Ace Frehley - Emerald Lyrics

Down from the glen came the marching men
With their shields and their swords
To fight the fight they believed to be right
Overthrow the overlords

To the town where there was plenty
They brought plunder, swords and flame
When they left the town was empty
Children would never play again

From their graves I heard the fallen
Above the battle cry
By that bridge near the border
There were many more to die

Then onward over the mountain
And outward towards the sea
They had come to claim the Emerald
Without it they could not leave

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Ace Frehley Emerald Comments
  1. Gareth Brisbane

    This is fine until you get to the solos which are an absolute mess. Gorham and Robertson complimented each other making full use of the twin leads, Slash and Ace just sound like they are trying to outdo each other. The Live and Dangerous version is where its at

    Pat Fraser

    Agreed solos sound like a half ass tangled mess

  2. Raphael Murakami

    Tommy who?

  3. Dan Harp

    Love this song !

  4. Joely Barish

    Sounds like Ace is reading a lyric sheet, which I'm sure he was. And the mix is pretty bad. Nice leads by Ace and Slash but Lizzy's version smokes this.

    Rob DeGolier

    I don't think the mix is bad at all. He mixed the guitar hot through the entire album but thats what I like to hear with Ace

  5. Derek Booth

    Love the Celtic sound. Perfect ACE and slash. You have to play together more often.

  6. The Fonz

    Garbage. Go listen to Lizzy this sounds like the vocal is in slow motion and the guitars are brick walled to hell. It’s just bad.

  7. ciaran delaney

    great version. Ace even sounds like Phil Lynott s Dublin accent.

  8. CasSandra Wilcox

    Ace has been so incredibly underrated for way too long...,perhaps Gene and Paul should have listened to Ace when Ace made a suggestion

  9. johnnyplatis

    Great tribute from Ace. Without direspecting the original, he added his own flavour. I have read a lot of jackasses commenting his technique. Well, and i say the bollocks with fucking technique. This is rock n roll, if you want technique listen to von Karayan or get your kicks with metal bores like Malmsteen and the such.

  10. Fernan Villegas

    after spaceman, origins vol. 2!!!!!!

  11. Fernando Fustini

    I´m a HUGE Lizzy fan but I have to say this is BRILLIANT! Ace, you rule sir!

  12. Mike Goodlock

    It's okay I guess. Definitely Ace Frehley

  13. E5150

    Ace does an album with just covers and blows Monster and Sonic Boom out of the water....

  14. Glitter

    Starting at 2:18 Fantastic guitar work.

  15. Pratyush Manjeshwar

    Hats off to the spaceman and slash

  16. Kobra King

    Goodbye Sonic Bullshit!


    ACE IS DA MAN...

  18. Morning Star


  19. Yertle The Turtle

    Love the solo trades.... Slash rips the shit out of it.

  20. frank w

    love this song. just rocks! great guitar tones! !😊

  21. Johnny Rotundo

    great version.
    I do prefer Phil's voice, it's more intimate and warm, and he's a very good story teller, but there ain't nothing wrong with what Ace did.
    I love the fact that he does not stagnate.
    He shows new things with every recording, with flashes of the past thrown in here and there.
    You just want to root for the guy, and see him do well.
    The whole album is fresh and exciting! You just want to hear more!
    The biggest difference between Tommy, and Ace, is that Ace was the innovator, the inventor, and continues to try different things, and evolve as a player, while Tommy tries to sound like Ace 40-45 years ago, with nothing new thrown in.....he's stuck in a rut...
    I just hope the rumors of his financial woes are just that , because he deserves better.
    Always rooting for you spaceman......

    Dennis Peters

    I agree that Phil's voice is better; however, in Ace's defense, he always claimed to be shy of his own singing ability, and said that's why he didn't write many songs for KISS. I'll bet Peter Criss could contribute his voice to this, but it still wouldn't be as good as Phil!

  22. Matias Collaud

    por alguna razón Tomy aún no es de mi agrado..escucho a Kiss hace 20 años.ace debe volver ya.para una gira despedida porque Paul 2017 ya no puede cantar..

  23. sean marcy

    Have to have this album
    Hendricks, Thin Lizzy, Cream,
    and he rocks them all!!!

    He Ace'd them...

  24. Michelle Stiffler

    The Utimate Best Forever Will Be As Well !!!!!

  25. James Cox

    Mr. Ace Frehley   Fk kicks Ass You Rule Space Ace !!

  26. Stefan Smiljanoski

    Brent was right.

  27. hugolafhugolaf

    Ok cover, but the solos are weird. As if they were trying to outdo each other in front of a crowd of impressionable prebubescent nerdsm instead of chruning out good, melodic solos that actaully fit the song. The repeated chorus at the end is also too much.

