Ace Frehley - I Wanna Go Back Lyrics

I was listening to the radio
I heard a song, reminded me of long ago
Back then, I thought that things were never gonna change
It used to be that I never had to feel the pain
I know that things will never be the same

I wanna go back
And do it all over
But I can't go back, I know
I wanna go back
'Cause I'm feeling so much older
But I can't go back, I know

I recall hanging out on Friday night
The first slow dance, hoping that I get it right
Back then, I thought I'd never have to stand alone
It used to be that a lonely heart was never shown
I know that things will never be the same

I wanna go back (Go back)
And do it all over
But I can't go back, I know
I wanna go back (Go back)
'Cause I'm feeling so much older
But I can't go back, I know

I know, girl, things will never be the same
Oh no

I wanna go back
Do it all over
But I can't go back, I know
I wanna go back (Go back)
Feeling so much older
But I can't go back, I know

I wanna go back (Go back)
And do it all over
But I can't go back, I know
I wanna go back (Go back)
'Cause I'm feeling so much older
But I can't go back, I know

I wanna go back (Go back)
And do it all over
But I can't go back, I know
I wanna go back (Go back)
'Cause I'm feeling so much older
But I can't go back, I know

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Ace Frehley I Wanna Go Back Comments
  1. amy hurst

    That. Fantastic.

  2. Scarecrow music5

    I’m a big Eddie Money fan. Never knew this cover existed. Not bad. Daring attempt.

  3. Shifty__

    This is awesome

  4. Aaron Philpott

    I wanna go back... but I can't go back I know.

  5. Aaron Philpott

    Ace Frehley is my favourite artist

  6. Ron Wrazen

    Really proud of this guy. What an amazing comeback. I believe he's probably exceeded his own expectations.

  7. Eric Sartana

    Awesome cover. Ace!!!

  8. T D

    Awesome, and i love Aces laugh.

  9. Imaginos Desdinova

    Ace covering the Money man! This song describes my life now.

  10. Pablo Cruize

    Star man..👍👍

  11. rockandbluesfan 79

    Well. I guess this turns out to be a great tribute to Eddie Money. r.i.p Money man!

  12. RRPounder

    What comes around goes around. Love it!

  13. Ur Nonya

    Cool cover, R.I.P. EDDIE MONEY.

  14. Wes Gregory

    Rip Eddie

    Dan Schreffler

    Played this all the way home tonite!

  15. crazyleg2006

    not a bad lil' cover of Billy Satellite.

  16. Greg Roland


  17. Maria L. Rapaglia


  18. Kevin Garris

    Eddy Money is a big Kiss fan.

  19. Alan Smithback

    Came across some new music, sounds like classic rock!
    Band is GLITTER DOGS. 2 albums on Spotify. Pretty good! Enjoy!!

  20. Marco van campenhout

    Next live yes.

  21. WorldRenownedCFE

    I remember in Junior High Ace was who all the long hair rockers were listening too. Now in my late 40's, I know why.

  22. Sean Morrison

    Why isnt thid on FM radio!!!

    Terrence Reardon and Friends Podcast Podcast

    Quit fucking whining fatso! Alternative rock came and changed it. Nirvana, Linkin Park changed it all. Plus this song is dated.

  23. GG Aaron

    This is the saddest song I've ever heard.

  24. Daniel Preece

    Luv ya, Ace, but a static pic isn't a "video."

  25. Tayyab Khalil

    Can never get tired of Ace's guitar playing.

  26. MWR GTR

    Nice, always dug that song

  27. Erik Frehley

    Happy Birthday 🎂🎁🎂 !!Ace 🍻🍻

  28. mike rose

    Ill be seeing him live in a week, I actually hope he doe this live

  29. Lael Barker

    Dude.....this is one of my favorite Eddie Money songs!....Ace is out there still killing it🎸

  30. Euan Elliott

    Ace achieves with ease what KISS struggle to match.
    He sounds f**king marvellous, guitar and vocally.
    Ace is one of the very few people who can't really sing properly and yet sounds listenable. His vocal style is what I think of as "casual streetwise attitude ", and it works.

  31. joe cesero

    This version is way better than the Eddie Money original!!!

  32. Joey Petroni

    Awesome!!! I’m going to play this on AM1240 WGBB..... it needs to be heard!

  33. amy hurst

    Where you Belong

  34. FiatDuster

    Ace has still got it.

  35. Shawn D

    Listening to this from my phone... I just now realized the stars are moving in the background.

  36. Steven Hyde

    I was never really a big fan of this song, but I sure dig this version.. Ace rocks!

  37. Marc Green

    very cool

  38. Tracy Bocook

    Love that Intro lead that's true ace

  39. NKellyMullen

    $1000 bucks says Ace ain’t even playing on this.

  40. Sean Morrison

    Will Eddie Money make an appearance if Ace does this live?

  41. Andy Thunders

    Alot of haters telling ace needs a singer. Fuck you, he does what he wants. So what he's not the greatest fucking singer, neither is Bob Dylan or really any other person who sings.

