Ace Frehley - Fallen Angel Lyrics

I know you've been up
I've seen you flyin'
Sometimes I'd wish
That you would fall down
I'm tired of your act
You're not even tryin'
Any dreams of hope
Dashed all away

(I'll) Take you down, so you can see
Take you down, what you've done to me
Take you down. your wanted by all below

Ooohhh fallen angel
Ooohhh fallen angel

Many times alone
I've been here waiting
(and) Many times again
I could not care less
(but) You've got a hold
And deep down I'm shakin'
But I won't let you make
A fool out of me

Ooohhh fallen angel
Ooohhh fallen angel

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Ace Frehley Fallen Angel Comments
  1. zero below22

    Comet reminds me my 15 old🤘🏻
    Great band

  2. Ezequiel Lezama

    UUuuuuUH ¡¡¡ reunited heeeeey eeeeh

  3. Starr Guitar Works

    Ace basically paid for these guys to record their own album. Lol. I bet he didn’t even show up for the sessions.

    Javy C

    @starr-why are you pretending to know the situation back in '88? the other day i saw an interview w/Ace from 1990 and in the interview
    he stated the band only had 45 days to record this album. immediately after they went to London to film this footage and of other songs.
    so you should know the situation before you type nonsense

    Starr Guitar Works

    @Javy C I'm just saying that this song clearly is not an Ace song.

    Starr Guitar Works

    @Javy C Lighten up partner. I'm entitled to my fucking opinion. Were you there? Nope. So quit acting like you know what the fuck up.

  4. For The Love Of Seattle

    Too bad Ace had to fuck this up. Frehley's Comet were a great band. . .

  5. Itchy Scratchy

    Ace should reunite the comet!!!

  6. Peter Demerly

    Who else would love to see this lineup of Frehleys comet back together ?

  7. Peter Demerly

    What a great unreleased version

  8. Nestor Gumble

    la canción ideal para ír por unas 🍻🍺

  9. AlwaysPrisms

    wow love this but were is ace  just wondering  and why is he not singing this song


    he didnt write it, todd did, he also sang other songs in the band to

  10. T Collier

    They clearly wanted to modernize Frehley's Comet...Tod had talent but his material was lame...This band is like a poor man's White Lion...Second Sighting was a weak record!

  11. Vanei Pontes

    Ace "fuck🎸" Frehley 😎👊

  12. ishootforaliving

    Ace 👍

  13. Joeythebabykangaroo

    Jamie Oldaker plods and plods. His style, especially in concert, was rubbish.

  14. studio7

    Does anyone think Todd Howarth sounds like John Waite and this a Babys song? Ace Frehley's guitar sound sounds a little different from his usual though.

  15. Ann Marie Whalen

    Rock on!

  16. Ed Muniz

    Todd most certainly played his part and made drastic contributions to the annals of KISSTORY playing in Frehley’s comet!

  17. Will Thomas

    Tod is still a badass.

  18. Steven Murray

    Where the heck did i see this years ago????? Had to have been a exclusive on Headbangers Ball. I keep thinking. In that time sometimes after a movie on VHS a video would play. Seems kinda like it played at the end of something. Shocker? Bill and Ted?

  19. Cornelius Crewe

    I’ve picked on Todd’s high pitched vocals for a lot of years, but I gotta admit I forgot how catchy this song is.

  20. Draggo 2012

    Tod Howarth was better singer than Ace. Those 2 first albums are better than all the other just for Tod’s voice.

  21. trustobey1016

    Todd looks like a blonde Eric Carr.

  22. Michael Davey

    Love this sound , kiss? Who

  23. 69 Kevrolet Fastback

    Anton Fig was/is an amazing drummer. But Sandi Slavin and Jamie Oldaker did NOT fit Ace`s sound/style at all

  24. Felony Strutter

    See, now I feel cheated that this was not on the VHS release back then. Why not? It makes no sense for them not have put the video on the VHS?  What did Eddie Skunk not like it?? Was Eddie Skunk one of the kiss ass , mindless fucks telling Ace "Todd is trying to steal the band from you??"I LOVED this album...much better than Trouble Walkin;  You know the Ace band that Keith Richards tribute dude Richie Scarlet.  I did NOT like it when they did Hide Your Heart,  as a lifer KISS fan I did not know how to take that? I still don't,  Hide will ALWAYS be a GREAT KISS song..  On both FC albums I loved every song on Trouble I liked maybe 5 songs. Thanks to Ace through Bill for FINALLY releasing this video, it is nice to see Todd again, he was awesome but I have to admit ..just like Paul on his solo 89 tour, I hate those guitars with no head stock,

  25. Pi Beta

    Good God... I remember the day I bought The Comets album just to be haunted forever by Turd Howarth's annoying voice. Man, that was terrible.

