Ace Frehley - Deuce Lyrics

Get up
And get your grandma outta here
Pick up
Old Jim is workin' hard this year
And baby
Do the things he says to do

Baby, if you're feeling good
And baby if you're feeling nice
You know your man is workin' hard
He's worth a deuce

Don't put your man behind his years
And baby
Stop cryin' all your tears

Do the things he says to do
Do it

Baby, if you're feeling good
And baby if you're feeling nice
You know your man is workin' hard
He's worth a deuce

And baby, if you're feeling good
Yes baby if you're feeling nice
You know your man is workin' hard

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Ace Frehley Deuce Comments
  1. brittoncarpentry

    “Not a lot of guitarists can play it like me, like I start off slow and get faster” lol
    I stomached about 8 mins. If Ace was a tool I would name him Milwaukee Hackzall lol

  2. Robert Brown

    Ace sucks and is awesome at the same time. How is that even possible?

  3. Harvey Calvillo

    3:53-3:56 nightrain riff?

  4. * Bake

    Ace even holds his pic different than anyone else. He is truly an inspiration for so many guitarist that came up after Ace. Practice is the key to being great. People wanna just jump in and learn fast, but practice has to be #1 to learning to play.

  5. enthra

    I love how the host of the show just can't wipe the smile off his face one very episode. He's just so fucking happy and in AWE to be taught these songs by such legendary guitarists.

  6. Nature Boy, Verified You Tube Shot Caller

    A beautiful and good person. My favorite guitarist and rock star.

  7. Jesper Jansen

    And Ace is also a mediocre fuckup. Which does not make me happy.

    Outlaw 86

    Went further in life than you...

  8. Stanisław Brzęczyszczykiewicz

    Kiss disco polo

  9. Stanisław Brzęczyszczykiewicz

    tylko tak to badziewie można komętować

  10. Stanisław Brzęczyszczykiewicz

  11. Ryan Murry

    What model Les Paul are the playing? Pickups?

  12. E Linzmeyer

    So many people have picked up a guitar, myself included, because of Ace. Thank you for the inspiration. 35 years of guitar playing fun because of you.

  13. exluna

    Holy bjzuz he can't play guitar to save his life. That's beyond sloppy. If you didn't grow up listening to Kiss (or you just try to be objective) he's sounds like somebody who picked up guitar a 1/2 year ago.

  14. Sapphire Shine

    I have so much respect for self taught guitarists. They always develop such a cool raw style that a professionally trained guitarists don’t. Ace to me personally is the definition of a rock n roll guitarist. I will never understand how people learn those skills without any help and how they stay so determined. As soon as I do something bad I just give up and tell myself I’ll never be able to do that

  15. Norcal Mtnjunkie

    Was never a Kiss fan at all, but this was cool to watch.

  16. CHRIS H

    is it me or does Matt seem like he's tripping all the timw on these shows? lol idk what it is


    maybe not this one specifically. he is just very happy and excited on this one. I can tell how genuinely excited he is. bit some of the others he's like sweating and smoking cigs like he tripping balls lol

  17. Dale Ridgway

    I related so much to the interviewer lol never seen such joy

  18. Thrifting Sifting

    "If you feel confident and you come across confident, then you can get away with it." - Ace 11:00

  19. Vladimir

    For me, shock! This is not a game - this is chicken manure!

  20. Cliche Guevara

    Ace is the only thing about Kiss that I like.

  21. Angelo Arimborgo

    What a mess but I totally get why people love him. He’s clear, concise and he hits a nerve. That’s what it’s all about!

  22. DJA

    Ace is a Legend. No one like him

  23. greatcatt

    11:02 this is exactly how you learn martial arts too

  24. Billy Cain

    I love Ace as much as anyone and I'm a huge kiss fan but why do people continually blame Paul and Gene for carrying on Without Ace it was Ace choice to quit it was Aces choice to get on drugs and alcohol he was giving a second chance in the 90s and quit walked away again stop blaming Paul and Gene and just tell the truth Ace it's not a team player he's a fuk up but we all love him.

  25. Robert Wallace

    refreshing to see an interview where those guys arent slinging crap at each other...enjoyed seeing Ace talking his music

  26. JENDALL714

    Ace's style is a fine line between stupid and clever.

    Jesper Jansen

    It seems like sheer brilliant idiocricy to me.

  27. JENDALL714

    I like all the members of KISS past and present, but I am old and wise enough to know, never meet your heroes! Somethings are just best left to your memories of the concerts, albums and videos.