    Leo Li

    I felt like neither of the guitarists did their best. The solos you heard are all played live. They were constructed spontaneously and usually aren't as good as studio. Ace was a bit sloppy here; Slash's tone waa a bit cliche. Generally good collaboration nonetheless

  28. Carlin Torres

    Im gonna try to see Ace (el chueco)in "mi Buenos Aires querido.."
    there are 3gigs to come in diffrent venues..
    I hope he will be alright,and in a good mood for Rockin in Argentina!!!
    (plis,play for me BACK TO SCHOOL!!!)

  29. Rainy Day

    Damn, I haven't bought an album in a LONG time, but I think I'm gonna have to go out and buy this one!

  30. awcindy

    If there was someway to put Phil's vocals on this version it would be perfect

  31. James

    Nothing compares to Lizzy, but Ace pays a great tribute!

  32. Bill Haze

    I love the thin Lizzy version but this is as close to perfect as it gets

  33. Just K

    Great rendition! I'd be curious to hear Ace and Scott Gorham collaborate on a record

  34. KissU2345

    Great solos between Slash and Ace. I think it's a good cover. And I'm also a big Thin Lizzy fan.

  35. Joe Rodney

    I love that Ace covered this song. One of my favorite Thin Lizzy songs and Ace's version kicks just as much ass.



  37. Chris Clark

    One of the best covers ever!


    Chris Clark fuck yes!

  38. Dahyl Salles

    The best...

  39. Jimmi Joseph

    The spaceman truly f::king rips!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Joe Strickland

    Good overall sound,Fits his style perfect, I can here two totally different guitarist. Thanks Slash for kickin ass

  41. Arturo Almazan

    nice cover. Ace nailed it. I still prefer the original Thin Lizzy version but this one rocks

  42. Mike Dandraia

    Fuckin yeah buddy!!!!

  43. Colin Smith

    Awesome cover of a classic :) Ace WAS Kiss...pure and simple!

  44. Kevin Baker

    Love Ace - Love Thin Lizzy and Love Mastodon's
    version of Emerald...

  45. ROACH

    yes fuck you haters!

  46. Rubber-Johnny

    As a Thin Lizzy fan since the 70s, I tip my hat to the spaceman.

  47. Gary Hunt

    Ace fucking kills it on this album

  48. Black Rose Wicca

    Ace 1, Angus 2 and then the rest that is how who influenced me goes

  49. Black Rose Wicca

    and know Rock -n- Roll is my religion

  50. Black Rose Wicca

    Ace, probably the single most influence on me as guitarist, or sure there is Dave, Eddie, Neil, Slash, Mick, Jimi and a host of other guitarist that have influenced me but Ace is at the top, just throw my 2 cents in on Kiss they were able to deliver but for me it was always Peter and Ace

  51. paul frehley

    what a solo.....spits and moans

  52. Matt Smith

    This is a really good cover.

  53. Darxyde Dave

    woah thats nasty

  54. BADBRUIN71

    Happy belated bday Ace.   you did it again, another kick ass cd.hoping for origins 2 .Tommy Thayer ,how do you look at yourself in a mirror? lmao.

  55. Francie Cotton

    love it

  56. klaws32

    great song, glad to see Lizzy get some love

  57. Roger Gun

    HOLY.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is above great Fuck man you just made one of the best rocksong in my mind CRAZZYYYY FUCKIN AWESOME. You blew me away man with this!!!!

  58. Tomas Hills

    slash also played with ace in this song

  59. James Nagel

    What a great cover. Damn that's rockin.

  60. 7777Scion

    1. The band is absolutely terrible. Drumming sux out loud. 2. Ok this adds nothing to the original Thin Lizzy recording - sort of pointless to do. Doing it live would be one thing, putting out a tribute ..... not so much. 3. He needs to be writing NEW, strong material like Parasite.

  61. Ted Kuczinski

    seen him in Danville Va. at the Carrington pavilion Awesome Ace you still the man love ya!

  62. Bruce Forrest

    Why the hell do KISS fans whine that Ace is no longer in KISS? I mean, listen to this material--it far outweighs any of that uninspired crap KISS is dishing out in recent years. Ace pretty much does a set of KISS hits in his setlist anyways, and the bonus is we don't have to look at that plastic-faced Paul struggling to walk, jump or sing. So, it works out in Ace fans favor.

    Diego Sez

    you are crazy. starchild is kiss. haters may see themselves to the door!


    Bruce Forrest Ace evolved, get over it circus lovers.

