Ace is back at his house!

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Ace Frehley The Return Of Space Bear Comments

    People should make a movie about Ace. Something like It Came From Jendell.

  2. Yankees4ever

    Thumbs up if you think this version is better than the one that originally appeared on "Anomaly". KISS fan and collector since 1976.

  3. Katie Smith

    I adore this little video it's brilliant
    I keep listening to it like 95% of the time cause he has the best sense of humour I ever heard and what he comes out with about capturing the space bear is funny

  4. Emily

    Ace's space bear from that Tom Snyder interview I'm so glad he has the same humour as he did then that space bear was cute

  5. Philip Franklin

    Ace was before his time he was the only one in the group talking about technology .

  6. Pjr J

    A trout playing plumber, yeah, Tom Synder walked into those jokes after calling Gene a "bAss" player, great sense of humor Ace!

  7. Sarah Soda

    "I'm an imposter. Ace is back at his house."
    .Glad to see Tommy Thayer got vocal credit.

  8. Sebas Frehley

    why this versión have the phrases? and in the álbum doesnt have it!!

  9. Aftermath

    Kiss needs this. Not the heavy guitars, not the big drums... Kiss needs Ace´s genius, sense of humor, imagination, creativity.

  10. NemoDakkar

    "put the bear down" I cant hold it annymore ;) ;) ;)

  11. Luis Alberto Peralta

    Alice Cooper bad imitation. Sucks!

    Sebas Frehley

    your ass sucks!!

  12. Lefty K

    The main riff is stolen from Black Label Society's Born To Lose

    guillermo kuri

    its kinda close I forgot how much black label kicks ass! but this sounds kinda like alice in chains  meets Black Sabbath...born to lose..


    This riff is a variation of so many other songs. Black Dog. Black Night. A New Day Yesterday are the first 3 that come to mind.

  13. Juliana Brown

    "I'm an imposter. Ace is back at his house" Shoulda had Tommy Thayer say that line. lol

    Samuel Campos

    fun fact he said that on that 1979 interview
    as well as other sayings on this song
    have you watched it?

  14. Oodles McNugget

    that's reserved for concer...t payers

  15. jrlajara

    Maybe you were hearing change the world and in the transition between the two is that you hear the Its a space bear thing !

  16. Serena Rose

    Ace can still rock after all this time

  17. Josh Perkins

    ACE YOU ROCK!!!!

  18. Devin M

    That is awesome... its all from the Tom Snyder interview.
    Ace is fuckin nuts... I like it!

  19. weezer619


  20. Dale Tranter

    Should be a single



  22. DerAlmighty

    The album shifts between the two. Change the World is certainly NOT a heavy metal song.

  23. metallooney

    Happy 61st b-day Ace(April 27th 2012)

  24. olwltd

    Probaly the space bear intro isn't there beacause it was in the end of the previous track.

  25. 97iacono

    this is an itunes bonus track

  26. 97iacono

    this album is not rock n roll,its heavy metal but ace frehley is one of a kind you cant hate him

  27. Francie Cotton

    OMG..his sense of humor is still wonderful..even though the drugs are gone..YAYYYYYYYYY

  28. ფარსმან ქველი

    ace isnt getting old.This Album proves that real rock will never die. long live ace, long live Rock N Roll!

  29. kissfox5

    HOW COOL IS THIS! Ace has always had the ability to laugh at himself and the world around him and to have a song full of his never-to-be forgotten interview from the Tom Snyder show...LOVE IT! In MY opinion I think this era of Ace is the best. He's focusing on the fans a little more now that he's sober. Next to the 1978 album ANOMOLY is my 2nd favorite ACE album. The musical formula of them makes them the strongest albums of his. That's MY opinion and not up for debate.

  30. puppetmaster983

    The space bear was by far the funniest part of the interview.

  31. Teller3448

    That solo mows down eveything in its path!


    @beatlesbiggestfan100 the fishes ain't got nothing on the ace frehley of the 1970's!

  33. christopher kluge

    i like the bong hits in the backround........thats good stuff!!!

  34. Phil K

    @FrehleyCrissFan How drunk was he?

  35. Parris Vincenzo Stefanow

    ACE KICKS ASS!!!!! Kiss will never be Kiss Without the ACE in it's Deck! ~

  36. Re Sisk

    @LooveeGunn-"I LOVE this! I have always enjoyed Ace's laugh its contageious. Keep em comin, RwBGuardian."

  37. Madeline H

    hahahahah!!!!! "PUT. THE BEAR. DOWN."

  38. Szczepaniak7

    "No actually I'm a plumber!!" Now i see why there's Ace hardware stores and an Ace's Liquors in Pekin Illinois

    Spaced Out

    Szczepaniak7 I actually live near a place called Ace Plumbing, funnily enough

  39. SOSifymaybe

    Hey guys, this isn't a version of Space Bear.
    This is another song :D

  40. James1806


  41. BGDD27

    he said all this stuff on tom Snyder. when he was on that he saw a teddy bear and put his arm cuffs on it and said "its a space bear" i put that together when i saw the name of the song.

  42. MetalHeart8787

    this was stupid! its NOT even the actual audio from that interview Just someone repeating what was siad on the show.
    They should have used his Laugh ON the CD actual! Audio!
    like they talked about on the Tom snyder show.

  43. VenomProject

    Better than the CD version!

  44. NorwegianDirector

    This is awesome. Great, great mix!

  45. thunderstruck665

    So awesome!! This should've been on the CD!!!!