  28. Juan Cruz

    Is my idol

    Juan Cruz

    I was8 years old and isefreeley is the best

  29. Steve Leon

    I love how nobody's can come on youtube and throw shade at legends like Ace. Tools...

  30. tgguitarguy

    HAHAHA "Let's do Shock me"

    Ace: "How's it start off?"

  31. Scott Lee Clayton

    Listening to this makes me want to start a garage band....

  32. Cesar Bianchi

    Real guitar players don’t need to study and read music. it’s given to you in your Soul and you play without looking. you listen

  33. Freeyourmind

    Ace didn’t know shit about the term weedela, then he tries to teach the guy about chicken pickin. Lmao!

  34. Kevin Morwood

    I have never been a Kiss, or Ace fan...but watching this guy geek out was awesome. Would be like me sitting down with Slash

  35. t18amgr

    Love the covered pickups. The audience doesn't give a fuck about technical or very few anyway even know a Pentatonic from a chord. Stoned no less. It's Ace and he represents a time in our lives we will never have again. So all you highbrows can fuck off. Have we heard of you? Bless.

  36. Shawn Conn

    Ace reminds me of good lasagna: sloppy AF but, man, is it GOOD.

  37. Mary Ellen

    Dude is from mars

  38. Alan Walker

    Hum away on those humbucker's Spaceman...

  39. J St

    Who gives a fuck how this Mickey Mouse sounding asshole plays guitar. Kiss is an atrocious band

  40. Ricardo Martínez Serralde

    My favourite guitar player...Ace!!!!

  41. Jon Villalobos

    Fuckin Ace!!! I heard Shock Me once and it has always been my favorite Ace tune. I got Love Gun for my 7th birthday the same year it came out. My gramma saved the badminton racquet with a shoe string strap from that time. About 200 guitars later I still consider it my first guitar. Thank you so much Ace. Love ya.

  42. D R

    I always tought Ace is one of the best an more original guitar players in the world, the sound of the guitar when he plays, the way he hold the pick, his solos, its just pure seeing kiss farewell tour but it feels a little hollow without Ace...rock soldier forever man!!!

  43. thebeastlacey

    Acs is such a cool dude! He’s fallen & he knows it, but, works everyday to be a better person. Love it!

  44. 91Nichts

    Ace from space!

  45. Bo Astrom

    The sloppiest guitar player ever. But, we love it. I can't even explain why. 🤣😄
    His work on Rock n Roll all Over is his best.

  46. F Bomb

    I thought he was the trout player?

  47. John Okeeffe

    That host guy must be 7 foot tall. They should have got him a stole.

  48. Mark Klimaszewski

    Ace has some Jimmy Page in him,i bet he loved Zeppelin.

  49. Alfred Ferrarini

    You should learn what your doing huh lol cool anyway

  50. Sandra De Filippi Greco

    I love this man.

  51. Chuck

    I’ll never understand how retards can actually listen to this garbage band full of boomer Jews.

  52. magicsinglez

    Lol, I gained more of a kind of appreciation for ace in this video than I listening to Paul talk bad about everyone else for 2 days.

  53. magicsinglez

    Ew. .Blue Oyster Cult stole the Godzilla smash from KISS. . .not.

  54. magicsinglez

    Ace sounds a bit like early Rush. . . Then more straightforward heavy metal. That’s some shredding or whatever, by the end.

  55. Nature Boy, Verified You Tube Shot Caller

    I watch this video often when I am feeling down and it always lifts me up and makes me grab my guitar. Ace Frehley is my favorite musician and Guitar Moves is the best thing on youtube.

  56. 007dvan

    One of the best interviews ever.

  57. JohnnyRingo

    Ace is so totally different from Gene and Paul it's hard even imagining they could have any kind of actual conversation longer than a few words, ever....... lol

  58. repetitivemotion

    I like this guy. He ain’t no Ritchie Blackmore, but that’s his charm. Plus, You can feel his raw emotion in his playing.

  59. Pete Dazer

    Ace is an idiot. No better at guitar now than he was back in the 70’s

  60. Johnny Bgood

    He is kiss .. gene is a wanker

  61. Wayne Garand

    It sorta seems like he can't play guitar...

  62. ラクラークイエス



    The one and only Space ⚡ Ace

  64. John Smith

    sounds fucking awful.

  65. Shallibodhran

    This was 12 mins of cringe.

  66. Lucas Marques

    Mano, que vergonha do Ace tocando guitarra.

  67. Rex Holes

    Ace might be a total asshole but KISS aint the same without him

  68. Josh Jones

    Ace is an all time type of guy. The soul of Kiss.