    Johnny Rotundo

    Paul was always one of my favorite front men, but he blew out his voice years ago...... time to hang them up.....
    As much as we'd love to see him go on and on, time wreaks havoc as we grow old.
    One of the saddest things I ever witnessed was Chuck Berry playing live about 2 or 3 years ago in St.Louis. The mind was willing, but the body wasn't.
    Actually the mind was also slipping, as he kept forgetting which song they were doing, and had to have sheets of paper on the floor with lyrics, and which keys the songs were in.
    It's better to bow out gracefully, with some dignity, than go on being a mere shadow of your former glory.
    No amount of money is worth that.
    I do wish Paul the best too..."what a drag it is getting old"

  63. Riley boo

    This song is sooo good! :'D

  64. Acemotherfcken Frehley

    i saw ace a week ago in danville, va. this was a great addition to the set list. Ace also played Strange ways live, got my fingers crossed that will be on Vol. 2

  65. bigrocketrocks

    Ace- Raw , but a class act...

  66. Adem H

    Ace Frehley and Slash, playing together and playing awesome guitar solos on a truly electric version of one of the most underrated Thin Lizzy songs ever? I'd just like to say thank you God

  67. Darren S

    I Like Fire n Water - but this Is by far the best song ..... Killer Tone and just Guitar Paradise - Orgasmic even \m/

  68. Robert Koncyk


  69. 1stSaintsFan

    Love the ole' Thin Lizzy and original KISS...Good COver Spaceman.

  70. Eerie Pop Industries

    wOw!!!!!!! speechless.

  71. am2boni


  72. Silvanio Spindola Bernardo

    GUITAR POISON ACE NOTA 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 .

  73. thomas scoot

    ace is doing some really good justice to these covers he sounds awesome!

  74. Bathtubgeorge!

    I like this version, been listen to the Lizzy version in many guises for about thirty years so this is good to hear, the album is sounding real good.

  75. Psyko's Platters

    Truth...I forgot Thin Lizzy did this...saying that..Ace made this his own....and isn't this the track Slash is on too.....too damn cool....truth I love Ace original music but  hope in the next couple years there is a Origins Volume 2...take care and have a great week

  76. 2000 Caveman

    I am buying the CD. Yes the CD. My car CD player is craving it !

  77. Sound Wall

    Ace is awesome

  78. Alb Ritchie

    Ace rocks

  79. Pádraig

    sigh...I love the sound, but I wish Ace wouldn't sing.

  80. Glitter

    2:50-3:55 that's a brilliant guitar duel!

  81. Cameron Nikolajew

    any download links/leaks to this album?

  82. Jerry Myers

    This is rare....a true cover....great job Ace!     ....sounds so close to the original Thin Lizzy version.

    Brannagan O'Brannagan

    +Jerry Myers No doubt, how much more obscure can a cover song be? Great stuff! I saw him play this live last month in San Miguel, Ca. One of my most favorite Lizzy songs.

  83. Bruno April

    Space Ace in top shape !!!

  84. Brian Chandler

    Great job Ace.... ,ACE is the best of all of the KISS members


    + Brian Chandler Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley!!!!

  85. Keeperof Allknowledge

    This is the song I have been waiting for. I knew Ace would do this song 100% Justice. Love it!!!! Rock On Ace!!!!

  86. Butch McGrath

    OMG. Ace sounds fantastic on this track, vocals and guitar work!! SO glad he picked a This Lizzy song, one of the most underrated bands of ALL time . Live and Dangerous has some MONSTER guitar work going on, Ace seems to capture most of that Lizzy feel. Awesome!!

  87. Gary Ramsey

    ok jst listend to it again after my second eye opener beer its feckin brilliant

  88. Rich Vee

    here's what Ace is up to currently.

  89. Phillip O

    Suck on that Gene and Paul! Boom Ace kills again,!!!


    +Phillip Oler  didn't you Read & hear that Paul in on the CD also?

  90. mark swishersweets

    this should be his first single

  91. Samuel Campos

    Lookin forward to hear Fire And Water

  92. Scott Davis

    Ace is God!

  93. Vinnie Moreno

    Fuck!! I can't believe how good this track far I like every track off this album. It's smoking hot! I'm glad to see my hero Ace fuckin rock.the guy is a musical genius with a great voice.

  94. Dave X

    ACE F....n FREHLEY . Awesum.........................

  95. Slávek Domes

    Great solos. Ace is King....

  96. leif helles

    Great tribute to Lynott. Great tribute to the song. However Lizzy on -78 Live and Dangerous is fantastic! I saw Lizzy four times late seventies. Ace is great.

    Matt Murray

    leif helles Gorham paired with Robertson was absolute magic


    aces guitar playing is better then ever!!!! THANKS ACE FOR GETTING ME TO PLAY!!

  98. Harley Kuhn


  99. muddfoot69

    Ace is back....and I told you so!

  100. Bernardo Hortmann


    ACE AND MIKE MCCREADY ...I look forward to listen.


    Slash is playing on this one