Ace Frehley - Space Invader Lyrics

You know, this planet has been in trouble
For a thousand years we've all been blind
There's no trime to waste, give up the struggle
We must embrace our host, give it up for

Space... invader
He comes from distant galaxies
Space... invader
He stands before you to set you free

No rhyme or reason, no peace of mind
The earth's survival will coincide
The danger is near, of his arrival
We must accept out fate, give it up for


Space... invader
Now gaze upon the space invader

He comes to save us from light-years away
Our space invader knows we've lost our way
Destined for greatness our race will survive
Behind his majesty we'll be united
And know the meaning of life

The time is now, no need to worry
Just put your trust in him, give it up for

Space... invader
He comes from distant galaxies
Space... invader
He stands before you to set you free

Space... invader
Now gaze upon the space invader
Space... invader
Remember, there's no one greater
Space... invader
Space... invader
Space... invader
Space... invader
Space... invader
Space... invader

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Ace Frehley Space Invader Comments
  1. buddyontheweb

    Ace is Ace. I'm so glad that he's no longer in Kiss. The lyrics are supercheese. The music is only slightly better. The solo is better than average but the song is worse. It's not a good sign for the rest of the album.

    Elijah Taylor

    "Supercheese" is the gayest description I've ever heard. The lyrics are cool and they're fine. Shut it.

  2. Paul Figg

    Complete Awesome! One of the Best!

  3. Flames Fan

    Fuck kiss ...ace is all we need .. and more hopefully

    Flames Fan

    Music is what I mean 😎

  4. Robert was no more

    Jews are the Invaders, anyway awesome song.


    You say that as if bigots have value. You have no value at all. Deport all bigots.

  5. Martijn

    Pure Magic

  6. Todd Nash

    Space invader rocks

  7. Artemis of Olympus

    Totally love this! GG, Ace! 😉

  8. Chris Makaveli

    1.25 speed. Your welcome

    Scott Rupe

    or .75...very nice

  9. Ruby Rust Records

    Cool cover!
    The same guy that did Love Gun & Destroyer!

  10. DooM DooMerson

    KISS ladies and gentlemen. In all of His glory

  11. American_Warrior

    I love Ace , but this is horrible.. so lame..

  12. dirtyharryville

    Better than Kiss

  13. Jean-Claude Van Damme

    About the cheesiest lyrics I have ever heard...but love the guitars

  14. SheepHair

    If it had a better singer and a better mix/master, I'd really enjoy this song.

    reaper man

    Ace is a one-of-a-kind

  15. Robert Gonzalez

    I love this song

  16. Guitar Beaver

    It’s so to the point .. sounds like 1975 again . It’s kinda corny but had that magic because of it . It’s like a comic book hero on guitar. Love it !!! Hope he puts out another album soon

  17. nothadnotbad

    it sucks


    Then be gone ace hater.


    you suck

  18. rlta04

    Not the most catchy song


    I think it is.

  19. CaDa BrA

    Que genio este loco, la verdad que desde "Anomaly" saco un sonido un algo distinto, pero siempre esa escencia de Ace... lo tenia bajo la manga! Ace Frehley!!!

  20. Mike Schweikert

    ace brings everything back!

  21. Snoo Lee

    the song outro is the best. really sweet and telegraphing

  22. shoresofEire

    That fucking solo :))))))))))))

  23. peacepipenetwork

    the best friggin guitar work on the planet. amazing. still rockin, total legend.

    Artemis of Olympus


  24. Ryan Rodriguez



    Ryan Rodriguez I agree ACE 4LIFE

    Corgi Kun

    Ryan Rodriguez hey!! it's Rock n' Roll!

    Corgi Kun

    Ryan Rodriguez best trap player ever!

  25. Ulysses Mars

    Great song, sounds more like old KISS!!!

    Ulysses Mars

    sure wouldn't fit on Dynasty, that album was terrible.

    Mykull Davidson

    Actually what you said was it sounds like old KISS. Dynasty has 3 out of the 9 songs Ace sung with KISS. Hard Times, Save Your Love and 2000 Man. Of those 9 only 6 were great. Rocket Ride, Shock Me and Dark Light being the other 3. Peter also has a good track with Dirty Livin'. Not to mention that it has Anton Fig( who played with Ace on the solo album as well as Frehley's Comet as well as Unmasked)  playing drums. I like Peter but Anton is a way better drummer. I can't see where this is any better than what they are doing now. It is all crap. I love Ace but the last stuff he did that was worth a shit was when he was in KISS. Peter is and was very replaceable but Ace wasn't. Creatures had a few good songs like I Love It Loud and War Machine but the rest is pure crap. 

    Ulysses Mars

    way different times, you got it

    Ulysses Mars

    cut him some slack. pretty damn good for being 60+


    @Mykull Davidson it sucks. Boring af