Ace Frehley - Inside The Vortex Lyrics

Travelin' through the ages
Moving through space and time
Catching a glimpse of
What I can find

Inside the Vortex
It's so sublime

My life's gone through changes
Somehow I survived
My universe faded
But now I'm alive

Inside the Vortex
Baby, it's so sublime

Passing by constellations
Seeing comets fly by

Inside the Vortex
Yeah, it's so sublime
Within the Vortex
I'll make you mine

Inside the Vortex
Baby, it's so sublime
Within' the vortex
You know I feel alive

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Ace Frehley Inside The Vortex Comments
  1. PumpkinsDontCry

    Love how the space man comes to earth every once in a while to remind us how awesome he is.

  2. T gnomechaser

    my fav song on the album. This emodies his coolness to the max

  3. Tyler Glynn

    Idk what you guys are talking about. Gene and Paul hating Ace? They're still great friends. Just they don't work well together anymore. If Paul hated Ace, then why would he do Fire and Water with him?

  4. Michelle Stiffler

    God Blesses Ace Frehley

  5. Michelle Stiffler

    Damn Straight Ace Was Kiss & That Was Great Doing His Thing Ha That's Some Truest Rock N Roll 2me

  6. Michelle Stiffler


  7. Ralph James

    is this a new guy? Sounds cool.


    Ralph James he has been making albums sense 72. He is sorta new

  8. Rainy Day

    That's right, Ace! Just let your guitar do the talking! This man kicks ass SO HARD!!

  9. SupaStah01

    my earhole was just molested

  10. Michelle Stiffler

    Amazing Sound ACE Get's Down !!!!

  11. Kevin Cannon

    I just bought this on vinyl and I feel just like a little kid holding rock and roll over for the very first time. So proud of you Ace and GOD I hope you read these!! Because you sir ARE THE MAN!!!! YOU are KISS and this album is more KISS than any album post reunion tour. Stay sober ACE!!! You are brilliant sober ! Nobody plays better effed up but their pitiful addiction will lie to them and tell them they do... I AM ON CLOUD NINE!!!! I KNEW THIS ALBUM WAS POSSIBLE AND IT GETS DEEPER EVERY TIME I LISTEN TO IT!!Much like Pink Floyd Dogs did for me............ This song is grand and you ACE FREHLEY are the center of the KISS sound and God bless you sir for being you!!! Merry Christmas ACE/KISS for life!!! Ps-love the pic on the inside of the cover with your make up guitar--It is a nice "obvious" as to who the Space man is!!! Owning that shit!!! Cheers Ace!!!

  12. James K.

    Kiss needs Ace WAY more than Ace needs Kiss!

    Kevin Cannon

    +James K. This album is proof..Kiss could not do this in their dreams at this point. It just sounds so genuine..

  13. Renan Andrade

    Mr. Ace Frehley!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ROACH

    Kiss down for the count and ace better then ever . Love it !

  15. ROACH

    Kiss sucks now and ace is still jamming the test of time has been won by mr. Ace frehley sorry imposter ki$$.lmao !

  16. thaddeus rex

    snore fest...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz.....

    Kevin Cannon

    +thaddeus rex It's actually rad as hell....

  17. MrMusicformyhead

    In the midst of YOUR TIME, never give up. You aint gonna get it back

  18. David Star

    Ace still rocks

    Rainy Day

    He's back and he told us so!

  19. Baron Frost


  20. lynchie137

    That riff is SICK!!!!!

    Kevin Cannon

    +lynchie137 Agree!!

  21. GG Aaron

    Ace Frehley will stomp a trail of mud in your ass.

    Anthony Brindle

    Yes he can ace is the key but you gotta stop having ass grab with your gay friends stop playing hide the fudge you sick freak

  22. Ace S. Nova

    Did anyone else hear the resemblance to Modern day Delilah?

  23. The outlaw


    Anthony Brindle

    Tasty she was a tasty bitch


    @The outlaw . Not to mention an earthy quality that makes him so appealing. the sweetest personality of the 4 imho

    Kevin Cannon

    +The outlaw YOU ARE CORRECT!!



  25. PGStudios

    Does anyone know what happened to Todd Howarth, John Regan, and Jamie Oldaker? Would love for Ace to reunite with these guys just to see if they still had the Chemistry they once had. The icing on the cake for me would be for Ace to get Anton Fig back. That dude can flat out play. Ace has been and always will be my favorite member of Kiss


    PGStudios they have a band...trying to think of their name. Four by something...four by faith! I think...

  26. Patrick Mehan

    Great playing by Matt Starr on this whole album as well. Very tasteful and has some killer drum sounds.

