Ace Frehley - Shock Me Lyrics

Your lightnin's all I need
My satisfaction grows
You make me feel at ease
You even make me glow
Don't cut the power on me
I'm feelin' low, so get me high

Shock me, make me feel better
Shock me, put on your black leather
Shock me, we can come together

And baby, if you do what you've been told
My insulation's gone, girl you make me overload

Don't pull the plug on me, no, no
Keep it in and keep me high

Shock me, make me feel better
Shock me, put on your black leather
Shock me, we can come together
Come on

Shock me, baby, shock me, oh yeah
Shock me, baby, shock me, oh yeah

Shock me, make me feel better, oh yeah
Come on and shock me, put on your black leather
Baby, I'm down to the bare wire
Shock me, we can come together
Oh yeah, I wanna feel your power
Shock me, make me feel better
Baby, I'm down to the bare wire
Shock me, put on your black leather
Baby, come on, come on, shock me

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Ace Frehley Shock Me Comments
  1. Roger Champlin

    The Best years then !!!....Ace Frehley was Awesome!!....Take me back to 77 please!...

  2. Bradley Leacock

    I was at this show my father brought me and got me and my bro back stage I was 4 yrs old coolest thing I ever experienced as a young one

  3. HOLDEN 1K

    “Actually I’m a plumber”

  4. Dan Feeney

    At 3:38 this fucking shows up.

  5. garcemac

    Holy punk. And Ace just takes it all in stride. BECAUSE HE IS ACE. Its hard to give a shit when you are already a God.


    It takes a big man to make a Les Paul look small.

  6. Joeno123

    When I was 10 years old I loved Kiss, especially Ace and Peter. Now I know why, they were the only two cool guys in the band.

  7. maxx C

    ACE totally cuts loose here classic ACE sound and more WOW !!!

  8. R. Brown

    Wow. How times, techniques, skill, adeptness, capability, prowess, virtuosity, and the bar changes over the years.

  9. Major

    you bet that i’m sitting here on halloween with Aces paint on and watching Ace.

  10. Antone Sardo

    Bro this was when Kiss was at their best, they always had something to offer, and it was when they kicked ass live, man I miss those days when Peter could still play, and when ace was still in the band.

  11. Stale Cracker

    I'm 9 again?

  12. Big Bass Drum Screen Printing

    Who here used to tennis racquet air guitar to kiss as a kid?

  13. ActuallyNO67 F

    When your grandpa says yeah I used to be in a band in the 70s

  14. Fuhrer.Bunker

    THIS was the REAL KISS.............every other incarnation was AWESOME but a CHEAPER BRAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. TheLuisberg Top Commentor

    The beginning was powerful

  16. Danger Will Robinson

    The best ever. I love you Ace!

  17. Johnpaul Kane

    I like Paul but Peter ace gene were the nucleas

  18. SuryaDas AMAZING!!!!

  19. Bridget McGhee

    Love this song

  20. Willie Holmes

    This is one of the few songs that I like the live version more than the studio one.

  21. D b K

    Dimebag was at this concert

  22. Gary Vanreek

    Ace kiks ass man...

  23. Miguel Angel Sánchez

    Paul Stanley was over intoxicated.

  24. Jay Dee

    Gee he is good 👍

  25. Jay Dee

    Guitar hero .... legend ..... the best 👍and electrocuted 🤓

  26. George Withrow

    Now you know why ACE was lead guitar

  27. Ryan Fortune

    Got the privilege of seeing Ace live a few weeks ago at Indiana state fair. He still rocks

  28. Dawn

    FLIPPING BEST Solo EVER of this song by Ace, in my opinion! XO

  29. Dylan Morse

    The ultimate Rock & Roll Guitar Hero...

  30. Roxanne Moser

    Paul was so jealous of Peter. Look at Peter on the drums. Does any of what Paul said about him make sense? Not a bit.

  31. Anne Neill

    This fucking kicks ass!! I am rediscovering Ace after a few years and I can’t believe I ever let him slip down the pecking order after spending my teens obsessed. This is why I got into him - sheer, badass metal with an ethereal charisma. And yes I think he was hot in other ways 😎

  32. David Star

    I loved this solo on alive ll
    It's a 🤔bit sloppy here he's obviously p.w.i.
    He can play it better today because he's sober👍

  33. Jo Rds

    Speed *10 yes i comment in 2019 and I am 25

  34. Gato Félix

    Excelente grupo, es en realidad mi favorito...

  35. Michael F

    Yes indeed!

  36. lobster whisperer

    i love Paul's urban accent.

  37. Olexa Simmons

    ACE is one who did the KISS!

  38. Lanny Benny

    SHOCKED in Lakeland, Florida!

  39. Lanny Benny

    I love Peter's drum intro

  40. Brandon Lee

    Eddie.Van Halen copied Ace Frehley!!!!! Jeez!!!!!!!

  41. Brandon Lee

    Coolest Kiss member!!!!! Holy Shit!

  42. A WB

    The freaking best!!!

  43. Robert 030

    i totaly forgot how good they where !

  44. Myles Montgomery

    Back to the Future Reference😂😂

  45. Glen Smith

    How fu#$ing cool was that? Ace Frehley was hot as fire in the day. Might not have been the most technical player, Ace had good tone, phrasing, sound and put together many cool melodic riffs and solos in his time. And top showmanship! I can see why so many people wanted to learn how to play guitar after watching Ace Frehley kick the guitar's ass on stage.

  46. Jaykob

    god a 5 minute solo the best i've ever seen and heard! great talents.

  47. Matthew Ferlaino

    Ace Frehley, shock me!!!

