Ace Frehley - Gimme A Feelin' Lyrics

When I see you it’s such a reaction
And Baby, you got what it takes to jangle my brain
Now you’re looking so good
And you’re such an attraction
And I just wanna celebrate...celebrate...

You gimme a feelin’ because you’re on my mind
And I start believing until the end of time
Well, all I know I can sleep because I’m thinking ‘bout you
And all I know and every day you drive me so crazy

When I’m close to you, girl
You’re so contagious
Now I’m looking at you
I know that you’re the one
And Baby, everything about you is so outrageous
And I just wanna celebrate...celebrate...


Lead break...

When I’m playing with you there’s a chemical reaction
And everything about you has gone to my soul...Oh, Yeah!
And Baby, I just wanna celebrate...celebrate...celebrate...celebrate...celebrate...

You gimme a...gimme gimme a...
You gimme a feelin’ because you’re on my mind, Oh, yeah!
And I start believing until the end of time
Well, all I know I can’t sleep because I’m thinking ‘bout you
And all I know and every day you drive me so crazy, crazy
You drive me fucking nuts!

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Ace Frehley Gimme A Feelin' Comments
  1. anders lindberg

    ace, you rock million times better than kiss ever since their revenge album I think. keep

  2. Frankwolf100

    Great Tune!

  3. Anders Lindberg

    "Just been thinking...what a great band Kiss would have been..."


    If Gene wasn't a control Freak, Paul wasn't a Prima Donna, Peter had some self control and Aces' sobriety would've come 20 years earlier? I agree!

  4. Anders Lindberg

    What a great song. Ace rocks more than Kiss ever have since Ace left. Just been thinking, what a grat been Kiss would have been if Ace could have been sober when he was in Kiss in the 70s...Ace is obviously the greatest talent Kiss ever had. Gene and Paul: Since Ace is sober now for years, please bring him back to Kiss, and Kiss will rock now like ever before, and you will get the real Kiss fans back.

  5. Lemmy Cash

    Ace is and always will be the heart and soul of KISS

    Anders Lindberg

    +Thomas Moon Agree.

  6. Rick Rozz

    ACE is back and he told you so. Cheers & Peace.

    Lemmy Cash

    +Rick Rozz There's only 1 Ace


    Long live Paul Daniel (AKA Ace Frehley) from Da Bronx!  

  8. Robert French

    I use to get beat up by the Disco Loving Jock for being a KISS fan,,,, BUT my friends called me Ace because I was an Ace fan

  9. Psycho Jack Jack

    LOVE This! Has that late 70s Ace/Kiss sound!  and check me out Americas Got Talent magician. "Psycho Jack Magic Best Of"

  10. The1WhoKnowsTheTruth

    Great song.  The most talented guy ever to be a part of "KISS" is back!

    Mehdi Saad

    I agree


    Being a fan sometimes appears to be somewhat hard. A fan seems to confuse shit with gold quite often ;-)

  12. Marcelo G

    Ace el mejor de todos !!!!!

  13. oggigiorno07

    Ace, it' s real good !!!

  14. foto flik

    This is the Kiss sound!

  15. Testlabor77

    has a lot of the old kiss feeling and this IS ACE... oh yeah
    dressed to kill feeling 2014

  16. Psykootje71

    Good to hear from Ace again. The song is ok, maybe he should have hired someone to refine the lyrics..... Maybe ;-)

  17. jchap04



    these fuking lyrics suck...but I really like the mix and sound of this... but, God, these lyrics...I wrote better lyrics when I was in 5th grade, honest- or just as good as these.... I bet this album KICKS ASS tho...can't wait to hear "The Joker"

    mark swishersweets

    if your expecting some pink floyd type of shit from a member of kiss.. then you need to move along because it's not going to happen. No worse than, paul stanleys c'mon n love me. "she's a dancer, she's a prancer, i'm a capricorn she's a cancer.".. i mean c'mon.


    lolf ;_


    But honestly, dude, if you listen to Anomaly there is some cool fkng lyrics on it..I love the lyrics to many of em on that album.. and strange enough, Ace's lyrics on some Anomaly songs made me like the song... ps. Pink Floyd lyrics suck...They make me wanna dig a hole and bury myself in it. Fk that shit. They love death. Fk them, with all due respect. :)

    Roy Nichols

    @V4EKKRINH4RT agreed. whenever I watch The Departed I always skip over the scene where Comfortably Numb plays. It gives me douche-chills and pulls me right out of the movie