Ace Frehley - Mission To Mars Lyrics

I saw an alien ship
It came a little too close
Now my ship's off-course
By some unknown force
Don't know why
We're on a flight to Mars
There's no time to waste
There's likely trouble ahead
Our gauges are red
So watch out, watch out

If they attack us
Then the lights will begin
They better hide from us
'Cause you know we'll defend
Defend our mission to Mars

Now strangers should beware
They better stop and stare
Between heaven and earth
You know we'll always be first
And that's why
Our mission must come first
We're taught to resist
We'll fight against all odds
With the help of God
And that's why, that's why

If they attack us
Then the lights will begin
They better hide from us
'Cause you know we'll defend
You know they'll lose in the end
Defend our mission to Mars

If they attack us
Then the lights will begin
They better hide from us
'Cause you know we'll defend

If they attack us
Then the lights will begin
They better hide from us
'Cause you know we'll defend
'Cause they'll lose in the end
Defend our mission to Mars

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Ace Frehley Mission To Mars Comments
  1. P Daniel

    Everything Ace writes is like for a 15 year old

  2. Farhan Mckinnons

    Who's singing

  3. Alex Barrera

    Ace has always been on a higher level of cool than anyone.

  4. Sebastian Dunstan

    i like this shit

  5. Teresa Louise

    This is some awesome music!!! Love ya~

  6. Simon Marsan

  7. Dianne Carpenter

    I love the song Mission to Mars song and video! Ace Frehley you're original, have your own way of playing guitar, the real Spaceman and a living legend! 🎤💋🎵🎸

  8. Vincent Stagliano

    Best song on the album..Anomaly is his best effort since coming back

  9. Rex S. Leonard

    Proves Ace can do it all. His band is rock solid. Ace your a guitar god among men who try so hard to play. Your leads and chord bends were there in the 1970’s. Who else can say that.

  10. Victorian Aztec

    F-en Awesome! Keep Rockin. ❤️👌🏼😎 Luv Ya!

  11. RadRich

    The Acorn is spinning Curly, hahahahaha

  12. CockRockin'


  13. kissacdcstore

    ACE ........ PERÚ !

  14. acebearr

    Love this video... Love caroon..

  15. Stian Furuseth

    Not bad this one!😉👍


    I caught Ace's towel 😊

  17. Jacob Shust

    Sure hope his Origins vol 2 has a remake of Strange Ways and Shock Me. That would be awesome.

    96 lscpower

    God haven't you heard enough of those two songs?

    Jacob Shust

    Lol. Never get tired of listening to them.

  18. Guillermo Estudiantes

    Espectacular maestro!!!! Larga vida a Ace! ⚡⚡⚡

  19. Antonio israel Martin hernandez

    Esta sobradisimo el tema para lo que se le exije a este Señor.

  20. Sho0terKinGmaZtaH1999

    Come to Germany! Pls 🇩🇪

  21. T gnomechaser

    I have been obsessed w Ace and his music since 1978. This song is quintessential Ace <3

  22. J. Alejandro Lira

    Speed at .75
    You´re welcome

  23. Peter Wulf

    Those green alien dudes look like Tommy.

  24. Jordan Biancotti

    I’d respect ace and his solo career a whole lot more if he would hand over vocals and let someone who is vocally tone deaf 😂

    Brandon Lee

    Speaking of tone deaf how about that Paul Stanley?


    @Brandon Lee 😂😂😂😂👊👊👍

  25. Kissology 123

    (< _<)
    (| |)
    | |


    Jendell looks a lot like Neptune in the outside.



  28. amy hurst

    UFO. Live. In. Mars

  29. Baby Gorilla

    love you ace

  30. Hamish Nicholls

    The original , the best , the one and only Space Man ACE FREHLEY !

  31. Richard Hodges

    Spaceman forever 🎸

  32. Joe Blastic

    Ace - THE coolest songwriter in Kiss. You can really tell where the heart of a band is, when that person is no longer in the band. I love you Ace!

  33. iki pearl


  34. Gary Lappier

    Is this in 3d?