  69. Scottish McMillan

    "I like a guitar solo you can hum" - same as I felt Joe Walsh did. You can literally sing any Joe Walsh Solo, and you can do it with Ace's, too. If you can sing the guitar solo (AND WANT TO) to yourself, it's a great solo. Same thing goes today.

  70. Scottish McMillan

    Ace may have had his issues, but what a personable guy. He's just any other dude with a guitar and a half a clue, but with the required guts that few else had to go all the way with it. Bless you, bro. Hope we haven't heard the last of you yet.

  71. Tater Puddin

    I'm in wailing guitar heaven right now

  72. Bernievids

    Trump also acts like he doesn’t know what he is doing! Proof is in the pudding. Both men are geniuses and they both have my support.

  73. Supreme Commander of the Solarverse

    Wow, he still totally sucks! Sloppy as you can be! Lol f'n Ace!

  74. Trevor Leon

    8 minutes in... his finger dexterity, at 68....damm....

  75. Sativa Indica

    i remember holding my first gibson nothing like it, the smell of the guitar coming out of the case.

  76. BWAK 13

    He sounds like Jeff Ross, or vise versa.

  77. John Smith

    One thing about Ace that I Greatly Admire about Him is that he Always Tried Really Hard in Concert to play Accurately .Even with All the Commotion and Carrying on happening on Stage ,He Always concentrated on playing the Right Notes ! So by him Always wanting to do a Great job ,He's Way Ahead in Talent then Most other Guitarist !

  78. Cerise Jones

    I'm bending the e string to a g, then i pluck the open g, i dont know what i am doing...

  79. Carli Lacz


  80. Big Toe

    Lol what a fucking sloppy mess! But I agree totally cool dude! Lol doooo sloppy lol terrible right hand technique.

  81. Nate Balcerak


  82. gsxerwhite

    I like listening to Ace play and talk about guitar. 👍🏻

  83. Peter Delaforce

    For someone just “Winging it” he ain’t done bad, the guy is a pure natural, great vid thanks guys

  84. Poon Tsunami

    Ace couldve used a decent noise gate in this video Ill admit

  85. vlad luck

    sucha jew

  86. El34powerstage

    Having Ace play the Deuce riff 2 feet away from you. THAT must have felt like an out of body experience!!!

  87. Bilb Ono

    What tuning are they in??

  88. Bilb Ono

    Ace was my dad's hero I never liked kiss even though he forced me to hear it my entire childhood. My dad played guitar I played drums. He died when I was 17 and I picked up my first guitar early this year at 25. Now I kinda get it, it's not about being the best or even being good. It's about having fun and letting loose. I completely understand what he's saying, I don't know what I'm doing I just do it. With drums I was trying to be perfect but guitar is a whole different thing. Your faults kinda become what makes you unique.

  89. Michael Jackson

    In the description they said "you know what a dinosaur riff is?" He called it a "dinosaur bend" not a riff. You stupid idiots.


    There is a glimmer of Vintage Ace in there but it's obvious all those years of booze and heavy drugs have taken their toll. Parts are pretty sloppy and awful.

  91. Don Filkins

    Very interesting style ...very good!

  92. Steve Blake

    OMG Ace is coach Steve

  93. Johnny App

    Gene wrote a song a day ~ Gene and Paul were the McDonald's of restaurants.

  94. james driedger

    Ace still rockin that New Yoowk accent like a king. Bless that dude!

  95. Robert Jacobs

    he sucks guys


    You cant play better

    Robert Jacobs

    @Randomassyoutubechannel I really can..

    B. Manowar

    Robert Jacobs your mum sucks more .

    Robert Jacobs

    @B. Manowar your mom is my mom

  96. True Scotsman

    ace frehley plays guitar like beating on a fence with a ham.

    JJ Jaccard

    Now, that's, fuggin funny dude.

    Robert Dotson

    Yeah it sounds honeybaked

    True Scotsman

    @Robert Dotson boneless

    Robert Dotson

    @True Scotsman Hahah yeah definitely. With a side of wet noodles.

    True Scotsman

    @Robert Dotson this is funny right now im in the process of trying to tighten up my economy picking. this guy has been playing all his life been famous written hit songs can play the guitar to save his life. too much hard drugs.

  97. James Wimer

    He wrote some of the greatest blues Rock leads ever...Perfect for KISS ...

  98. Ben Friedman

    He sounds very out of tune

  99. MrBuckaroonie

    Can play!!!!!