Ace Frehley - Into The Night Lyrics

Two A.M. on a downtown street
There on a corner two strangers meet, in the night
And then until the daybreak
They're gonna love and before and light,
A heart may break, there in the night

Look in the alleys along the roads
It's there the losers stand,
There in the ring they bide their time
Hustling what they can
They beg just to get
That bottle in their hand

There in the night
Somewhere in the night
Oh how they do what they do
Just to get through
There in the night... in the night

Then on the street in the heart of town
A lady in black she turns around, in the night, yeah
She stares at the man in the Cadillac
He drives by but he'll be back... for the night
There in the night

See the guy along the road
Who can he be?
Wait awhile he'll turn around
See the man is me
'Cause when I sing my dream...
My dreams will set me free

There in the night
Somewhere in the night
Oh how they do what they do
Just to get through
There in the night... in the night

When the sun goes down
And the light grows dim
Slowly move in for the kill
If you would come back again
It would take away this pain
But I don't know if you ever will

Love in the night
Would feel so right
So love me tonight... in the night

There in the night
Somewhere in the night
Oh how they do what they do
Just to get through
There in the night... in the night

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Ace Frehley Into The Night Comments
  1. JENDALL714

    I first heard this on Metal Shop, and recorded it off the radio and took it to school, to show my friends Ace was back!

  2. mark kelley

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned Z-Rock yet (boy could
    we use something like THAT again)!  That is where I first heard this song, and it quickly became one of my favorites.  But until recently I hadn’t listened to it in a LONG time, probably because I only bought the LP and not the CD.  But now, thanks to YouTube, I can get a fix anytime I want!

    I don’t know what it is about this song, but I react just as viscerally to it now as I did back in the early ‘90s.  Powerful vocals, lyrics, and that guitar work - genius!  I’ve played it over and over

    today – just can’t get enough.  And the video is head and shoulders above the typical MTV nonsense.  I don’t remember seeing it back in the day, but it has real feeling and complements the song perfectly!



  3. Jake LaGuna

    Helen Hunt was the prostitute...her first acting role...

  4. Jacob Flores

    Yes !...

  5. Johnny ScareCrow

    I love this song any of you Ace Frehley fan recommend another one that can equal this level of Awesomeness.

  6. Andre Olsson

    Anyone know who the girl in the thumbnail is?

  7. El Atomico

    Ace Frehley + Russ Ballard=perfection!

  8. Philip Holmes

    I would like one if those Ace Washburns...just because it is Ace !

  9. Robin Taylor

    I love 80’s Ace Frehley.

  10. Juan Padilla

    He is the best

  11. Nestor Gumble

    exelente guitarrista . . . . ace leyenda del ROCK

  12. Marcus Mofield

    The last 30 seconds of the song is my favorite.

  13. Rick Kilimun

    The girl looks familiar, was that Debbie Harry aka Blondie?

  14. Lanny Benny

    This video was the first time that the masses saw Ace without make up.

  15. Patricio Sicardi

    Qué temazo!!

  16. John Lawless

    Some songs really fit Ace's vocal style and this is one of those songs.

  17. Mark Winchester

    Perfect Miami Vice song.

    Loren Sanders

    Should have been!

  18. beggersbanquet 5150


  19. Pawel Krydzinski


  20. Frizzy Floyd

    This song always shoot the mind away !

  21. Jonathan Toiw

    Beautifully solo, awesome Spaceman legend of Rock

  22. moparsNguitars

    in 1987 when the day it came out ,i actually played hookey from school rode my bike to record store which was independent lil store but i knew the owner well and he had told me it was to released on that day .. so i .got the record on my way home as fast as i could pedal the bike and was on side walk most way , but their was some hills n slopes and i was going so fast i actually flipped my bike mid was crazy , i managed to scuff up my hand and knees but album home rocked out on it rest day, my mom was upset but this wasn't my first time.

  23. pablo iacono

    Ace thanks for your music , amazing song and video !!!

  24. Ricky B

    That guitar solo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Music Universe

    Frehley’s Comet is a classic record! Awesome singer awesome guitar player!!!

  26. Starman 2112

    Ace’s best song!

  27. Willie McShooglebert

    How good is the guitar work here. Melodic and bring you out in goose bumps. Kiss were never the same when Ace left. Tragic

  28. El Atomico

    I love the solo, and Russ Ballard is a great songwriter

  29. El Atomico

    Yeah!!!!!! KISS went to Hollywood, but Ace kept it in the New York Groove!!!! \m/

  30. JASON P. Roberts


  31. NAC

    Chick in the thumbnail is hella cute!

