Ace Frehley - Rock Soldiers Lyrics

It was back in the summer of '83
There's a reason I remember it well
I was slipping and sliding, drinkin' and drivin'
Bringin' me closer to Hell

And the Devil sat in the passenger's side
Of Delorean's automobile
He said: Hey Frehley, Frehley let's not be silly
There's a life out there to steal

Rock soldiers come
And rock soldiers go
And some hear the drum
And some never know
Rock soldiers! How do we know?
Ace is back and he told you so.

With a trooper in the mirror
and Satan on my right
We went the wrong way down a one way road
Hitting everything in sight

I cried "I am invincible"
Said I was high above the law
But my only high was just a lie
And now I'm glad I saw

Rock soldiers come
And rock soldiers go
And some hear the drum
And some never know
Rock soldiers! How do we know?
Ace is back and he told you so

Calling rock soldiers
You! Rock soldiers
Calling rock soldiers
Hard rock soldiers

Friends say they'll stay with you
Right through that danger zone
But the closer you get to that fiery hole
You'll have to make it alone

When I think of how my life was spared
From that near fatal wreck
If the Devil wants to play his card game now
He's gonna have or play without an Ace in his deck!!

Rock soldiers come
And rock soldiers go
And some hear the drum
And some never know
Rock soldiers! How do we know?
Ace is back and he told you so

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Ace Frehley Rock Soldiers Comments
  1. marco baiocchi

    Ace Frehley's Comet...
    The Danger Zone....

  2. Regina Foster

    I was in the 101st air assault when this song came out....Ace is the best!

  3. drippinglass

    I thought he played a different pointy guitar in this vid.

  4. Antonio S

    Love Ace

  5. Scott Blair

    Ace has always been my fav Guitarist

  6. Pub Crawl Channel

    up her Ace

  7. Kurt P

    Dumb song and even dumber video. I always hated it because Ace is so much better than this. Leave this kind of garbage for Loverboy, Britny Fox and Poison fans.

  8. Ace of Spades

    It's sad that KISS let go of their best member, but at least Ace can kick ass with or without those 2.

  9. Albert Mojica,Jr.

    Ace at his very best. Miss both he and the Metal Show. *Trunk & Company AMJ

  10. Robert Workman

    It's odd to see Ace using a whammy bar.

  11. Darkness

    Pas de Kiss sans Ace and Peter .

  12. Todd Coates

    Saw kiss in 1977 in atl .8 years old..ace is still my hero..

  13. Bryant Whittaker

    Saw Ace in Stuart Fl on Oct 26 2019. Great show!!

  14. verynoyce1

    great clip and lots of soldiers :)

  15. Dmary Carrion

    Ace eres el mejor

  16. jeff mitchell

    No offense to kiss, but this one song is better than anything kiss has written since the 70s.

  17. France Libre

    KISS would die 4 this song

  18. thirdgengta

    Bitchin'! What Rock 'n Roll should be.

  19. Philip Holmes

    I love this album and i'm proud to say i bought it when it came out ..cause i missed Ace so much after he left Kiss ...who i was not really into anymore..just waiting 5 years ...and BOOOOM ! This album hits the stores ...and it kicked ass !!!

  20. Shpadoinkle

    Doesn't get much more badass than this! Space Ace rules fuckers!!!!

  21. Pat McClain

    Can the Rock Soldiers join the KISS Army??

  22. notareal name

    ACE got ugly over the years..... for sure. good song though.

  23. Sigfrido Fajardo

    ..Cult classic tune always..

  24. Robert Collins

    Tommy Thayer can just dream on

  25. JK 64

    I lost my shit when this came out in 87 !!! Back then you didn't know when artists were releasing new stuff.....and being a huge KISS /Ace fan when I saw this on the shelf in my local drugstore I freaked !!! SOLID solo debut outside of KISS from the Space Man 👍

  26. na fu

    real lyrics !!

