Ace Frehley - Do Ya Lyrics

Well, in this life I seen everything I can see
Well I, I've seen lovers flying through the air hand in hand,
I've seen babies dancing in the midnight sun,
And I've seen sweet dreams
That came from the heavenly skies above.
I've seen old ladies crying at their own grave sides,
And I've seen pigs all sitting, looking at picture slides
But I never seen nothin' like you.

Do ya, do ya want my love
Do ya, do ya want my face
Do ya, do ya want my mind

Well I, heard the choir singin' out of tune,
As they sang Auld Lang Syne by the light of
The moon.
I heard the preacher bangin' on the drums,
But I never heard nothing like you.

In the country, where the sky touches down
On the field, you lay your head down
To rest in the morning sun.
They come a'runnin' just to get a look, just to
Feel to touch your long black hair, they don't give a damn.

Well I, do you understand what I'm trying to say to you all,
That is I'd like to save you for a rainy day, yeah,
I've seen enough of the world to know baby,
That I've got to get it on to get it on tomorrow.

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Ace Frehley Do Ya Comments
  1. adam1984pl

    I dedicate this to Karolina

  2. Bruce Linton

    Awesome stripped back version that he made his own without taking anything away from the original.

  3. Music Lover

    Long live Jeff Lynne's ELO the best ever! Nice cover Ace!

  4. Ralph Emerson

    Hell yeah!!!

  5. adam1984pl

    666 766 -views.Thjis reminds me of Y&T videos from 80s.

  6. WildGucciJax

    666,000 views lol



  8. Jeff Lynne's ELO 2020 Tour

    Nice cover but not a single band in the world can play Jeff Lynne's song Do Ya LIVE as well as Jeff Lynne's ELO in 2019...Just saw them a few months ago and out of about 300 concerts that i have seen so far in my lifetime...It's the best live classic Rock Band in the world. Long live Jeff Lynne's ELO still Rocking after 50 years...

    Music Lover

    I agree Jeff Lynne's ELO is the best live Classic Rock Band in the world and i have seen about 300 concerts so far in my lifetime. But i like this cover by Ace.

  9. Dave

    rattattata...cracks me up every time LOL

  10. Jack Sherwood

    They didn't butcher a classic..Shows respect for the original artist

  11. רוברט ויינגר

    A good cover, ace sounded very good and played very good between the years 1987-1995, he released 8 solo albums between 1978 till today, all his albums are good, he is a great musician and a great performer on stage

  12. Simon Hunter

    haven't heard this song in over three weeks. having withdrawals :)

  13. Johnny Staccato

    The Rockstar!!!!

  14. poison/kiss/motley crue!!

    Me gusta la version q hizo emerson laker palmer ,en el disco tributo a kiss, donde salen grupos como poison antrhax, skid row ,foo fighter,emthombed, doro,wendy o.williams ,emerson larker palmer .inclusoese disco tributo es x lejos mejor q el disco kiss my ass

  15. toober

    Ace was KISS... so, this is KISS without the makeup.

  16. Christopher McBurney

    Great jam. Ace is the man.

  17. IlovemyCountry

    Ace is a Babe! And my fave Rock star!

  18. Sad Boy Clique

    I miss vh1 classic and heavy metal mania the channel is shit these days took away everything

  19. Rickey Engle

    Do Ya,,,

  20. JackPlayzGames

    best ever

  21. DEB

    I want the Ace! Always did! ❤

  22. Nestor Gumble

    tremendo disco !!!

  23. Baby Uno

    Yes please 😍

  24. porgies99

    I’m sorry but Ace does his cover songs just as good if not better than the original artist, seriously listen to this !

  25. OBEONE2424

    well done

  26. Greg Hubbard

    Ace Frehley had potential to be a great guitarist instead he ended up being a legend in his own mind of a drug Haze along with a lot of alcohol

  27. Greg Hubbard

    Ace Frehley should have been singing Do I Do I Sing in pubs is that time he was lucky to pack one half full

  28. Greg Hubbard

    Do you do you need Stanley and Simmons 2Pac a big venue oh yes oh yes you do

  29. camila panay

    el mejor de kiss.grande Ace

  30. LT Matthis

    Ace Frehley Always Rocks either With Kiss, or without Kiss Period.

    Ace Frehley is The 1, & Only Space Man / Space Ace 4Ever.