    What's even worse was that I bought the 2nd Sighting to listen to shit like that...

    Thank God for 'Trouble Walkin'' and Turd's absence since then.

    Steven Murray

    Well that would mean the first song you heard him sing was Breakout song 2. One of the best songs on the record. Mabey you should give it another listen. Well that is unless your a troll. Then your just hear to stir up shit.

  26. JENDALL714

    I like Frehley's Comet, but Ace on his own at that time, was not good, there was no one to make sure he got to the Gigs or the studio on time. No Gene and Paul to babysit him, that's why Frehley's Comet didn't last long.

    Steven Murray

    Sadly your right. Eddie Trunk had his work cut out for him. Had to force feed him McDonald's fish sandwiches. True story.

  27. kyritz1905

    This was on live +4

    Steven Murray

    Into the night. Rock Soldiers. Insane. Its over now. Was live +4. But i know ive seen this somewhere. Back then. Maybe headbangers ball. Not sure. But after i read your comment had to check that. And WE were wrong. Not on alive+4.

  28. kaf051

    Ace with a whammy bar...

  29. Mr Demoncrusher

    Apart from the unmistakable Frehley Solo, this could have been a Def Leppard B-side.

  30. Daniel Preece

    As someone who bought it brand new I can say this thing landed with a big ol' THUD. NOBODY cared. I couldn't get anyone to listen to it, especially the non-Ace songs. I felt really bad for Ace. Creatively and personally it was the lowest point of his career. Eddie Trunk talks about how Ace was too out of it to contribute much and the label just wanted to get it out and done with.

    Thankfully he released Trouble Walkin' two years later and it was amazing.

  31. Rick Castle

    I love Ace, but this was really pedestrian. Bon Jovi-ish.

    Jon Bruno

    Bon Jovi could only wish they ever did anything nearly this good.

  32. Slim Moses

    Headless guitars are butt ugly.

  33. TheTrunk60

    Also loved Todd on "Something moved". That song has me speeding everytime when I'm driving, can't help it. And " Insane" is one of Ace's best vocals EVER. Great fun song.

    Black Death 1347

    Hell yeah, "Something Moved" kicks ass! For me that's THEE song by the Comet, my all-time favorite. "Into The Night" is cool, too, and of course, "Rock Soldiers."

  34. Creative Worx Motion Media

    who ever the editor was on this video clearly did not read the band name..... LOL "Frehley's Comet" not Regans Comet :) clearly NOT enough shots of Ace in this video.... every time I expect a cut to Ace it would be John lol

  35. rossberg enrico

    awesome das ist mucke

  36. Brian Koncyk

    Love Todd's vocals! Frehley's Comet was very cool. Space Ace is the man in whatever he does. Keep rocking Ace!

  37. BubbaLuvSponge14

    lol ace singin fallen angel when his voice isnt in that part

  38. Something Wicked This Way Comes

    Now I know why it was 'unreleased'. I wouldn’t want my name on that generic crappy song.

  39. Kimindigo

    why is ace trying to look like he sing in that song,,you cant here his voice and stil his trying to make it look like his singing ,,ace was great in early 70,s ,,but his not the smartest guy in the world.. i love early 70,s ace,,but even how much i love the guy i must say his full of shit.. i would never ever trust that guy.

  40. Jason Benesh

    I always loved the Tod Howarth songs.

  41. Wesley 9199

    Ok what guitar is that with the tuning keys at the bottom I don’t think it’s stineberg

  42. 01artist

    This is kind of cool for what it is. . .

  43. Scott Davis


  44. Sebas Frehley

    it shows how ace always wanted to do music. he dont really care the publicity. all of them are a band. nobody have to be bigger than others. thats why he left this vídeo to the other guy. because he didnt want to do what paul and gene did to him. thats it.


    I don't know how i missed the talent of Tod Howarth back in the day. I've just discovered him and he was the talent and driving force of frehleys comet. I know ace will always be nostalgic because of Kiss. But Tod is THE MAN!!!

    Granville Friel

    MIKE GROSS ROCKINGUITARLESSONS1 I agree with you Tod wrote some killer songs good guitar player as well !!!


    Ace was so high out of his mind, that he couldn't follow much direction. He was a mess in this era.

    Sonny Parker

    Sorry guys but Rock soldiers, into the night , we've got your rock totoly kicks was. Pulse there is so much that Ace recorded that has never been released. Rock or be rocked is a killer tune. You just have to play nice with the record companies.


    Tod was needed, and he was the perfect, commercial aspect of that band. And, he's a genuinely nice guy. Hell of a musician too.

