Ace Frehley - Dolls Lyrics

When I wake they're always there
Waiting just to freely please me
While I wash they're occupied
cleaning things so sweetly neatly
When I play they play with me
Willing to do anything

I live me dolls
You must believe me
It's plain to see, they really love me
I love my dolls,
they'll never leave me happily

While I sleep they keep me warm
Nestled right beside me, tightly
As I eat they wait on me
Making sure I'm satisfied

I live me dolls
You must believe me
It's plain to see, they really love me
I love my dolls,
they'll never leave me happily

When friends come over theey're astonished by the sight
So many dolls in just one place gives them a fright
Don't understand what makes them so uncomfortable...
Around my dolls

I live me dolls
You must believe me
It's plain to see, they really love me
I love my dolls,
they'll never leave me happily

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Ace Frehley Dolls Comments
  1. Luis Farfan

    Her laugh and voice was so cute. Awwww

  2. Nikkolas Gage



  3. matthew foster

    I freaking love this song, and this album for that matter. This, and his solo KISS album are his best in my opinion.

    Taylor T. Carlson

    I think this album is the best thing Ace Frehley ever did, but his '78 solo album isn't far behind!

  4. John Katsoudas

    This song is definitely one of my favorites from his first album after he left Kiss. The whole album is great.

  5. Todd Kerns

    Ace is the man...I hope he keeps writing tunes..

  6. George Shara

    when I play they play with me ... happily ...

  7. Debby Deighan

    It is so hard to believe that Ace’s daughter, Monique is now in her 30’s or 40’s. She and Ace own a graphics company in Connecticut somewhere.

  8. Yankees4ever

    Just noticed the thing on the cover looks like the sphere orb from "Phantasm"!!

  9. John Burns

    them synths though.

  10. Devyn Cook

    Love this song soooooo much

  11. Aaron Brummett


  12. J Williams

    When I first heard this song, I thought he was singing , "I love my DOGS."

    Please Subscribe to My New KISS Channel KISSf

    My mom thought the same


    I think that's Cat Stevens who sings I love my dog LoL

    block head

    I'm in stitches


    Space Ace had a cocker spaniel

  13. Gary Woz

    👍to Ace and his daughter, love this tune

  14. speareMENT

    Wasn't this song was written by his daughter, and also every time I hear the intro It reminds me of the beginning of Lorelei by Styx

  15. Alisson Arruda

    Mr.bison song

  16. Bill Diaz

    His daughter sang at the end of the song

  17. LadySpace01

    Will do

  18. Joe Mitchell

    Man Spacelady checking out some of your favorite music you've got some great taste in rock! Chinatown.... sweet! Checkout some Grand Funk!

  19. Joe Mitchell

    No doubt Spacelady! Great song. Great album. Takes me back to my college yrs. A lot of partying and at some point in the evening Frehley's Comet was going to play!

  20. LadySpace01

    Great song. So eighties. I read somewhere that the "Dolls" Ace was refering to were his groupies

    John Burns

    and yet, i heard that in a Frehley's Comet fan club thing, he said anyone who thinks this song is dirty has their "mind in the gutter." hahahahah

    Thomas Schneider

    This song's subject matter is FAAAAR darker than what you think. Believe me.

  21. Kale Baldwin

    I might rewrite this by replacing the word "Dolls" with "Dogs"....

    or "chicks"....

  22. thewasponator


  23. BX0207

    Great memories....

  24. enkikesaurus

    Ace is great. KISS is great. Without Ace they've been doing just fine, but Ace is the soul and spirit of KISS. When they're together, they just kick ass!!!

  25. Cableguy818

    AWESOME SONG!!! I think people forgot about ace. He was and is AWESOME!!! by the way that is his daughter singing in this with him


    Yes, I can hear Monique in the background.:-).