  27. Patrick Mehan

    One of my faves on the new album right up there with reckless. The whole album is perfect. Rock n roll is dead pfffft. Fuck that gene. Look no further than your former bandmate there genius.

    Kevin Cannon

    +Patrick Mehan I sooooooooo agree..So proud of Ace...So genuine.. true kiss right here.

  28. Tyler Glynn

    Into the Void: part 2. 

    Kevin Cannon

    +Tyler Glynn In to the void meets killing joke

  29. John Hamilton

    Great Guitar work & Great Drumming. This song is BadASS Love it

  30. Jo Ann Magill

    Awesome guitar work and really good vocals.  Sorry Im unsure did Peter Criss do the drums? Will be buying the CD.
    And I am going to get the book "No Regrets" very soon!  Good job Ace!  

  31. Renan Andrade

    best of album...

  32. djwrox94

    Tommy Thayer, Eric Singer, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons disliked this video

  33. Whoor

    This should have been released as a single - best song on the album by a long shot.

  34. termsofusepolice

    This is some of Criss's best drumming since Destroyer!! 


    You're kidding, right?

    Kevin Cannon

    +TheCOTN yes-he is...funny though

  35. icemanfr55

    This song is by far my favorite of the album. It reminds me of Edgard Allan Poe : a descent into the malmstrom. So sublime!!

    Kevin Cannon

    +icemanfr55 I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this song---brilliant

  36. Captain Rob

    Yea ACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anthony Brindle

    Cappy don't try to have man sex with your buddies they might make a mess ken Tim and bobo

  37. TheCorrectViews

    Word to the copyright are hurting your sales. I am a dj, and I have been dropping songs from this since day one. Keep deleting them? Ok.....they won't get played. It is your call. 

  38. gibsonman121

    @killboy powerhead ... what happened to "I Wanna Hold You" ... I get this "not available in your country" message. Could you check that? I want to share it .. thnx.

  39. joshgriffin1976

    This is a really good album!! Go Ace!

  40. Marty Wetzel

    He's still got it

  41. Glen Shipley

    Now this is a awesome song!

  42. MetalSalvation

    Ace...please stop using those digital effects on your voice, it's so not you. Good song though.

  43. Isabelle&Ric Stanley

    Parabéns Ace, nós do BRAZIL te amamos WE LOVE YOU ACEEEEEEEE

  44. The1WhoKnowsTheTruth

    Looks like those jealous POS Chaim Weitz and Stanley Eisen (and 5 of their boyfriends) hit the thumbs down on this fucking killer tune. That's okay.....this album is going Gold regardless (and this time Ace keeps all the cash from the sales).

    WE ♥ LOVE ♥ YOU ♠ ACE  ♠


    @Kevin Cannon   \m/ 

    Tyler Glynn

    Yeah then the album only sells 50,000, while KISS Monster sold 200,000 and Sonic Boom sold 375,000 and went gold in Norway,

    Tyler Glynn

    Ace hasn't had a gold record since his 78 solo album, that was the only solo record he's done that's gone gold. While nearly every KISS album since he's been outta the band has gone gold. That includes: Creatures of the Night, Animalize, Lick it up, Asylum, Crazy Nights, Hot in the Shade, Revenge, and Psycho Circus, which Tommy Thayer was the primary lead guitarist for. Ace will never touch KISS.


    Chaim and Stanley bank on the very stupid public (been doing it for years).  How do you think they find the balls to dress up two clowns as Ace and Criss and actually get away with it. Not to mention that every one of those albums you listed sucked major ass compared to any of the early shit with Ace and Criss (especially Strange Ways).  Shit man.....that one song is better than all of the crap you mention combined.  Here is the deal;  Ace and Criss (while were on the subject) were KISS.  End of fucking story.  And the really cool thing about it is.....Chaim and Stanley know this. How else can you explain the two hired clowns painted up like the HEART and SOUL of the band.

    Rainy Day

    Tyler HAHAHA Ace DEFINED Kiss, little boy. Respect your betters.

  45. Marco Argenis Arredondo Blanco

    This is an amazing song of the new record
    But i like too i wanna hold you
    ill share the opinion of somebody else from here...the song sound like the old black sabbath
    Space with ace!!!!!

  46. Brooksie465

    Absolutely love this track. Some glimpses of "Love Me Right" in the intro to the solo. Ace kicksArse!

  47. shag nasty

    Wow Ace got better, smokes Kisses ass for sure

  48. Darrin White

    This album is it. Strong guitar, confident vocals and well, it's Ace, clean and sober and we can tell just by one listen. Well done! This is my fav tune off of SI.....