  46. Alex Thorn

    Great chorus & rhythm but...theres really no Ave in this. Especially for it being his band. Hell frehley even looks out of it.

  47. paul frehley

    drummer is dog tucker

  48. crisscat2006

    This was, so far... The best Frehley band version ever

    scott sailer

    NOT. Ill take Scarlet any day. Best band ever is his current band. everyone is top notch.

  49. Acemotherfcken Frehley

    Frehley's band should have just been Frehley singing, this guy fucking blows and is generic 80s bullshit

    Bill Baker

    Tod's a great guy but I get it, we just want ACE! -BB


    Hello this is from the 80's and Tods voice is amazing. Ace can't sing but can play awesome guitar

  50. James Boyles

    What do you mean unreleased? That isn't true.

    James Boyles

    @crisscat2006 lol, the vid was released years ago.


    James Boyles not officially

    James Boyles

    @crisscat2006 i'm sure i saw it when frehley's comet was still together.


    The video was almost released but Ace couldn't afford the fee Gene was asking for


    @Bill Baker It was released as a promo tape, I have it myself, very rare.

  51. cjhart2000

    frehley's commit were awesome

  52. Allan

    oh God! Frehley's Comet were awesome... what a shame the band didin't worked well.

    Craig Willis

    they were bad ass. i seen them on their 1st tour along with 5 other bands in Houston, Tx.

  53. Ryan Bradley

    I'm sorry the Todd songs are so generic. They could have just as easily been Survivor or b-side White Lion songs.


    Perhaps, but ya gotta go with the stronger material regardless of who wrote it.

    Acemotherfcken Frehley

    Frehley's band should have just been Frehley singing, this guy fucking blows and is generic 80s bullshit

    JW Stuff

    I liked the balance of the two singers. Tod's songs on the first album were really good and I think "It's Over Now" was the highlight of Second Coming and is still my favorite ballad of all time. It was sort of the KISS formula of two singers and added some cool variety live and gave Ace a break at times live to focus on guitar on those songs even more. I agree most of the other songs on Second Coming were not great... but that would include Ace's songs... Insane was not a great song, imo. Ace does best when he has many years between releases to pull the best songs. Give him a year to do an album, and you are not really going to get many great songs there usually. Tod also kept the pressure off of Ace in that sense, less Ace filler songs so he could focus on really good ones and leverage Tod to fill out the albums. I'd love to see them reunite and do a Frehley's Comet tour.

    Granville Friel

    Ryan Bradley Ace wasn't around much for this album Tod did what he had too do i like his songs better than the junk Ace recorded

    Eddie Ryals

    That song sucked.

  54. GG Aaron

    some of the worst KISS related music there is.
    It's good. But it's shit for Ace.

  55. Ryan Bales

    Sounds like Damn Yankees

  56. Tom Matthews

    The irony... A Frehley's Comet video that barely shows Frehley!

    Andres Carrasco

    he was to drunk to play for a music vídeo, Frehley had a lot of talent the he never really exploted as he could

    Nigel Adie

    Maybe, just maybe...that's why it was never released?

    Draggo 2012

    Who wants Ace when Tod is singing?

    Derek Booth

    Tom Matthews I know. just not right

  57. Ryan Cody


  58. scott sailer

    It is a good song,, though I have always had a problem with the fact that Ace is not on all the lead vocals.  This is why I dont like 1/2 the songs on second sighting. not enough ace vox.  If I wanted a a record by any of the other guys in this band,, I would have bought them,, not. I think this is also why he dropped the comets when he did Trouble walking. 

    Daniel Preece

    According to Eddie Trunk, who then worked for the label, Ace was too drugged out to complete the album so they had to use a lot of filler just to get it finished.

  59. jendel15

    thanks Bill Baker!  :)

  60. Frodisboy

    Amazing. Thanks for posting!

  61. Maria Martins

    OMG, This song is perfect!

  62. ace302

    Again you are wrong:
    On December 14, 2008 he released an acoustic version of the Frehley's Comet classic "Time Ain't Runnin' Out" exclusively on his Myspace page.
    His latest solo cd "Opposite Gods" was released independently in April 2010. In June of 2012 he released a video single on YouTube of his single *"Cold Beach", filmed on location in the California desert. The video was shot and edited primarily by Vancouver producer Brian Sword.

    Working by HIMSELF. Releasing videos on myspace?!?!? LOL

  63. ace302

    sorry, hard to tell sometimes in print.

  64. Megan Beveridge

    plus..... he quit working in music biz.... if he still wanted to have a music biz... HE WOULD STILL HAVE ONE!

