Ace Frehley - Fox On The Run Lyrics

I don't wanna know your name
'Cause you don't look the same
The way you did before

Okay, you think you got a pretty face
But the rest of you is out of place
You looked all right before

Fox on the run
You scream and everybody comes a-running
Take a run and hide yourself away
Foxy on the run
F-foxy, fox on the run and hideaway

You, you talk about just every band
But the names you drop are second hand (second hand)
I've heard it all before

I don't wanna know your name
'Cause you don't look the same
The way you did before

Fox on the run
You scream and everybody comes a-running
Take a run and hide yourself away
Foxy on the run
F-foxy, fox on the run and hideaway

Fox on the run
You scream and everybody comes
A-running, take a run and hide yourself away...
Foxy on the run

Fox on the run
Fox on the run
Fox on the run
Fox on the run
Fox on the run
Fox on the run

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Ace Frehley Fox On The Run Comments
  1. adam1984pl

    I love that boogie solos/

  2. TickholeProductions

    This version of the 70's hit by Sweet bloody rocks, Well done Ace

  3. tyler skott

    Shut the fuck up about kiss for less than 4 minutes and enjoy ace frehley for what he is without them

  4. Mychal Seymour

    I love you Ace but Joey C. Jones Of (Sweet Savage) from Texas did Fox on the Run better. Go back and listen to it

  5. Mandalorian

    Ace has that sound and style that suits the time of The Sweet. I'd like to hear him do Cheap Trick, Kansas or even ELO.


    great bands,also Styx.

  6. IlovemyCountry

    Love you Ace!!


    Great cover of the SWEET Classic by the best of KISS.

  8. copperhead

    The best two covers I've heard has been this and The Wallflowers cover of Hero's.

  9. Robbie Cook

    Ace was my favorite member of kiss

    Diana Pitts

    My husband & I were fortunate enough to run into Ace and the band in Vancouver, CA. My husband was star struck!

  10. Baby Uno

    I've always loved him but when I see old pics n new pics I'm like that's not the same person. He will always be my favorite KISS member. You rock Ace!

  11. Gabriel Gracia

    By song the Sweet band UK Andy Scott ,Brian Connolly, Steve Priest, Mick Tucker

  12. Jason Yazzie

    My brother Johnson Yazzie is a big Ace Frehley fan, in life and in death. R.I.P. bro!! Remember "if you get caught, I'm not with you..........if I get caught..........your with me" love and miss you Johnson Ace Yazzie.

  13. Peter Kier

    Love Ace. Love Sweet more. Good cover though!

  14. Lena Austin

    What a sweet cover from The Bronx.

  15. Jay Dee

    Guitar hero that's all ........Legend !

  16. IlovemyCountry

    My all time fave rock star!!

  17. donnareedfan

    Good choice for him ... he rocks it!

  18. beggersbanquet 5150

    Ace never needed kiss...🙄🙄🙄

  19. Miss Tery

    🦊 😘👋🏻

  20. Kevin Pater

    Shred it

  21. Trevor Snr Mills

    Brilliantly executed style of this version of Fox On The Run

  22. rockandbluesfan 79

    Ace actually sounds very similar to Brian Connolly when he was older vocally.

  23. Jeffrey Davis

    With Ace Frehley, KISS was a Hall of Fame band. Without Ace Frehley, KISS is a sad, tired old joke.

  24. Raven Vargas

    Wow he really did an awesome job on this Ace is the man

  25. Simone Di Ottavio

    Ace rule...!! never stop rockin' Buddy...

  26. Cold Warrior

    Kiss is like poker. It is a losing hand without an ACE !!!

  27. stobbi38

    So I've been obsessed with both Ace and The Sweet for months now but I haven't heard this until now?!?! Wow...

  28. Ace Turner

    Cool.👍 😎

  29. reaper man

    70's EXPRESESS is pulling out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Glenn Speake


  31. Derek Booth

    Nicely done

  32. toober

    Put this to rest... Ace Frehley is the BEST!

  33. RK Byrd

    I loved the original by SWEET, but Ace makes it his own!!


    there also Girlschool version.

  34. Ronald Lafrieniere

    ace the best kiss member

  35. dana handley

    Asses kick. faces melted. end of story!!

  36. LT Matthis

    Ace Frehley Totally Rocks 4Ever.

    Ace Frehley, & Peter Criss is why I started liking Kiss in 1997 when I
    was only 4 years old, & still have the most admiration for both Ace Frehley,
    & Peter Criss & I Always Will.

  37. Ace Turner

    Yeah....a really good cover of the original...

  38. terezinha Hilbig

    I love this song
    my favorite

  39. angel whispers

    Hell to the YESSSS
    Ace FREHLEY rock's FOX ON THE RUN it

  40. Jan Meyers

    This is an awesome Sweet song writen by Sweets Andy Brian Mick and Steve ,,,,,Give credit were its due ...

  41. Ann Wilkiemeyer

    I love ACE FREHLEY version of 🦊 on the run

  42. Thomas Stansell

    Ace Rules!