  32. Ches Lee Pack

    Very cool video.

  33. BluRed

    Thats Helen Hunt

  34. Scott Miller

    Anton Figg is such an underrated drummer (David Letterman band)

    Mark Mace

    Agreed. Where is he now.

    bebop fantan

    Anton not in this video. The drummer is Billy Ward

  35. Jon Clarkson

    ACE made KISS. Without him kiss would be shit.

  36. Ace 1

    This album came out the year I graduated from High School it's maybe my favorite record of all time. I just threw out the cassette must have played it a thousand times.

    Ace 1

    And saw them perform at the Palace in Albany NY that year

  37. William Davis

    Sounds like John Sykes to me.

  38. William Davis

    I wonder if that really is Ace on the lead? Considering he was never really a polished guitarist. This solo and everything about the guitars says someone else is playing those parts.


    I disagree. That totally sounds like Ace. The Ace trademarks are all there.

  39. S O N J A

    I fkn love this song. I had forgotten about, and into popped it my head out of the blue.

  40. vampiras coffin


  41. Def Blinders

    The REAL Spaceman.

  42. m wolf

    I forgot how good ace sang on this one and how killer his solo was

  43. Gene Ryan

    Is that Helen Hunt?

  44. Ralf Römgens

    Ha ha, my version of Jesus has got more views

  45. George Shara


  46. anthonypiconi

    This production is nothing less than perfect. This song incorporates more than just transitioning, it is the epitome of the meaning. This is really a platinum hit.

  47. Will Chew



    An amazing song off an amazing album and simply one of the coolest videos ever made...well done as always Ace!

  49. Plug

    anton fig of letterman sighting

    bebop fantan

    No it's Billy Ward in the video not Anton. Anton's drumming though

  50. Plug

    by far aces best album,rock soldiers kills 2

  51. TarekusDecimusMaximusMeridius

    This is such a great song and video, can someone tell me, is that Anton Fig in the video, it doesn't look like him at all!

    Mike Rose

    No, that is Billy Ward.
    If I'm not mistaken, Anton only played a few of the tour dates, and the hired Billy to do the tour.

    Hes a great drummer and a really good guy.

    I saw them at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles on this tour, with Y&T co-headlining.

    Great show!!

    Peter Criss came on to play Deuce, he killed it!

  52. Hell Raiser77

    Space Ace at his best.Awesome tune here,always...

  53. Shredmachine

    fucking love this sheittt!!!

  54. Akashi愛

    Esto si es música no la mierda de bad bonny y el salame de duky

  55. Hugh Jass

    Only Ace Frehley can cure homelessness in LA

    Jon Dunmore

    By taking them home and fucking them.

    Adrian Gutierrez

    The video was shot in San Francisco.

  56. Rock n roll

    Ace frehley um deus da guitarra sem dúvida espero mesmo que ele volte pro Kiss

  57. Jon Clarkson

    Ace is was kiss. Everyone loved Ace more than those other assholes in the band.

  58. Mark Stone

    Great song.

  59. Scott Davis

    This was a nice little hit for Ace; bring it back to your performances.

  60. S B

    God I love rock music before 1990.

  61. Shane A Stockdale

    Was over the moon when i got this CD after i saw this video.Was always a big Ace Frehley fan

  62. seekah1

    Another killer track from Ballard, should've been much bigger, never got to see the video back in the day.

  63. Eric Vigil

    Got Headbangers Ball??

    S O N J A

    Hell yeah

  64. ross raguse


  65. Михаил Алексеев

    What a solo....

  66. The idiot who WAITS FOR JESUS!

    2:41 - 2:44

  67. robinbrl

    Go Ace!

  68. Zarion 11

    Horrible. ugh. God damn bro.

  69. JENDALL714

    LOL, this proves Paul and Gene lied when they said Ace never wanted to carry any instruments after the show!

  70. Out of touch

    Ending of this song kick ass!!! Love the Lead guitar

  71. jim jam

    hey, is that a young helen hunt in this video at 1:42 mark?? sure does look like her if it isn't.

  72. Melodic Vault

    Frehley's Comet - Second Sighting 1988 [Full Album]:


    It is on his first solo record not Second Sighting!


    @TIM JORDAN This is from his second solo album, Frehley's Comet. His first solo album was in the 70s with New York groove on it


    @Bob I don't consider the Solo records of the 70's as a solo career recording. It was always Kiss-Ace Frehley to me. His first SOLO/solo record to me is Frehley's Comet. But thanks for you input! I appreciate you.