  65. Megan Beveridge

    uhm it was a joke BTW

  66. Megan Beveridge

    HAYYY lol my mums account ;) hannah

  67. rybones1311

    Ace was very lucky to always have such a great band, and very lucky to have Tod Howorth to make enough tracks for an album.

  68. JR x

    jimmy page also used les pauls with a floyd on em ;)

  69. ace frehleys baby

    oh i havent seen that. so ill watch it i just thought you were talking about the released version.... lol and ill watch the chipmunk version tooo

  70. Ebba Kesselfors

    haha,ikr?? ^^

  71. ace frehleys baby

    lol SO TRUE EBBA

  72. Ebba Kesselfors

    all those who say he is ugly and have no talent,JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP,coz u will never be at the same level as him!!!!!!he have been with lots of girls,more than u can ever dream of,ure just jealous,so shut the fuck up and drink milk.

  73. ace frehleys baby

    well yeah but still todd was good !

  74. ace frehleys baby

    into the night isnt a demo?

  75. ace frehleys baby

    it got lots of negative votes :(

  76. Ebba Kesselfors

    THATS RIGHT HANNAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. ace frehleys baby

    and was sexy

  78. ace frehleys baby

    SHUT YOUR BIG FAT MOUTH todd is my babe as well as ace

  79. hirskdubbi

    i thought he complimented Ace well,i loved this album alot growin up.great times

  80. crisscat2006

    this in not a demo, is a song from "Second Sighting" album released in 1988

  81. ace302

    Tod was the biggest mistake Ace ever made. His songs are pop, not rock. He ruined Frehley's Comet.

    Rainy Day

    I think Todd was great.

  82. Kale Baldwin

    It sounds like Cheap Trick.

  83. Evan Jeffries

    Tod had the strong songs on "Second Sighting". Tod really shined on this album

  84. Kale Baldwin

    You're correct, it DOESN'T sound like VH.

    Well, maybe Van Hagar...

  85. Chris ayres

    what are you a 5 year old learn how to have an intelligent conversation without swearing otherwise 99% of people on youtube will ignore you

  86. ace586

    you are nothing but a stupid fuckface! he had to get a sound of his own...not the kiss sound!!! dumbass!! and it sounds nothing like van halen !!! get your shit straight!!

  87. ace586

    you are full of shit also douchebag...Ace was an original that van halen copied!!!!

  88. ace586

    you are so full of shit! Ace has a style of his own and never copied anyone! he is one of or the biggest icons of all 80s guitarists..including van halen and slash you fucking douchebag!!!!

    Scott Cayouette

    Um, you need to go back and relisten to early Ace KISS music. Much of it is very ripped off from his influences. Most of the time he just reversed the cord structure and transposed to another key.
    Both of these KISS (and Ace) have always been know for. Today KISS just blatantly rips off other acts and don't even pretend they are original.

  89. Arco van Akkeren

    Oh com'on..

  90. CTFISHN1

    Yeah, I love Ace. But Tod rocks this song.

  91. Acekicken

    Solo CDs as listed below but he also works for Chep Trick as a Keyboard player for there live shows & did a remake of Dancing with Danger on a Comet tribute CD

  92. Chris ayres

    ah but i found an old Ace solo from 1975 where he is doing two handed tapping this was 2 years before Gene discovered van halen so maybe Eddie copied Ace but i as i said in the 80,s Ace and 99% of all other guitarists except Slash were copying van halen

    Scott Cayouette

    Tapping goes back into at least teh 1950's. BB King claimed he was the very first to do it. To date no one has proven him a liar.
    Ace learned to tap from his time working with Jimi Hendrix (Ace was one of Jimi's roadies.) Eddie Van Halen also picked it up from Jimi.
    With their work together on KISS songs I am sure Eddie & Ace traded some tricks of their trade.


    Scott Cayouette tapping goes back to the 1500s on violin.

  93. GrayWoIf

    The awkward moment when Gene Simmons discoveres Van Halen and Ace ends up copying them


    The Clarences love & support Frehley's Comet!


    The Clarences love & support Ace!

  96. JjasdzJjef

    Ace -------i know ppl of prayer! Your A Beauiful Soul! Again i pray 4 the living spirit! u ever tampa bay area -love you l ;rock soldier-as i am ---my life ive meet a true solider~she keeps me rght! love you so much!!!!

  97. Chris ayres

    is it my imagination or were all bands in the 80,s trying copy Van Halens sound i cant understand why Ace didnt keep his old sound instead of trying to fit in with the 80,s audiences i mean he even has a floyd rose fitted to his les paul he should have stayed true to his classic rock sound like Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin i never saw him trying to be van halen LOL

  98. boycbronco

    Maybe ... but his voice was awful.

  99. ace586

    yep your full of shit!!!!!! fuckface