Ace Frehley - Separate Lyrics

Stop lookin' down and look up and proud of it
Don't be a fool and keep takin' all that shit
It's time you saw that it's wrong to be pushed aside
Stand up and fight and you soon will realize

You gotta separate the men from the boys
If you hesitate, you might lose a lot of joys
So grab a hold of your girl, and give her everything you can
If you can penetrate, she'll make you feel like a man

Always remember your strength comes from deep inside
The world's a joke, so beware, you could lose your mind!
So don't be fooled by the lies lots of people say
Trust in yourself and you surely will find a way

Now Listen!

You gotta separate the good from the bad
If you hesitate. you might end up feelin' sad
So grab a hold of your girl, squeexe her tight and don't let go
I you can penetrate, by then you'll surely know

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