  42. Screaming Eagle

    what does eddie money think of your version?

    Screaming Eagle

    Eddie made it popular. So yes it matters. and I would be interested what Billy thinks too.

  43. John Beadling

    Awesome!! You rock a$$

  44. Ta Sohm

    This is one of Ace's best cover tunes!!! Sublime.

  45. steven lennon

    I love this recording Ace...nice noise baby

  46. John Smith

    Kiss needs Ace, but Ace doesn't need Kiss.

    Alan Buhlinger

    How is that KISS is currently selling out arenas all over America, and soon will be playing stadiums while Ace plays clubs? Trust me, I'm an Ace fan, that's why im here, but your statement is untrue.

    KHHD 67

    ​@Alan Buhlinger The statement is correct, he refers to music, not fame or money.



  47. JFK show

    Best track off the record. Although not an Eddie Money song. He did it so well he made it his. A minor hit for Billy Satellite (band) two years prior to Money .

  48. Jame Workman

    Ace does the best cover songs he is one of the few that can do another artists song and do it better or just as good! Rock On Ace!!!

    Shayne Eddy

    Yeah everything but "the Joker" which has actually grown on me

  49. tim mitchell

    Great guitar work! Terrible vocal!

  50. rene rigal

    Eddie Money song. My favorite song from Eddie Money.

  51. Vladimir Putzinski

    No comment, just passing on some new music, sounds like 70’s rock!
    Band is GLITTER DOGS. 2 albums on Spotify, iTunes!

  52. Dawn

    Well that was a surprise!

  53. Jukebox Heroes

    Musically it's a great cover but vocally man is it bad lol


    Jukebox Heroes I really wish Ace had let his drummer Scott Coogan sing more songs because he’s a good singer.

  54. Alex Frehley



    When the opening riff happened i said to myself this is the best tune Ive heard so far from this record and then realized it was an Eddie Money tune and said Oh No.

    Max Views

    JON GILLETTE I love Eddie Money, and Ace Frehley

  56. Aaron Brummett

    OK, if I am introducing someone to KISS music for the first time... this is the album I would have them listen to.

    Max Views

    Aaron Brummett If you were gonna get some into KISS you should start with Rock and Roll Over

  57. Maggy Kuhn

    Oh yes the pleasant sound of Ace. I like this one sung I want to go back by Ace. Better than I do Eddie money's version. Eddie had said that kid wrote it in about 5 minutes with this other guy I forgot the name of the guy but they're in the studio and Eddie said here's something. And they both took about 5 minutes to write it.he also had a tour called I want to go back. It was for charity and he did a autograph signing. That's how I found out about I want to go back. 5 minute catchy tune perfect for Ace. I played it now for a hundred of time

    Max Views

    Maggy Kuhn I love both versions of I Wanna Go Back by Eddie, and Ace

  58. Steffen Dove

    Who cares about the tempo. Why cover something note for note. He just put his own spin on it. Sounds fine to me.

    Max Views

    Steffen Dove I love this song


    I fondly remember listening to Ace's solo album so many times, I wore out the needle on my father's HIFI system. "I wanna go back."

  60. Justin Case

    Not that good, compared to the original version but still the only song worth listening to off Spaceman.

    Max Views

    Justin Case I love both versions

  61. David Wilson

    Another horrible record from a no talent washed up piece of garbage..... can’t sing can’t play guitar can’t write a song .... nice job butchering a great Eddie money song...ace you suck!!!!!!

  62. GG Aaron

    The Hard Times are dead and gone.
    I don't wanna be there ... or even think back


    Better song and performance.

  63. Mike Grassman

    Ace is back and he told guy you so

    Max Views

    Mike Grassman I love all of Ace’s songs in KISS and as a solo artist

    Tami Pike

    He Sure is BACK. I love it

    Tami Pike

    Hey Your right Ace is Back

    richard montano

    You're right. This is a great cover. I just bought the album a few weeks ago and it's classic Ace!

  64. el toro


    Max Views

    el toro I love it

  65. Maggy Kuhn

    I used to roller skate till I want to go back. Just Close Your Eyes YouTuber remember all the days of the youth. It'll keep you young

  66. Maggy Kuhn

    Wow Ace doing Eddie Money and most of all my favorite Eddie Money song of all time. I want to go back to. Where high school and fun and game was the chance in life and lots of fun doing it. Now that we're all so much older oh yeah it feel great. So then you're all heads go back.

    Sean Morrison

    Ed Money covered the song also

    Derek Booth

    Maggy Kuhn I love this version. ACE rules

    Sean Morrison

    Eddie Money didn't right the song and he covered it to and had the biggest hit out of it


    R.I.P. Eddie.

  67. Joe Billings

    I love ya Ace but I wanna go back and reconsider hitting the play button on this one. Sorry.

    Max Views

    Joe Billings I love this song

  68. Frehley Erik


    Max Views

    Frehley Erik This song is great Indeed

  69. Roger Massey

    Love the song, Ace!

    Max Views

    Roger Massey Love this song by Ace to

  70. Anton Smith

    This actually sounds pretty good!

