Ace Frehley - Something Moved Lyrics

You know that something's out there
Just like those things under the bed
A fear you know when youger,
Sometimens, made up in your head.

But it ain't no apparition,
Won't pull things down into the rug
You wish that you could wake up
But both pinch and the pin, they draw blod

(And) something moved, it's out there
Someone knows you're there

Your eyes are dead and broken
Fixed in a stare without a blink
You see but don't believe it
Like a whino swearing off a drink

You live in fear for daybreak
Some warmth and comfort from the sun
All sense of time escapes you
'Cause when you look up at the clock, it's only one!

(And) something moved, it's out there
Someone knows you're there

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Ace Frehley Something Moved Comments
  1. Rene Hernandez


  2. Vend Master

    Totally forgot about this album, high school days..... awesome song

  3. Out of touch

    verse riff section kicks so much ass!!

  4. Christian Wallin

    Kick-ass opening riff, kick-ass vocals and kick-ass song. Probably the best from this album.

  5. Tim Jones

    Excellent spooky hard rock song!

  6. berna73

    That Riff!!

  7. Taylor T. Carlson

    Happy Birthday to Tod Howarth, the amazing vocalist who makes himself known from start to finish on this killer cut!

  8. James Ross

    Kicks ass

  9. Warren McCombe

    saw this tour in Vancouver & it was excellent, great show!

  10. Dan Grigg

    the live version from Live +1 is awesome

  11. David Pierce

    This album is bad azz!!

  12. Cary Stanford

    kick ass tune.

  13. jacobson084

    It's one of those song where you instantly turn up the volume because it rocks!

  14. John


  15. Bruce H

    Absolutely love this song. Was in my head all day today, and haven't heard it for years....

    Marcelo Lion

    Absolutely how im feel too

  16. ninnjar

    bring back  80s

  17. Eric Besco

    Ace rocks on this song, if he would have recorded it with KISS, Paul would have sung it

    Granville Friel

    Eric Besco It's a Tod song so Kiss wouldn't record it

  18. Xavier Osborne

    Loved this one growing up in the 80's as well as "Breakout". Good tunes!! And of course "Dolls".

  19. Mister Bracey

    Best song from this album!

  20. DRpretorius39

    I must say that this album had a ton of catchy tunes...played it a gazillion times when it came out....we would be at a red light at 8 in the morning and blast this song and people on the street would freak when the beggining of this song started with the loud scream.