  35. Vodka_ Bitch

    Look! Is ROCK N' ROLL! :0

  36. Tijuana iguana

    I'll be seeing you at the kirby tonight man!

  37. CuatroLocos


  38. Scott Carr

    That solo is some classic old school Ace riffs and bends!!! Nice vocals also... Ace as a solo artist sounds most like the original Kiss from the 70s and 80s

  39. Surfs Up

    The adventures of Ace and Space Bear. Tonight's episode.. Ace and Space Bear rescue Peter from evil Gigi.

  40. Chris Surfcrab

    Man this is some great stuff I was hoping I wouldn't be disappointed and boy I sure wasn't

  41. Greg Hubbard

    Lame as hell

  42. Hans Carlson

    Ace is much better than Kiss.

  43. dantelovesbeatrice

    I love Ace; but just not every-thing he puts out.

    Point-less echo-pedal notes - intro-ing into a rhythm that reminds me of "Rock 'n' Roll" from Gary Glitter. And the usual improvised Ace-isms - in the solo. // Lazy pentatonics - combined with masterbatory trilling. (Nothing new.)

    I (as well) get the "Space Bear"-connotation (from 1979), but (around 1:35-1:36) - it looks like "Pedo-Bear". (Any of the "4Chan"-crowd will under-stand that reference: . // I hope there's not a deeper meaning.) - I'm not Ace. I didn't make it - back in the 1970's. I didn't do some astounding shit - long ago. But (like you guys) I have the references of his past - to compare with his new material. This wouldn't have passed muster - during 'KISS's best years, so why does he think he deserves to be back with them? // I'm not a Tommy-fan, and I don't agree with Gene & Paul bashing past-members. But (let's face it) - shit is shit.

    My favorite Ace-songs are "Snow-Blind" & "Fractured Mirror", but the whole '78-album is great; plus - all of his stuff in 'KISS' & Frehley's Comet; some - during his other solo-records.

    He needs some new song-writers - to put the spark back into his music; plus - some edge to end these cliché repetitions. // It's not an age-thing, it's just mediocrity.

    Having said that - I'm just glad Ace is still around. // He's proven (already) how good he's been before; the talent (though) has just been put in moth-balls for a-while.

    (Sat., 6-22-19) (1:18 p.m.)

  44. Jump N´ Run

    Now i want a Spacebear.

  45. Gladius

    Thanks Ace for keeping real and going!

  46. Eric Curry-Pitcher

    The guitar is crunchy, yet shinny. Great track. Ace Frehley's still got it. I always knew he never lost it. Ace rules.

  47. Korean Peninsula

    KISS always has been Ace and Peter. Destroyer, Love Gun, Alive , Alive II. Sorry Gene, Paul. Just saying the truth.

    Greg Hubbard

    You're a dumbass idiot that knows nothing about kiss

    Brandon Lee

    @Greg Hubbard Your an asshole who just shoots off his mouth. The band hasn't sounded as good since Ace left. They still had marketing, name recognition and morphed themselves into an 80s hair band to stay alive but the music lost 60% of its substance and it never returned and Ace is 100× better at producing good sound records. Thise are just facts.

  48. Wyndorph Stormcrow

    Totally cool video, I love that it's campy and light-hearted

  49. tony montana

    A rocket ride to Mars with Ace, this rocks man.🤘

  50. punkalex14

    Ace come to Mars! ☄ We want to see you here! 🛸

  51. beautifuldaymusic

    Space Bear to the rescue!🐻🛸

  52. Realism I

    The only thing missing from this video is a carp. The bear's kinda weird though.

  53. Dale Barak

    Cool song, Ace.  I wish he would play more of his own music on tour and stop playing Love Gun, Detroit Rock City and Deuce. Just my thoughts...

  54. Captain Danger

    Ace can't sing at all! It's awesome!

  55. eyemnotu

    Best since rock soldiers rock on ace

  56. Sho0terKinGmaZtaH1999

    Hi curly.

  57. Daftasabat1

    Well that was meh

    Brandon Lee

    This comment is "meh".