  48. Chet Martin

    Ace Frehley is a legend

  49. Jack Perry

    Ace sounds so raw I love it

  50. Ronald Lafrieniere

    ace is kiss

  51. Glitter



    Ace could tear that shit up, i dont know why people say hes bad, this is good fucking music man.

  53. john kennedy

    were gonna here some singing from somebody you don't hear some singing from question is WHY ??? we should hear a lot more from ace ...pauls vocals suck !!!!!

  54. metalheadnurse23

    I got KISS Alive for my 7th bday in '78

  55. Cody Baker

    God damn thats some of the wprst drumming ive ever heard

  56. Dennis the menace

    ACE F**king FREHLEY for president!!!!!!!!

  57. theIncredibleMRQUICK

    For the people that hate on Ace. Think about it, he was high and drunk, not bad at all.

  58. Willie McShooglebert

    How good was Ace back then and what about Peter Criss, Paul Stanley says he can't drum what?????

  59. Bruce Gordon

    Peter Criss and Ace Frehley were considered outcasts by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, but they needed each other back then, and they were all very talented in their own right.

  60. Scott Fox

    Paul looks like he's high.

  61. imandan1966

    I was a kid once and loved all things Kiss, now I listen and go yikes.....really bad playing.

  62. Christian e.g.

    nowhere as good as the Alive 2 version

  63. Christopher Chuauhang

    I’ll have whatever Ace is having here.


    Pauls makeup is melting.

  65. 07ginger07

    Omg- never heard Ace play like that!! Incredible! I love you Ace!

  66. Espdv8r User

    Ouch, that was awful this guy must be tone deaf


    He is truly terrible

  67. Name Name

    . it is ok kinda hard for me to do it

  68. Canadian Ninja eh!

    Wow , that’s bubblegum crap , he can’t sing

  69. Derek Booth

    I was 10 years old here. I m 51 now and this is so fucking amazing to watch ACE!!! He is the best to me!!

  70. Tony S

    The space man is still makin its way into outer space

  71. silernor

    Thank you ❗
    I saw them in H-TOWN but in '79. They were never the same after '77 though.
    Ace Frehley was voted "The Most Influential Rock Guitarist Of The Twentieth Century" by a VH1 panel of 100 rock critics and musicians.
    The panel was a prominent group (surprisingly) 🤙

  72. anikka olivia williams

    I had the make up and was ace on Halloween in 1976I was 7.for Halloween. Gonna do it on my wedding anniversary 10/31/2019ohhh yeah 50yrs old this yr

  73. Paul Quick

    And really Gene and Paul the home called your place will b ready on Monday

    Paul Quick

    I like Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday

  74. Paul Quick

    Not old just Know my Rock n Roll

  75. Paul Quick

    And currently raccoons possum and skunky does too w a little old mac an cheese

  76. Paul Quick

    Vinyl outside people actually 💘 love it🎶🎵🎼😎🏁👍

  77. jamesha175

    i'm down to the bare wire!
    and one year later eddie van halen released his epic eponymous guitar solo "Eruption"


    and those 2 things have absolutely nothing in common


    @imandan1966 sure they do; they are both excellent examples of great rock guitar solos.


    chuckle, whatever you say

  78. stevie nicks

    Shock me yeah!!!!

  79. True Story

    I like KISS in a nostalgic way, I read Paul's book and found his stories hilarious. He basically admits that his band was successful, but shitty at the same time. I'm glad I was just a little kid at the time or I would have had to see how bad these guys sucked. They had a handful of gems, but it's mostly shit mess songs like this unfortunately.

  80. redmilk1976

    I love that they are together but... Oh, man. What a completely forgettable guitar solo. Wasted opportunity to reclaim the throne. Ace couldn't even remember it enough to mime it for the video! Ack!

  81. DJ JDB

    The "original" and only KISS!

  82. G-Raw

    Now u know why they hardly ever let Ace sing.

  83. bigbow62

    70's KISS Fan Forever 😎🎸

  84. Espdv8r User

    They really let him play that long by himself must of been a bad joke by the rest of the band but yeah this sucked hobo taint

  85. Espdv8r User

    This guy sings like a 12 year old autistic still birth and I'm sorry his guitar playing sounds awful it sounds like me after I drank too much and start sloppily playing solos that I usually can shred I guess guitar just sucked butt back then

  86. snaggletooth 70

    Ace u suck large dude

  87. Ed Smith

    Halfass players in clown suits. This is Spinal Tap!

  88. Rig O'Mortis

    This is probably my favorite performance of this song and Ace is absolutely on fire, yet I don't understand how he was even able to stand (let alone shred that Les Paul) because clearly he was wasted lol...I wonder just how fucked up he was there and what exactly he was on? But for as mixed up as Ace was Gene was just trying to keep up (sorry Gene but you suck).

  89. Richard Kaylor

    Anyone who says Ace wasn't the best part of Kiss in every way is immediately dismissed.

  90. Innocent bystander # 5

    "The warriors did it, the warriors killed Cirus"

  91. My Butt

    I'd love to sit around with Ace...drink a beer...listen to stories and just listen to him play a guitar...acoustic electric ...doesn't matter

  92. My Butt

    Ace Frehley...always always always rocked!

  93. Tompre2222

    This is the only person who can't sing a note propely and sounds that good.

  94. Ron Just Ron

    Anyone else notice the finger tapping Ace was doing? Yeah... Pre Eddie Van Halen!! Sure EVH does it a lot more, but this is proof he wasn't the only one doing it!

  95. Canadian Ninja eh!

    Wow, RUSH is so much more technically advanced than these guys .

  96. Bizzy B Entertainment

    Forgot the greatness

  97. hubbabubbler

    How many Les Pauls has he killed? I watched him burn one when Judas Priest opened.