  27. TheRbruin10

    Wow this song straight out from his experience of speeding on his Delorean away from cops, and at a point of his life where he was on the edge with alcohol, drugs, the crazy life where he could have lost his life, but he survived and got his act together to tell about it with this badass song!

  28. Eric Bock

    Best solo out of KISS for Ace. He was never fired from KISS. He was just that good.

  29. dave piercy

    great tune

  30. Kevin Brown

    RIP to all of our Rock Soldiers legends we have lost throughout the years! \m/

  31. Rickey Engle

    Calling,,Rock Soldiers

  32. Michael Davey

    We love you ACE ❤👍😎👍🇺🇸

  33. Chris Marrow

    Ace is the best one of kiss no fucking doute !!!!!

  34. Cid Capricornio

    It was back in the summer of '83 There's a reason I remember it well I was slipping and sliding, drinkin' and drivin'
    Bringin' me closer to Hell And the Devil sat in the passenger's side Of Delorean's automobile He said: let's not be silly
    There's a life out there to steal

    Brian Walters

    Real life

  35. Ricardo Cespedes

    bastante bueno el album que saco ace frehley y sus cometas con soldados del rock

  36. Marcelo fabian Mestrocristino

    Genii total el viejo ACE !!!!!

  37. Scott Blair

    All Kiss members are bad ass.Gene and Peter are my fav thou

  38. Valerie Barker

    Ace was the BEST out of all of them!!!!!

  39. Michael Davey

    I love you ace⚡⚡⚡⚡❤ fuck kiss

  40. Sin Sanity

    Stop pointing at me, Ace! It's fuckin rude. 😆

  41. kevin sifuentes andrade

    El buen guitarrista de Kiss , ahora solista ... Grande ". Kevin Idol Sifuentes..

  42. angel whispers

    Rock soldiers ....
    How do we know ....
    AND I TOLD YOU SO !!!!
    Rock onnnnnn ........

  43. Michael H Fogg

    Tod Howarth, John Regan, Ritchie Scarlett and Steve "Budgie" Werner all Frehly's Comet members have formed "Return of the Comet" playing the old Frehleys Comet songs. Touring in 2019 including the Kiss Cruze pre party in October.

  44. Jfaiola

    First time I'm heating Ace's solo stuff...
    Now I know why he was the top selling solo of the original 4

  45. Riff Magos

    I was 4, and wanted to be just like the Spaceman. Thank you, Ace, for making me want to pick up a guitar.

  46. Karen Ovalasiti


  47. Music Universe

    Awesome song! Ace is the greatest! His guitar work on my favorite Kiss song “Black Diamond” is awesome and he’s a great singer!

  48. Beat Lehmann

    Ace is back and told you so...…..!!!
    Yes this was necessary !
    The Best Late 80`s Music Act !

  49. JASON P. Roberts

    Dumb somg... lame guitar player...bad he

  50. Nick Hill

    Rock Soldiers
    Kiss Army
    That's interesting.

  51. Blake Melkey

    I love ace but damn it doesn't get much more 80's corny than that

  52. Rene Brown


  53. SUB ZERO

    This is the rock version of the devil went down to Georgia.

  54. Ben Adam775

    It was back in the summer of '87 there's a reason I remember it well, BECAUSE THIS SONG ROCKED!!!

  55. 7even 5th

    Bro .... omg I was in elementary school and literally saved up $ until I had enough to cop this joint ,the complete 12' record .I just had to get it , wasn't no questions about it .I had a relationship with kiss at a very early age .but the story about ace and with out the space make up ,well that's my history .

  56. Dillon Crowe

    You know they're both amazing songs, but I prefer how all of the extras in the Frehley's Comet "Rock Soldiers" video have real guitars, compared the AC/DC's "Who Made Who" video where all of the extras are clearly holding cardboard cutout guitars.

  57. Brian Peters

    Sounds a lot of kiss songs

  58. GUITAR LESSONS - BobbyCrispy

    Went to Humber College in Toronto to study guitar around 1987 and one of my guitar classmates said that he was one of the guitarists in this video. Can't tell which one is him because of the dim lighting and blurred motion of the video.