    @Brandon Lee So, two meh's :)

  58. Thetripletman60

    Space with Ace baby! No imposter here, this is the real deal.

  59. Marc Beaulieu

    one of the best songs on his last solo album, gotta love the Space Ace...better than the lame a$$ "KISS" band that we're stuck with now!

  60. John Hutchison

    Ace and Ted!!! Great buddy flick concept for the 2020's!


    John Hutchison he could....take George Carlin' s role??!!!! Ack!!!

  61. DevilFish69

    Gene Simmons should have been in this. (Just kidding).

  62. Leo K

    God You suck just as hard as you always did. Musician my ass.

  63. Sam Smith

    Good god we get it already with the lame space shit

  64. Gary Conner

    Better than kiss

  65. StrimbuLand (Sri N. Strimbu)

    0:15 IT'S SPACE BEAR!!!!! He's even got the arm bands from the Tom Snyder interview!!!
    It's awesome that Ace has a great sense of humor... unlike those...other 2 guys ;-)
    Good tune too!!!

  66. Henry Kampe

    This seems like an out take from the 1981 movie “Heavy Metal”. Hard to believe it is a recent release

    The Rabble Rousing Pleiadian Dragon/Lion

    It really doesn't sound recent at all.. not a very good recording ... sounds like a garage band,,

  67. Cherry Pie

    songs is shit, solos is really great, especially in our time ,it's solos from 80's

  68. el toro

    The following has been rated PG for pure garbage

  69. Rickey Engle

    can i go too,,

  70. Rocky O

    Come join Parler Ace ! We know you support Trump ! MAGA !!

  71. DingALingMasterpieceTheater


  72. DAVY. J.Y. Art with a pen.

    What a killer guitar riff and playing ! Love it, awesome music from ACE !

  73. Bevvy Korte

    Awesome 🙋

  74. Tommy X Lourdes

    I guess it's really great... But ahh you know what, I'm just gonna let it be and enjoy it.

  75. TheBigHase

    Your answer to Gene and Paul's unworthy deeds!? Nice one, Ace! Keep it up, man!



  77. todd garfeild

    ace you need to hook up with elon musk..make it happen!

  78. Scotty 490 about fuckin time!
    I'm not getting any younger and want some new Frehley style rock n fuckin roll! \m/☆\m/

  79. Derek

    Mars is more of an oscillating ball of gases rather than terra firma. Good music and video though.

  80. Mark Orendas


  81. Juan Valdez


  82. Song of love official

    Thats new from.ace great song

  83. Leatherface Parody


  84. McCartney Flora

    This is too much awesomeness for the world. 🔥

  85. Dr. Old School

    Ace is so better off without The Gene and Paul drama

  86. Tony Skoulakis

    Great track great rips great sound.

  87. flavour1970

    This is close to his best track ever,, fucking legend of a man......Edit: after listening to this a few more times I reckon this song needs to be released as a single ( if it isn’t already) and have the absolute Fuck played out of it

  88. wesley

    YES. The one and only spaceman

  89. Greg Johnson

    It sounds like he wrote the lyrics when he 5 or drunk.

    Brandon Lee

    Got Gene's tongue up your ass? Too bad man.

  90. 6 E Q U J 5

    4 members still alive and One Eared Stanley wont bring them together

  91. Breezy Delacourt

    at least he is not FAT AF in the animation as he is in real life

  92. Mitchell Davenport

    ace wasnt the greatest player at all but his heart is awesome in his playing i picked up a guitar because of him was and still is my fave in kiss out of kiss just an awesome guy and glad drugs and alc didn't take him from us ..ACE IS KING

    Brandon Lee

    It's not who's the best player but who's playing sounds the best. I vote Ace No.1

  93. wiggywoo24u

    COOL SONG COOL ANIMATION !!!!! ACE is back!!!!

  94. Will Chew

    ACE FOREVER !!!!!!

  95. Jeremy Bennett

    More of this!!!!

  96. Brandon Lee

    Great album ace! I'm proud to share my April 27th birthday with the best lead guitar player on the planet!