Ace Frehley - Outer Space Lyrics

You said you wanted my love
To be a part of your game
But when I came from above
I looked around, but you turned away

But now you're scratching and crawling
Your way up from the grave
You should have stayed in the dirt, girl
It's like I told you

It's like I told you, I came from outer space
That's how I know your name
It's like I told you, I came from outer space
I want to take you away

You took a drink of my sweet love
And then the poison took
You hooked me up to your sick machine
And then I blew you up

You were a one in a billion
Before the button was pushed
You should have stayed in the dirt, girl
It's like I told you

It's like I told you, I came from outer space
That's how I know your name
I'm sick and tired of the human race
I want to take you away

It's like I told you, I came from outer space
That's how I know your name
I'm sick and tired of the human race
I want you by my side

I want to take you to heaven
Take you away from this hell
I want to take you to heaven
Take you away from this hell

It's like I told you, I came from outer space
That's how I know your name
I'm sick and tired of the human race
I want to take you away

It's like I told you, I came from outer space
That's how I know your name
I've given up on the human race
I'm gonna blow 'em away

So let me take you to heaven
Take you away from this hell
I want to take you to heaven
Take you away from this hell

I want to take you to heaven
Take you away from this hell
The earth is rollin' a seven
This place is going to be fried

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Ace Frehley Outer Space Comments
  1. Jonathon Battiest

    This could've fit on his 78 album as well,raw and heavy.

  2. Darren Plateroti

    Ace is still the only Space Man

  3. reaper man

    Its like I told ya...................ACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Red Bee

    I'm here because of TTR3 on phone. Used to score on this song a lot

  5. Derek Booth

    I named my black and white cat after ACE. He has black marking around his eyes. As soon as I adopted him, I the name for him

  6. Rey Flores

    Fuck yeah!!! #AceFrehley ROCKS!!!
    Fuck #FakeKISS, #Fakefrehleytommythayer!!

  7. Mitch Tru

    I love this!

  8. J R

    It's like I tol ja

  9. Michael Ingram


  10. amy hurst

    I not noticed anymore

  11. Siggy Pop

    ACE's still coool with 3 os! ;)

  12. Mark Street

    Once your in the KISS ARMY your in for life..............Ace is always a KISS member as far i am concerned, You rock the shit out of metal. ACE you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. walter schafer

    You Rock Ace ... This song is Killer - Love it !

  14. 70s kid

    I wanted to be Ace when I was a youngster

  15. Abbadon Angel

    Space Nazis yeahhhhh lol just kidding Ace Frehley kicks ass

  16. Gōst

    Ace can sing Paul under the table any fucking day!! Fernleys Comet > KISS < Ace Frehley

  17. Tabby Angoracat

    It's like I tol ja. Doesn't get better than Ace

  18. Rainy Day

    Yeah, this one ROCKS Love it that he's confirming where he came from! :D

  19. am2boni


  20. Kate Foxy Price

    Foxy On The Run somehow found its way into the Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 trailer 2.

  21. quad1000

    badass Ace. Other guys in KISS don't have this in them...he was the best musician in that band (and I dig the original KISS)

  22. Kate Foxy Price

    Anyone think that this is the most heavy metal song that Ace has ever done?

    Paul Ilett

    Kate Foxy Price YES


    Kate Foxy Price yes because my friend Dave Askew wrote this song.

    Mister Justice

    cub67 No he didn’t.

  23. Claw Hammer

    This is a badass song. It might find its way into a Clawhammer show

  24. Catherine Dobitas

    This is Anthony Carosella owner of finyl vinyl records. Ace always kicks ass!!914-667-6924

  25. I Dream Of MeeMees

    Judging by the guitar work on this song I get the feeling Ace might've been listening to Metallica 🤘🏻

  26. MrJpkaiser

    Genial Ace!

  27. tigertank88m

    Going to a meet and greet and Aces concert tomorrow...whooooo!!!


    +tigertank88m His new cd comes out tomorrow as well

  28. Walter Luker

    Wish it was available on iTunes

  29. Robert Turner


  30. George Pittman

    Anton's drumming makes Ace's music sound so much better. Anomaly is better than Space Invader IMHO.


    There is not.

  31. lynchie137

    Ace is sounding real good these days.

  32. stan broniszewski

    I'll listen to Ace anytime over what is known as KISS these days.

    vladimyr morris

    Yea same

    Anders Lindberg

    +stan broniszewski Me too for sure.