  59. reno145

    The only person who can get away with a Floyd Rose on a Les Paul.

  60. anikka olivia williams

    What a babe

  61. Dagz

    This is a Masterpiece.

  62. Yon Cheramie

    The only talent kiss ever had

  63. Michael Mace

    Gene & Paul are probably so jealous of Ace's natural ability to rock.

    Christian Leonardo

    @Craig Willis ohh I see the jealousy yes

    Craig Willis

    @Christian Leonardo I believe gene wanted Ace back in for this last tour, 2 reason, $ and Ace cleaned up his act. paul, no way. didn't want to take the chance agin, ( i can understand ) & paul doesn't like the attention on someone else. i seen that yrs ago.

    Bradley Leacock

    Kiss ain't shit without ace

    Bradley Leacock

    No doubt ace was kiss

    Michael Hicks

    @Bradley Leacock Maybe he was but he haven't been able to write a hit song in years. His talent is long gone. He may be able to play awesome guitar,but if he can't write or sing,nobody will come to his show or buy his record.
    Both Ace And Peter are has-beens.
    While I'm mo particular fan of kiss anymore I can't deny that both Paul and Gene are good songs wirters

  64. william dechant

    2018 baby!

  65. Tom Trinchera

    Saw Ace play in NJ about 2 yrs ago -- GREAT show! If you get a chance to see his live act, DON'T pass it up! Did a shitload of old Kiss.

  66. randall scott burress


  67. Chris Winkleblack


  68. Chris Winkleblack


  69. Chris Winkleblack


  70. Mike Craig

    I saw this on metal mayhem and I
    Said damn that riff

  71. rocky sparky


  72. Sparkles The Cat

    Why does this song remind me of that Charlie Daniels Band song?

  73. amy hurst

    He told You so

  74. Emily

    I'm 15 and I absolutely adore this song every time I hear this it takes me away from reality and gives me a sense of happiness I wish all music in 2018 could be this good. I LOVE YOU ACE you are the most amazing human being ever and I love you much your songs are the best

  75. Plug

    aces best as solo

  76. D R


  77. randall scott burress

    just so i love the shi out of this

  78. arrow waterable

    I wanted to be one of those guitar boys when I was 17 in 1987.

  79. crunchypickles99

    I saw u in Memphis in 82 u fucking rocked. I missed the towel .

  80. double jake.

    If you see old interviews with Ace what a great guy and personality, he is hilarious. Worst thing to do to him was trying to put a leash on him. Hope he is still sober, true rock star and never given enough credit. How he put up with Gene and Paul all those years, can’t blame him for being on drugs. Ace made that band. Ace a true rock star.

  81. neo the one

    it has been years since i heard this...and yet i remembered all the lyrics...go me

  82. Jeff M

    The coolest guitarist in the Rock World....... There is only 1 Ace and no other can laugh as he!

  83. Doug Shannon

    Ace is so high in this video. Addict's of the 80's made some of the best metal...

  84. hr fritz

    true lyrics !!

  85. Richard Hodges

    calling rock soldiers love it

  86. Mafr0

    what the hell is that piece of shit tremolo doing on that Les Paul???

  87. Steven Penny

    Great song...

  88. God Of Thunder 777

    Yes Ace Frehley !

  89. LaihoValo9

    That hair just ruins everything, for everybody at that time


    I always play with an Ace in my deck.

  91. Frederick Heard

    ZllOh yeah

  92. blank pallet2

    ouch ,I plead the fifth

  93. Jorge Paul

    Singing sucks as hell

  94. Monk Abrahms

    Kinda gay

  95. Donald Chase

    ace is kiss,

  96. Alex Saucedo

    Old school classic. Back in the day. Oldie but goodie. Horns up ACE. 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  97. Brian Cabral

    When you can't sing you talk

  98. thomas Day

    the guitar solos are better than the song itself