Ace Frehley - The Acorn Is Spinning Lyrics

Hey Vinnie, I got this new fighter from the Bronx
He's a natural
Oh yeah, how?
Reminds me of Jack Lamato
You can't lose with this one
You want a piece of the action, or what?
Jack Lamato, eh?
See if Luis wants in
I'll talk to you later
Alright, ciao, you got it?
Eugene's place, can I help you?
Hey Eugene, this is Patsy Mitloa
Listen, I want to put $500.00 on the Acorn
And, uh Eugene?
Let's make sure this guy spins in the third round
Know what I'm saying?
I gotcha, you're in!
The Acorn
The best there has been yet!
Hold it!!
Ladies and Gentlemen
The Acorn's spinning
He's down on the canvas
This is the third time he's been down
Oh my god
I don't think he's gonna get up!
Ladies and Gentlemen
I think it's all over
8, 9, 10! It's over!
The Acorn's lost
Listen curly,
The Acorn may have lost this one
But there's gonna be a rematch
And when he comes back
He's gonna be stronger than ever!
Believe me
I got a lot of faith in this kid
Man, he's from the Bronx
The best!

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Ace Frehley The Acorn Is Spinning Comments
  1. Melissa Minor

    "Eh Eugene's Place, how can I help you?" I love it!

  2. bugsbunny1!

    Let's see that pussy Thayer come up with something like THIS !!!

  3. reformedfruit

    I love the story nestled in this song. Great stuff.

  4. minibikemafia

    from the Bronx, the BEST!