  33. Robert Koncyk

    A AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Lee's Boots and Such

    Love Ace, but everything on Anomaly sounds like it was recorded with a Talkboy. Like they recorded the album, then played it back through a speaker and Ace opened up the voice memo app on his iPhone (Ace loves technology) and recorded it again. That's what this album sounds like sonically.


    Lee's Boots and Such it's better off of the actual cd. I I know what you mean

  35. Cody Green's Mom's Broken Vibrator

    Lovin' Ace so much...for 39 years I've been an Ace Frehley fan!

  36. Beto Hunter

    The real spaceman!

    vladimyr morris

    Ace and David Bowie are the only spacemen!!!!!! Lol

  37. Michael Allard

    fuckin great song Ace,you are bad ass.

  38. dougeroonie

    Killer song from ACE!!!  Rock on Ace, killer

  39. castoff231

    The new KISS could even attempt to beat this

  40. otto maddux

    Look at Peter in ’96. Then in 2000. Then in 2004. Drums are physical, and eight years later he couldn’t keep up with his own playing. Age is a factor as MOTHER NATURE IS A BITCH to all of us. As for his attitude, other bands, mags, etc. say he’s impossible. Search - KISS Beyond the Makeup VH1 here on YT. Read the first KISSTORY book. He had his own lawyers. Ace hasn’t complained about his lawyers and his adult actions. Maybe everybody else in KISS & other bands are difficult and Peter isn't.

  41. Mitch Adderton

    You have to be kidding me. Peter got fucked over! Peter doesn't have a bad attitude, he got screwed out of a lot of money in those tours through the 90's and ended up getting screwed out of the rights to the catman character because he trusted his lawyers and managers. Peter is the best member of KISS. You need to read his new book. Eric Singer couldn't hold a candle to Peter Criss. I'm not saying he is a bad drummer I'm just saying that Peter is better and there is no other catman than Peter.

  42. Giovanni Zumbado


  43. michael overstreet

    ace frehley is the man!!!!! period!

  44. Sonia Anubis

    Ace lives in other space he's music sounds so SPACE ACEEE I love you Ace you are my favourite guitarist, and I am 14 ;P

  45. Giovanni Zumbado

    This song from Space-Ace is herd and heavy... I LIKE IT! >:D
    Ace Frehley one of my all time favorite guitarist in the world!

  46. Sade DeMarquis

    T'es entrain de dire que c'est juste les blancs qui sont racistes ?? Dans le fond ''Anti-racistes'' c'est du racisme envers les blancs, qui en fait, seraient les seuls racistes ? Est ce que t'es imbécile ? Y te manque une case ?

  47. molly Ring

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti--white. Anti--racism Is a codeword for anti-white.

  48. GrayWoIf

    He's the Ace from Outside Space

  49. Mats Hovden

    Yeah, i know that now. I was new on youtube at the time :P

  50. TomCgo

    I like to forget he was in Kiss,he kicks their asses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. jaanuska95

    What an Amazing SONG! Ace the Spaceman knows how to Rock!

  52. FlopsyGuitarBunny

    I thought the last line was ' This place is gonna be fried'!

  53. Frank Garrison

    I named my dog after this guy.

  54. powerlinegf

    I can't argue with Ace on this. It's the only place he could have come from.


    ACE is GOD

  56. dougeroonie

    KILLER SONG!!! Thank you Ace! Hell, even the cover is cool ;) I did get to see Ace play back when he was w/his Comets at a bar in State College, Pa. '92 maybe? 20 ft away, killer

  57. varvara086

    Unbelievable old Ace....never ceases to amaze. Pure energy this song

  58. Jae Beez

    when i heard this the earth moved off it axis just alilttle bit

  59. zauriel1

    Way to go, ACE! A very good rocking cd!!!

  60. otto maddux

    @iballou That's why I said it was a rumor. VH1 and some rock mags, said it was a possibility. It's just going to a KISS show with them in make-up they don't age and neither have I. Tommy looks so much like Ace and Eric like Peter in make-up & costume. If somebody hadn't been watching them since (giving my age away) since 1974, they wouldn't know. Like always holding out for an underdog in a game. I'd love to see Ace tour with them once more. Make me a kid! Sober Ace rocks out guys 1/2 his age.

  61. XDmelissaleeXD

    i love ace i wish him and peter would go back to kiss

  62. cputnam5


  63. Billy Mak

    HaHaHaHaHa !! Outer space ! Ha

  64. VonOddly

    six people suck and have no taste

  65. Billy Mak

    Cooooooooooool!!!!!!!!! This is my best song.Ace Frehley my BEST singer !!!!!!!