    Kevin Cannon

    +Der Wood Exactly!!! I just bought the vinyl and am playing with it like a kid holding Rock and Roll over "76" 34 years ago lol.....Feels just like that!! So cool and yes,he is sober and it shows in the music.... Super proud of ACE..This is the best KISS ALBUM in 15 years!!!



  50. Balls Mahoney

    Wow, this sounds good. Good work< Ace!  

  51. JENDALL714

    Nice to know some people still know how to Rock! I will buy this album, I wonder if I can get it on vinyl?

    Killboy Powerhead

    It will be out on 2 orange colored LPs in October.


    get some steroids while your at it buddy, you look like a twig brah!

    Kevin Cannon

    +JENDALL714 I just got it on Vinyl!! Love it.It is so fricken cool...Felt just like getting a real 70's kiss album all over again... Ace is all that is left of Kiss and this album proves it.... Especially this song...


    +JENDALL714 You've got really big muscles wow do you like to spoon?

  52. Evad Enri

    Same thing same thing. Meh!

    Darrin White

    Weather I play, you as in "thunderstorm" or 'whether' you're an idiot. Trailer trash, I'm sure. Slamming me with your grammar mistakes as if I'm a retarded fuck from the States....sorry...try again. Or , if you like say something like this....dumbass....."fuq uw derwid...asx suxk....i plway amerixcan......."

    Evad Enri

    @Der Wood Alex Lifeson! Now there's a guitarist. Der, ramble off a few more from Canada... Regardless of my jealousy of your living in Canada, free health care, your main man not being a Muslim with two birth certificates, Ace just does not do it for me any longer... I have seen KISS 3 times, Ace was in the line up twice... The CD showcases more than his guitar playing ability, it too, shows his vocals, which suck, and his lyrics are from a Three Stooges rerun. Like if ya want to, hell, Lick him if ya want... I will stick with his first solo CD, and Anomaly! Peace to you Mr MeanMeany

    Darrin White

    Lol......ah.....Alex. my good friend. I grew up on the pier mentioned in Lakeside Park.....i send you no hostilities and would gladly send pics of those willows blowing in the breeze lol.....I'm not a meanie....just an Ace fan, my friend.

    Evad Enri

    Whatever happened to The Trailer Park Boys?


    @Dave Henry  ummm check netflix..........   they have a new season....  plus new movies....

  53. Robert Bentley

    So far this is the only one I like.


    good song...can,t wait to hear this live....

  55. Vedder10VS

    Right now... this is my favorite song on the album.

    This view is subject to change in a couple of days!! ;)

    Kevin Cannon

    +Vedder10VS me too just bought vinyl..Cant put it down!! This song rolls in a very stimulating way ...Hell--wish it were longer

  56. Mike Channell

    Awesome guitar work and arrangement!!!!!!!

  57. danae66

    Ace was crazy, in the best sense, this album is incredible. Flag of the best hard rock 70s flies again at most. This album is his relaxed and ingenious ideas, guitar magic. Thanks Ace.

  58. Malcolm Downs

    I love it Ace! He'll always be my favorite guitarist of all time in my book.

  59. Rick Baker

    Ace sounds awesome! Poor KISS doesn't sound a quarter of this good anymore.

    Kevin Cannon

    +Rick Baker true

    Rainy Day

    And HOW!


    Rick Baker.....Yet they bring in well over 4 times what Ace does.

    Ryan Thrash

    @strtngfrsh The music business is not a meritocracy.

    Christopher Goss

    @strtngfrsh I mean he has a point. Ace sounds phenomenal here. He totally kills it on this track.

  60. gibsonman121

    Listen to that guitar work. Holy smokes, as good as he was 75-76 ... probably even better. Smiling ear to ear as I listen ...

    Darrin White

    It's FANTASTIC guitar work. 

    Kevin Cannon

    +gibsonman121 YES!! Well put.I got the album today and It really feels just like 76

  61. Arc333Angel

    I hope I get this for my birthday lol :)  \m/

  62. Arc333Angel

    Wow.  Spectacular!

  63. PK spx

    Great hearing Ace's leads! He is so good!

  64. Psykootje71

    Killer track , his voice suites this song perfect , great guitars

    Kevin Cannon

    +Psykootje71 Agreed--fits right in there

  65. Rolf Egil Bolle

    What a brilliant song,Love the guitar lead playing on this one.

  66. mikestube68

    Great song!!!!! This album is amazing!!!!!!

    Kevin Cannon

    +mikestube68 I agree-just bought vinyl---so impressed---classic KISS feel