Ace Frehley - Foxy & Free Lyrics

You're looking good, you get me so hot
Know you can satisfy my needs
Like taking candy from a baby
Make me forget about reality

Foxy & free
You take my breath away (breath away)
So foxy

You've got the power and the passion
You make me lose my sense of pride
Watchin' you and you're on fire
I know what you're thinking, I can read your mind

Foxy & free
You take my breath away (breath away)
So sexy, but to me
You take my breath away (breath away)
Now foxy, listen to this

Foxy (foxy)
I know you drive me wild
Lookin' at you Voodoo Child
Alright, baby
Now here it comes

Fire and ice, black leather, satin
You've got the moves I've always craved
You've got a look that drives me crazy
You're hot enough to raise the dead from the grave

Foxy & free
You take my breath away (breath away)
So sexy, but to me
You take my breath away (breath away)

Foxy & free
You take my breath away (breath away)
So sexy, but to me
You take my breath away (breath away)


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Ace Frehley Foxy & Free Comments
  1. Rod Lee

    Man Baz wrote lyrics that got changed. Know the facts peeps.

  2. amy hurst

    Two wonderful ladies are foxy

  3. Anthony Gattuso JR

    This Song.. Kicks Ass for days!!!!!!

  4. André Luiz da Silva

    Música de Sebastian Bach injustiça Sr ace no mínimo tinha que por o nome do cara nos créditos

  5. I S

    what a weird thing to change it to. Rip off, obviously

  6. Kalam Burgo

    I'm only here because I listened to Sebastian Bach's audiobook, he sounded sincerely heartbroken about this. You can not fake that.
    To stick it in the back of your lifelong fan like this, of someone who clearly adored you from their childhood...only a piece of human garbage would do such a thing.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SKID muthatruckin' ROW!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  7. Allan Lamb

    I am also here from reading Baz's book lol......I do have to say....this does sound like a Sebastion Bach song.....

  8. Stephen Michael

    Give Baz the co-writing & publishing

  9. Jay Sizzle

    Sebastian Bach wrote this song and Ace stole it. Never once gave him credit, any credit whatsoever.

  10. Rainy Day

    I'm feelin' a little Hendrix vibe here! :)

  11. Johnny Freedom

    Baz should have gotten co-writing credit on this. Killer tune.

  12. jp m

    Here from Sebastian Bach's book. Wasn't credited with his writing for this. Nice riff. Shame Bach's contributions are over-looked.


    The story from Bach's book was what got me here, hadn't listened to this album for years.


    same the book,came here to listen. Baz Rules!


    Just read Sebastian’s book and thought I’d check out his tune. A shame he couldn’t get some credit.

  13. Dale Tranter

    Sounds like Jimi Hendrix. Anybody else picked up on that ?

    Rainy Day

    I did! :)

    Corentin Descamps

    Even the lyrics are Jimilikes :-)

  14. Cj Divine

    foxy and free you take my breath away so foxy

  15. paul frehley

    super album......wish ace had made it a single vinyl release tho

  16. templeofbone

    So HEAVY!!!

  17. LoveThatPhantom

    I doubt this will ever happen. But wouldn't it be kinda strange to see KISS and Ace touring together for their new cd release? I just thought of that. Might be a little strange. I wonder if Ace would knock Tommy out so Ace could put HIS MAKE-UP back on.