Ace Frehley - Shot Full Of Rock Lyrics

Wake up Jack get ready
Here we come to rock this town
Hold on tight and steady
Over, under, sideways, down

You must feel the power
Fix your eyes upon the stage
Watch us now devour
Everything that gets in our way

Your fascination with my creation
Adds stimulation rock till you drop
Hard rock nation, lost generation
End the frustration! Get shot full of rock

Get shot full of rock
Get shot full of rock

Taste the hard rock candy
Guaranteed to melt in your mouth
Jump back now Jim Dandy
East, west, north and south

Catch the rush all over
Take a chance if you dare
Ain't got time for posers
Look out Dick! You better beware

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Ace Frehley Shot Full Of Rock Comments
  1. Enrique Landeros

    Probably the most underrated song of all time...

  2. Derek Booth

    Love the Acester!!

  3. Derek Booth

    One of aces finest!! ACE rules

  4. Tim Jones

    Nimble fingers here from Ace.  Anyone who thinks he can't really play should see how they go learning the solo in this song!

  5. Michael Rivers

    Holy crap! This is awesome!

  6. 96 lscpower

    This is how ill always remember Ace, Badd ass

  7. Kiss711


  8. Danny Hood

      I never liked New York bands ,  Ha!   the ramones  velvet undercrust dust  You guys like the warriors baseball furies cool huh?     NO!   You guys probably like twisted system  nothing business  just personal  I liked frehley better when he played cards lost his les paul bass ball hitter Kiss quitter 'the elder'[

  9. Kelly Nodwell

    I love this song and the entire album. Wish it would have been more successful for Ace and the rest of the band. LOVE Richie Scarlet with Ace!

    Mr. Moon

    I like very much too. When I bought it in 95 I didn't know Ace' solo records and asked the vendor what's the best between this and Frehley's Comet. He gave me Trouble Walking and he was right in my opinion. I'm from Brazil where Ace's solo work wasn't aired those days. Thanks YouTube now I know his entire catalog.

  10. Tim Young

    Best song off that album, bar none! Total epic ass kicker!

    Mr. Moon

    This should be the single rather than "Do Ya".


    The Clarences love and support Ace!

  12. hitman

    One thing Gene and Paul have never figured out, is that Ace's star burns just as bright as theirs and real Kiss fans do know the difference,no more money from me Geno until Ace is back!

  13. Hum0ng0us

    Haven't heard this record in years!! Thanks for the upload!

  14. Johni Earls

    Im really jealous lol i would have love to least been the guy that went to the store for the cold gin lol

  15. Glitter

    ACE and RITCHIE worked so well together excellent musicianship!

    Matt Stephens

    Lets burn one

  16. tzzlite

    @Hovenaut Agreed! Ace rules! Kiss sucks!

  17. enkikesaurus

    KISS will always be great and Peter, Paul and Gene are amazing... but, guys, Ace is the most creative of them all. And this song just takes my sadness away!! It makes me I wanna Rock!!

  18. Hovenaut

    Ace Frehley/Frehley's Comet 1,

    80's KISS 0

    Mr. Moon

    agree, I'd prefer Ace 2x1 Kiss 80's.

  19. bren Polanno


  20. bloodfarts991

    ace kicks kisses ass!they`re nothing without glad he left because gene and paul DO NOT deserve to be in a band with ace or peter

  21. TIME42

    Ace is guitar god!
    Trouble Walkin' is my favorite album.
    This tune is exciting and awesome!

  22. Jason W. Ferreira

    awesome guitar intro...

  23. Jackie Kixx

    great job dude!! :) I really enjoy this!! :) rock on!!!!