    Aaron Brummett

    I know... it's strange. They should really let Ace lead KISS.

    Anton Smith

    I am not a hater of any KISS album or member but I do think they have mayde quite a few medicre tunes and other bad choices. All the "last tour"-stuff is just laughable. The actual members beside Gene and Paul are just musicians having a great time probably. I get that.. But the same make up as Ace and Peter? Just weird decision in a time when they know most people going to a KISS concert aren't getting fooled. Besides that I agree. Ace seem to be quite fit musically for his age and would probably make a rather strong KISS show if they could work it out!

    Derek Booth

    MikeOldfieldMan I like this version. ACE rules

  71. Will Johnson

    Not awful, but nothing spectacular either. Tempo definitely drags.

    Max Views

    Will Johnson I love this song

    Will Johnson

    @Max Views I should listen to it more maybe it'll grow on me.

    Max Views

    Will Johnson Yep


    It's a somber and sad song about pining for younger days/wanting to go back in time but not being able to. The tempo fits the lyrics perfectly as such. It's a bittersweet topic and song that illustrates melancholy in the best sense of the word. It's definitely a grown-up person's song, though, and as such not for all KISS fans, some of whom seem to have never matured beyond junior high and who still have a boys rule/girls drool mentality. Most thoughtful and best lyrics on the album even if it is a cover. It suits Ace and many of his fans who are also older and wiser (not all of his fans are though, lol). Who doesn't wish they could do it again as you head into the twilight and realize how much time you've wasted on dumb things and bad choices. Wanting a faster tempo from a song like this would be like wishing Amazing Grace or Ave Maria were thrash songs. It's missing the whole point of getting older and thoughtfully looking back at life.

  72. MooDog's Frugal R/Cs!

    Love Ace!!

    Max Views

    MooDog's Frugal R/Cs & More! Same

  73. kissacdcstore

    ACE ..... PERU !
    Ack !

    Max Views

    kissacdcstore Agreed

  74. lvilliankriss

    Loved it !!

    Max Views

    lvilliankriss Agreed

  75. Marty Mart

    Thanks Curly, love the new album!!👍

    Max Views

    Marty Mart Love Ace’s new album Spaceman to

  76. Knight of Light

    Эйс ещё не потух, что радует. Не Тэйлор Свифт же слушать)

    Ace is still on fire it's cool. We don't want to listen to Taylor Swift, do we?)

    Max Views

    Knight of Light I love modern music but Taylor Swift isn’t one of them. Same with Justin Bieber

  77. Лилия Лилия

    Sweet cover

  78. Granville Friel

    Damn Ace needs a singer

    William Curry

    he was always flat when it came to singing

    Edward Baladinakis

    And you need a band and if your lucky 40 years of music. Get outta here with your bullshit go take a rocket ride 🌌⚡⚡🚀⚡⚡⚡

  79. Thomas R. Skidmore

    Kick some ass, Ace!

  80. Sean Morrison

    Whyndod Ace do it

  81. Todd Sanderson

    THe guy who got me to pick up a Guitar and play for 30 years stills Rocks Like it's 1978! Good to see some things dont change!

    Bob Pugliese

    Todd same here but ace never improved. Have you seen the stuff with gene? He cant complete one song. I like ace but really he cant play. I cant believe he ever practiced or tried to improve. I seriously could pick up a left handed guitar and play better as an average guitarist. Dude you've been playing 30 years i respect that but nothing ace does is catchy hes not playing in the right key and its bad. Am i missing something



  83. nate smith

    Ace made this sound like a 70's punk song...I Love it!

    Maggy Kuhn

    Thank you all you YouTubers I know how much you all love Ace.he will always be my favorite band member non band member Ace is absolutely Kool

  84. Domenic Vitanza


  85. paul frehley

    good times

  86. Max Views

    Great cover of a great Eddie Money song


    Eddie Money did a great cover of a Billy Satellite. He may have covered it too. :)

    Max Views

    Midnight Mover Hate the current Journey lineup. Without Steve Perry it isn’t the same

    Max Views

    Midnight Mover Ok

  87. Dr. Roberts

    An Eddie moneyl song. Ace Remake. Ace remakes a lot.

  88. John Barnes


    Max Views

    John Barnes He should keep making albums

    John Barnes

    I hope he keeps recording new music!🎸🎸😎

    Travis 2000

    Something worth buying again!

    Derek Booth

    John Barnes ACE rules

  89. Brian Long

    GREAT ALBUM! This song's my favorite :) !

  90. Moses Garner

    I usually really dig Ace's covers but...not this one. Sorry Ace.

    Max Views

    Moses Garner I love this song and all of Ace’s covers

  91. 69 Kevrolet Fastback

    After all the hype for this song I was expecting more.

    Katie Brooks

    It's a cover.

  92. Donnie Shaw

    I like the original song but Eddie Money. But Ace didn’t do a bad job on it at all.... Keep rocking Ace!!⚡️

    JFK show

    Donnie Shaw the original song isn't by Eddie Money he covered it also