  43. Thomas Borgebäck

    sweet + ace = fantastic

  44. Ace Turner

    Ecellent cover of the sweet claasic...Awesome Ace!!😊👍

  45. AJAXKID123

    I’m a huge Sweet fan and Fox on the Run is an all time fav, but I really love Ace’s interpretation of the intro, in particular. It feels really good and I think that’s what makes him special. Maybe he’s not technically the best by someone’s snobby standards, but he’s good at eliciting a pleasurable listening experience. That’s the whole point of Rock n Roll!

    RK Byrd

    Damn Straight! :-)

  46. James ALLEN

    At his age and still rocking it ✌

  47. dan jakubik

    Ace made KIss, Kiss...

  48. Glen Munro

    Good Cover.

  49. Ann Wilkiemeyer

    Love Ace Frehley

  50. Ann Wilkiemeyer

    I love it. Hell yeah

  51. Jon Campbell

    Sweet opened for KISS on the Dynasty tour.

  52. Richard Harris

    Fantastic vocals on this awesome version

  53. DH Thomas

    Ace and Peter are the only rock stars KISS ever had. Ace did this song justice for damn sure.

  54. Mary Burdette

    There will only ever be one Space Ace <3 love you buddy keep rockin

  55. Mafr0

    Ace's voice sounds like it never left the 70s

  56. Alessandro Pozzi

    Great version...Ace voice tune is perfect for this evergreen track

  57. Ace Turner

    Ace nails this song...sure its nowhere near the original...but I like the way Ace puts his own personal way to the song....its really cool.👍

  58. Sonny Parker

    Awesome remake !!

  59. Leopold Loewe

    Awesome version. Love the guitars. Ace is in great shape and never sounded better

  60. minerva sst

    Song sounds just like do ya

  61. John Williams

    Better than the original...

  62. Franky Coronados filmtexas

    Ace was the hardener that made kiss

  63. Barry LeJeune


  64. Barry LeJeune


  65. єvєrчday αtrσcítчTM

    Imagine if this would've been a KISS song originally. Ace would've become the face of the band.

  66. Siggy Pop

    YEAH! ;>)

  67. robert spears

    Perfect for ace

  68. Dean Edward

    I am an original KISS Army member, and love Ace.... but a song like this should have been left alone. Sorry Ace.

  69. Ace Turner

    Do another Sweet song...Like the six-teens...thats pretty cool.👍 😎

  70. Gerhard Mitterböck

    The Fox is pwnd by Ace ;-)

  71. Darrren Betker

    I love Kiss but that was hard to listen to.

  72. Paul Caldwell

    I love this tune!

  73. tamm stafford

    The ONLY true KISS lead guitarist. Love ya spaceman!

  74. tamm stafford

    The ONLY true KISS lead guitarist. Love ya spaceman!

  75. Duke Mantee

    People who talk smack about Ace can KMA.

  76. Elijah Mandes

    Always thought that ace sang this anyways

  77. ieronimo18

    I'm glad that I'm alive at the same time as Ace Frehley.

  78. Peter Allen

    Oh yeah!!!!!!

  79. tompa1966

    nice cover of a sweet song. ;-)

  80. zygomagicus

    fuckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lololol hahaha

  81. destruya

    I always thought the Sweet singer sounded just like Ace in the 70’s. This is pretty awesome!

  82. Desmond Castro

    Great cover track ! Thanks

  83. Arthur Silva

    Guardians of the Galaxy <3

  84. Chris Mercer


  85. Rick Matthis

    Ace Frehley Rocks, & Is The ONLY Authentic 1 Space Man 4EVER.
    Ace Frehley I Salute You, & thank you for being U.
    Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, & Eric Carr are my most favorite Kiss Members of ALL TIME.
    The song ( Fox On the Run ) Is a dedication to Eric Carr, R.I.P. The Fox.

  86. statman99

    SWEET would be proud of this cover, GO ACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Dylan Waller

    This is a fantastic cover! Ace is just one of the coolest musicians in rock, in my opinion.

  88. Hard and Heavy Kiss

    This sounds great! I love both versions!

  89. James Shedd

    Ace is the only spaceman......period

  90. JN drummer

    The Sweet's version blows this one away!

  91. Randy Hutchinson

    always loved this song

  92. Andrew Kiss

    Ace its the best guitar lead (great on kiss group)

  93. robinbrl

    He has still got it.

  94. Rick Matthis

    Rocking Fox On the Run Tune, By Ace Frehley.

    The Only Way to Listen to Ace Frehley Is LOUD, & PROUD ! ! !

    I am a 4Ever Ace Frehley Fan 4 Life.

  95. Donald Salkovick

    That's a great song for Ace to do....his voice is perfect!

  96. KK Grosse

    Ace Frehley.... best singer awesome signature know it's Ace...bleeds cool

  97. Justa Dude

    really??? Ace.... you are the person that made me pick up the guitar.. but if I were Andy Scott I would kick you in the nuts for doing such a glossed worthless shitty cover of a great tune........ maybe Alvin and the Chipmunks can do a version of Shock me

  98. Pavel Popowitsch

    It's soooo coooool

  99. david jones

    the sweet version not this😨