    The Only Way to Listen To Ace Frehley Is Loud, & Proud at Anytime In Life.

    Ace Frehley I Salute You ! ! !

  31. beggersbanquet 5150

    You kick butt on this song

  32. Twirlyhead

    A semi-tone lower than the original if any one is interested. I like this version, not least because he hasn't messed about with it too much.

  33. Alexis Nemocon Rodriguez

    Espectacular artista las mejores épocas de los que escúchamos el rock.

  34. Ronald Lafrieniere

    do you do you want the ace

  35. Barry LeJeune the moment! Best I've ever seen of Ace "Do Ya"

  36. beggersbanquet 5150

    This version is epic

  37. Ann Wilkiemeyer

    NOT Frehleys Comet. It is The ACE FREHLEY Band

  38. Frank Esposito

    I Love you!!!

  39. Derek Booth

    Great ACE. Awesome vocals

  40. Carl Eppich

    Love this song from a very underrated album

  41. toober

    Put this to rest... Ace Frehley is the BEST!

  42. Ronald Lafrieniere

    ace you make kiss much better

  43. Sebastien Guilland

    Thank you E.L.O

  44. Simon Hunter

    Another perfect and *amazing* cover (alongside '2000 man') from Ace. Like this just as much if not more than any of the best KISS stuff!

  45. terezinha Hilbig

    I love this song
    my favorite

  46. LT Matthis

    ( Do Ya ) Like To Rock Out With Ace N This Awesome Song ?

    I Do.

    1 Of my All Time Favorite Songs By Ace Frehley.

    Ace Frehley Your 4Everly Awesome. The 1, & Only Real Space Man,
    ( The Space Ace ), & The Ultimate Comet To ! ! ! .

    Ace Frehley, I Salute U.

  47. UrielEternal

    Best ExKiss song

  48. Ann Wilkiemeyer

    I never liked ELO till I heard ACE FREHLEY sing it

    Music Lover

    Too bad Ace cannot create great music like Jeff Lynne.

  49. R Jackson

    it don't matter wat because the ace is a character of n I con legendary band that started all kids like my self up to appreciate a man that is 1part of 4 n will always be noticed to me n the hole world as the space man of the best I con band on the globe I don't care wat anyone says that band wouldn't be who they are without the ACE .

  50. johnathon Adams

    This is a good album. I have the cd to it

  51. Rusty Mullins

    After watching this video..anyone get the feeling Ace was held back while in Kiss?


    No he was propped up lol. They tried to get him to sing from day 1 and they tried to get him to write more than he did.

  52. Orion Ake

    This is by far the worst version of this song. And I like KISS

  53. anikka olivia williams

    This songs the best .. I LOVE ACE

  54. Max Lopez

    He pulled the groove on this song better than ELO.

  55. Frehley Erik

    Superbe Ace oui 👍👍

  56. Sonny Parker

    Ack !!! Ace did you get to tap that ???

  57. Sean Morrison

    Sad he fires bamd members

  58. Aidan French

    I have never seen such a beautiful sweet and good looking girl like Katy Weller from my local college in Colchester England before man

  59. Maxi Maxi

    en la onda de new york groove

  60. johnathon Adams

    I have the trouble walking album it sounds awesome well done "ace of spades "

  61. David Pack

    Love ELO but some songs I love have gotten a bid old and outdated. Ace did a brilliant job on this to modernise this song and others

  62. Will Chew

    ACE FOREVER!!!!!!!

  63. Kathleen Stewart

    :Yeah, so much better than ELO. Love this Ace!!!!!!

  64. Nathan Ritzo

    That kinda looks like Gene at :40!

  65. Joe Gervasi

    great tune!

  66. LT Matthis

    Ace Frehley, You Always Rock No Matter what you Sing, & your Music Video's You Rock Out To.
    I Salute You Ace Frehley, The 4Ever Space Man.
    The ( Do Ya ) Song, is a Awesome, & solid Rocking Kick Butt, Song, & the Whole
    Trouble Walkin' CD totally Rock's to.

  67. DuckTalesWooHoo1987

    This is absolutely awful. LOL!

  68. Teddy Phillips

    best ace vid

  69. james milardo

    The Gibson T-Bird puts out alot of Thunder!!