  73. Joe Crotchburger

    thanks mate

  74. Mnop Xangelus

    And then he caught aids.

  75. wayne gornall

    One of the Best Songs iv'e Ever Heard With The Best KILLER Rifts By Ace

  76. Space Cadet

    That solo man it sends shivers down my spine

  77. Dan Patrick

    Ace...I love your music, you have the ultimate groove of my generation. Please get a singer and stay as lead guitar.

  78. Dave Cohorn

    stood in line for 2 hours so i could buy this album and get it autographed by the whole band at tower records in downtown phoenix 112 degrees and i was one happy MF got to meet the my hero shake his hand and sign his first solo LP and this new masterpiece one of my best memories from the 80's .Man i miss those days someone bring back the 80's PLEASE!!!!!!!

  79. stealthmeister x

    Awesome song!

  80. MrOccyc

    I remember this song on an episode of Miami Vice when they were chasing a hit man. A few years later, I heard it on my way home from college. Then Eddie Trunk on the radio says it's Ace. Oh man, I thought, he is back. Great song, great treatment by Ace.

    Michail G.

    In the Miami Vice episode you mention (S01E04: Calderone's Return Part 1) was the original from Russ Ballard. Not this one

  81. D. J.

    I lived on Sunset Strip in 1989. Great times!

  82. Rory Grime

    This is one of the best songs by Ace

  83. Brendan Fraser


    Brendan Fraser


  84. amcpower

    I just discovered this song a few days ago - damn good song - I love it.

  85. Kriss Delaney

    I think Ace is singing really good here! Love his "seedy" street look, his cool jacket, his black Chuck Taylor high tops & his way of moving. He's a natural. The riff, the solo & the outro are all magnificent! Love his Washburn AF-40 V "Lightning Bolt" guitar too. Must be expensive !!!

  86. Kriss Delaney

    Also, Ace said in a 1987 interview that the blonde girl in the video was a German photo model who happened to be in "Frisco" on an assignment for a magazine shoot & Frehley picked her for the video shoot. On a whim! Great video w/ a cute girl. Doesn't hurt, does it?

    Hari Seldon

    They didn't do a very good job making her look like a street dweller. She still looks as good in that getup as she does in her glamor pose in the car window reflection.

  87. michael hall

    Ace is so underappreciated. He created the KISS logo and wrote a lot the music when he was in the band and Paul and Gene act as though he and Peter Criss never existed and have imposters pretending to be them. Nothing against the guys that are in the band now, they're talented musicians in their own right, it's just sad. Tommy and Eric should be have own characters like Vinnie Vincent and Eric Carr did when they first joined.


    San Francisco 1987.
    Great album.
    xoxo The Clarences

  89. Felony Strutter

    He never plays this live...NEVER...his best fucking song since 1978 and refuses to play it live...he makes no fucking sense.


    My favorite era of Ace: drunk, pockmarked, woke up at 7pm, hasn't eaten in a week.

  91. hgm califas

    I still love this whole album sooooo much!!! Back in 1987/88 I was more into Freheley's comet debut album that Kiss' Crazy nights. Now in this video: Is San Francisco the skyline city at the beginning ?

  92. TNO73

    What guitar is Ace using there? The one with the lightning bolt on it



  93. Leo X Pope

    Russ is such an underrated genious songwriter

  94. PGStudios

    I said it once before so I will say it again. The Space Ace NEVER disappoints, loved this whole album

  95. Philip Stabile

    This was filmed in Toronto..

    Joshua Mojica

    Philip Stabile really? Not NYC ?

    michael hall

    Philip Stabile Oh yeah?

  96. Kurt Lazlo the 2nd&5/8ths

    Somewhere in that night is when I found it...THANKS TO SPACE ACE...

  97. David Verplank

    I remember hearing this song for the first time when it came out.
    It made me wish he had stayed in KISS.

  98. Glitter

    Ace, John Regan, Fig, and Tod Howarth. I like that Washburn custom model Ace had.

    Mark Mace

    Yeah that Washburn is a way cool guitar


    @Mark Mace a great looking guitar but according to Ace, it didnt have the nice parts and labor only Gibson does. It was only used once (on this video) and one time at a show one of those guitars gave up on him so he requested his Les Paul back.

  99. MatthewCVR

    30 years ago this song came out.  I remember the first time I heard it in 1992.  FUCKING BADASS!!!  The original is just as awesome.

    Mark Mace

    It really was it was such a great song the guitar on it the sound the whole thing was great totally turn me on to Ace again