  66. Reece Fratelli

    @KappiFa, he did it on the wicked lester poster didnt he, he had to redo the logo over the poster and came up with that didnt he???

  67. Reece Fratelli

    @ottomaddux him comming back is a small possibility, he left last time because he wanted to be solo, and since his solo career is doing so well its doubtful he will live to rejoin kiss, would be good tho if he did

  68. DarknessManiac

    looks like theres 6 beiber fans watching this video..

  69. DarknessManiac

    @izdude2 Ace came up with it in like 5 minutes while he was drawing the KISS logo over the Wicked Lester logo on advertisements

  70. otto maddux

    @MrJustinLittle12 Rumors by rock mags and stuff, say Ace joining them again is a possibility, but not Peter. Thayer was his body double on the farewell tour, and switched in the middle of shows when Ace was too drunk to play. Nobody noticed the change. His battle with booze is well known, but now that he hasn’t had a drink in 6+ years, him getting back for another tour is a possibility. As for Peter, NO WAY. Bad attitude. Even Ace was sick of dealing with it. Eric is a much better drummer.

  71. tokorev747777

    @izdude2 it was ace. im prety sure. some people said he was a nazi because it looks like the SS from the german army. but gene is jewsish so i dont think so. also its supose to be lighting like S

  72. BeaudinShayne

    Ace rocks he allways was my favorite member of kiss and the most talented.

  73. TwiggyPumpkinhead

    @izdude2 no it was ace, he drew/made (what ever) the cover. ;)

  74. izdude2

    I thought peter criss came up with the lightnining bolt ss's

  75. NozomuTheWolf

    fuckin amence tune nd a half this like Ace Frehley fuckin bbe nd a half anal OOOOOFFFFTT things a would do to him;) ;P(L)<3 best guitarist in the eva(Y) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  76. DeadAhead6595

    @MrJustinLittle12 well look at it like this way as long as they are all alive theres a chance lol

  77. Jesse Critchley

    love the chorus riff! very cool heavy Ace riffage!

  78. Harry A

    I like the Kiss album Sonic Boom, 'Russian Roulette' is my favourite track. But I think Ace's 'Outer Space' is better than Kiss' 'Modern Day Dellilah'.

  79. 36hcupsizeandgrowing

    i want this on vinyl!

  80. Gambo916

    Ace is getting on a bit now, but His voice still sounds Young and fresh!!!

    Ace rocks.......BIG TIME!!!!

  81. jrbostonrocks

    Good song!! I Itsa hard rockin song and Ace is a great guitat player

  82. brnleague99

    @supertrooper288 Very possible. Lots of Chinese gods were drunk all the time. *grin*

  83. Boxingbear

    Awesome album..

  84. pfella1

    @Tcoxfan1 ace left because he was tired of genes bullshit

  85. djwrox94

    just think image it in ur head ace frehley and brendon small (skwisgar skwigelf) have a guitar solo battle

  86. ratdiode

    bad boy cool ace frehley coooooooooool

  87. Kollin Mosley

    Just bought it for Rock Band, badass song Ace.

  88. Mind My Halo

    Ace is the man!! He's the reason I started playing guitar in the first place.

  89. sxmxii

    Not the tiger from Winnie the Poo, lol!

  90. yochivazo

    Does not sound like the funny Tommy Thayer does he? What a disgrace having a guy with KISS makeup playing Ace's tunes. Get him a vampire outfit or something , and Eric Singer, maybe the Tiger from winni the pooh

  91. David Chacon


  92. 19spaceace73


    This song is up there with Ace Classics such as Rocket Ride, Shock Me, New Groove, Rock Soldiers, etc

    Saw ACE recently ... serious, if the tickets next time were $2,000 ... I'd buy 10

  93. Angus1973Young

    i saw him live
    a fucking great concert
    great song

  94. Angus1973Young

    i saw him live

  95. matthew vierra

    very intense, nothing like kiss, i wish he would tour hawaii

  96. unioncrimson77

    o ya go kiss and ace frehelry

  97. ivan biglia

    only the best. from argentina salute you ace never die

  98. bruinsthebruinswhat

    sick song!!! ace is the one and only god.

  99. Sam Tamberelli

    i love the chorus ! its gotta real balls to the wall sound to it!!!!!!!!!

  100. Joseph Brod

    Been a Kiss fan for over 30 years. Ace is the Man!! Kiss is cool, but without the boys, it's not the same. This song rocks!!! I wish him a lot of success.