  70. Phoenix Typewriter

    Nothing wrong with Ace kicking this up a notch
    But Jeff Lynn is a musical wizard !!

  71. Hadley Scott McIntyre

    Someone worked hard on this mix.

  72. Ciara James

    yeah i want the Ace! ;)

  73. Carol Michonne

    Ace is so hot here! I agree this
    era was his best vocally.

  74. Eric Price

    Meh. I’m not a fan of glam rock, but ELO did this better.

  75. RedneckSpaceMan

    To Ace's right is Richie Scarlett who can play proverbial rings around Ace.

  76. robert spears

    Ace is perfect for this song

  77. Mark Stone

    Never would have thought anyone could do better than ELO on this song until Ace made his. Did a FANTASTIC job with it.

  78. Michael Howard

    Paul (Ace) rocks

  79. Trina StHilaire

    This is the video that started my love affair with the one and ace frehley! 💕💋💋👍🎶🎤♥️

  80. Daionzrip

    *&^% the MOVE were great at writing pop tunes!! (thank you Roy Wood) even Ace's cheeseball schtick can't kill this one.

  81. tompa1966

    very nice and slick. love it. thank you

  82. Maureen Wagg

    Killed it!!!! Absolutely KILLS it. Man, I didn't think I'd love a song more than the original but I do. Great version.

    Yolanda Irvine

    Who made the original?

    Ace Frehley

    @Yolanda Irvine the original is by Elo


    Better than many Kiss hits.

  83. Tony Moon

    elos remake ACE you ROCKED this AWESOME

  84. Knoxville Hermit FREE Movies, Music and More

    thick , heavy guitar sound

  85. Tracey Fitzpatrick


  86. dean Cramer

    HUGE fan of Ace...when he was with Kiss. This is the best song that he's never written...

  87. Lucas Frehley.

    Ace is God!

  88. Yankees4ever

    Wish Ace had done a video for my favorite cover he has done. "The Joker" by Steve Miller on the "Space Invader" album. KISS fan and collector since 1976.

  89. Russell Crawford

    His newest album Origins volume 1 is definitely worth the money it is cover versions of songs he liked in his youth Led Zeppelin Steppenwolf Etc and it is the best kiss related product ever, better than anything he ever put out with kiss

  90. Tracey Fitzpatrick


    Tracey Fitzpatrick

    MikeO ❤😘❤😘❤😘💋


    Oh Tracey! i'm good. But how are you?

    Tracey Fitzpatrick


    Tracey Fitzpatrick


    Tracey Fitzpatrick


  91. Debra Wessels

    I LOVE MY ACE!!!!!

  92. Baron Von Lichtenstein

    Another good version of The Move song.

  93. doordieace5high

    It took me a while to get completely into the whole Kiss catalog and especially the solo stuff, but it's worth it. Dimebag Darrell was right that Ace is really good and underrated.

  94. S B

    This is a tough song to cover, and Ace does it a lot of justice.

  95. Rick Matthis

    Ace Frehley singing his ( Do Ya ) Song Totally Rocks. Go Ace Go ! ! !

  96. jim jam

    boy, i love both versions too much!!!.... on one hand, elo's version is a tamer version with better soothing vocals from jeff lynne and unique supporting vocals, very melodic, with more instrumentation (different instruments; violins, piano, etc.) as elo is known for,,,,,, on the other hand, ace, has always and will be my most favorite kiss member (till my death), love his style and talents, really hard rocked this up, a much more harder driving sound, added extra instrumentation (more additional playing parts and pauses), along with his unique devil may care voice singing style, and adding a few additional lyrics really makes this version awesome. i'm sorry, i can't choose, i really love elo and ace,,,,, soooo,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i can't choose. jeff lynne has always been a favorite singer to me and ace has always been a favorite kiss member for me. how bout that...???.... all old schooler's know exactly where i am coming from.

  97. Pam VA

    Nice homage, but no one beats ELO.

  98. David Fowler

    Well done.

  99. Dawna Mallow

    a little bit of guitar huh, KIP? <3 Hi Sanders! Thanx Ace Frehley & all!

  100. Jeff Lynne's ELO 2020 Tour

    Song composed By Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood and the best version belongs to Jeff Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra recorded decades before... so much better with the strings instead of this fake plastic version from Ace who is not really an Ace in the Music History...