Ace Frehley - Cold Gin Lyrics

My heat is broke and I'm so tired
I need some fuel to build a fire
The girl next door, her lights are out, yeah
The landlord's gone, and I'm done and out

Ooh, it's cold gin time again
You know it'll always win
Cold Gin time again
You know it's the only thing
That keeps us together. oow

It's time to leave and get another quart
Around the corner at the liquor store
Ha ha, the cheapest stuff is uh all I need
To get me back on my feet again

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Ace Frehley Cold Gin Comments
  1. Love God & Neighbor.

    *B E S T V E R S I O N .*

  2. lonny tsakalos

    to much reverb

  3. Joe Strickland

    I love Ace but phrasing was never his gig.

  4. Wicked B.

    Spaceman is really the best. Fuck off what happened is his private life. He is still a good good Guitarplayer. So many great song he has written. I'll never forget 'em :-)

  5. leokimvideo

    makes the Kiss version feel like rubbish, this is Ace's song and he's elevated it to new highs

  6. Michael Bacon

    While I'm staying out of the interpersonal squabbles, looks like Ace is killing it on the axe on this remake! Paul and Gene can't disparage his playing now! He's back! No question!

  7. Teddy Phillips

    here it is 2019 in june ace is kickin Ass an kiss looks like ashow ya see at chuckie chese....

  8. Artemis of Olympus

    The cadence of his voice is perfect for this song!

  9. 88kwthomas

    needs more reverb...

    Jump N´ Run

    And more Cowbell!

  10. John B. Goode

    Ace should have sang all his songs.....his voice is just as strong as Gene's and because he didn't blow it out trying to hit notes in the ozone he now has a better voice than Stanley.

  11. Robby T

    This is amazing! Begs the question, why did he not sing this originally.

  12. Captain Hendo

    This is, without a doubt, the best version of this song

  13. Martín Fernández

    that guitar is a fcking chainssaw

  14. OG Sanders

    Ace IS KISS!!! 🤘⚡️🤘

  15. Paul Koch

    This is the worst cover of a Kiss song that I've ever heard. Whoever is playing bass should be embarrassed.

  16. John Katsoudas

    This is an amazing version by the man who wrote it Ace Frehley. He would have done an amazing job on the original also, but he had no confidence whatsoever back then. I have always loved Aces singing.

  17. Lara Croft

    ACE, the only kiss solo album i ever bought back in the day was Yours !!!

  18. John Burns

    Cold Gin: The Correct Version

  19. Montana H

    Ace is the Master of Guitarist

  20. Erick Perez

    After hearing this version, I can only listen to the original if I'm playing that whole album! This one fucking rocks!

  21. Mychal Seymour

    That's what I'm talking about!...Rawk!On Ace Frehley the Real!! Spaceman

  22. The Vleck Channel

    I like the title, Vol. 1. This implies that there may be another.

    And I am ready for another album of classics like this.

  23. Riff Magos

    There can be only ONE Spaceman.

  24. Rickey Engle

    Ace,,you Rock,,Brother,,

  25. Adam Renfrow

    Wow I'll put this right up with the original. Don't tell me Ace can't play guitar. Fuck u Paul and fuck Fake Ace.

  26. Michael Mace

    The drumming in this song is awesome too

  27. Steven Reents


  28. Jimmy James

    ACE!!! ACE!!! ACE!!! The coolest Dude from Jendell!!!

  29. Don Richard


  30. Alessandro Pozzi

    Ace is Ace but, imho, there's too much vocal effect

  31. Ethan Davo

    Great cover sounds awesome, I might even prefer this to the original kiss version

  32. bLitz 100 H

    lol i was the 1000 like!

  33. Hybrid Agri

    He's playing it like he wrote it ........... oh wait

  34. oih82w8

    I have always liked this song, but Ace puts this version over the top.  Great album that I highly suggest that you pick up on your way to the liquor store.  Crank it!

  35. William Lewis

    Take note children
    Les Paul bridge pickup on a tube amp
    Any questions

  36. Siggy Pop

    Coool with 3 os! ;) YEAH!

  37. Perry Eli


  38. Jerry Lukers

    When Ace left kiss died

  39. Bluetop Guitar

    The soul of kiss

  40. Faerwing66

    This is so much better than the studio version on the KISS debut album, and is just as good as the Alive! version, though Gene's singing on Alive! is superb.

  41. Fuckayou Man


  42. Joe Gionti

    Damn...he tore this song up and shredded it. Love it!!

  43. peacepipenetwork

    how in the hell do you beat this? ace is still the master. god damn this track still kicks ass. rock on!

  44. Dave Scott

    Still kickin' ass. I love this. This is what good music is supposed to sound like.

  45. Lukas Skrypetz

    FINALLY! I've always wanted to hear Ace sing Cold Gin since he wrote it.

  46. Devin V

    This is the definitive version of Cold Gin. Rock ain't dead.

  47. Jay Rhyner

    Ace Frehley was always the best musician in KISS.....PERIOD!!!!! He fucking rocks!!!!!

  48. Rafael Bote

    Oh man, THIS is what Kiss should sound like!

  49. Garry Kusch

    Around the corner at the liquor store!

  50. Lisa Ford

    The One and only Spaceman :-)

  51. Rusty Tucker

    ACE rules...

  52. James Rockford

    Protools sounds like shit

  53. snakehips3131

    17 commenters drink Vodka and Orange Juice

  54. Faerwing66

    The Ace classic Les Paul guitar tone on this song is so great! The last solo he does near the end of the song is rockin.

  55. Dazed Boy

    Kiss ha lanzado rediciones de sus canciones mas emblematicas y encerio, apestan, entonces viene Ace y hace algo supremo, majestuoso. Aprendan de Ace!

  56. 01artist

    I like this but am glad Geene did the vocals.

  57. James Cox

    Ace Wrote This Song I Thank !!!

  58. Killer Musix Productions

    Bad ass Ace song. But, gotta give Gene credit . He did write the funky middle breakdown. Ace verified this in a interview

  59. Tomi Malinen

    Best version ever!


    and this is why ive got ACE tattooed on my arm. way better then original. Death Angel does an excellent cover of this and it kicks ass.

  61. Morning Star

    Motherfucken Paul Frehely!!!

  62. Faerwing66

    If and hopefully WHEN Ace releases Origins Vol. II, I really hope he does Strange Ways from Hotter than Hell. It would be so heavy! Another couple I'd love to see him cover are Mississippi Queen, and also Love is Like a Rock by Donnie Iris. I think Ace's tone and dirty-loose (a good thing!) guitar playing would be great on those songs and would fit them well, especially Mississippi Queen!

  63. Ignacio Bedregal

    Ace should have included "shock me" in this album, despite of that this is killer!!!

  64. The Satanic Trucker

    Way better than Gene's version. Fuck Gene! and .... now fuck Paul. He is on the everybody hates Jews tour. So tired of it. Just go away now Gene and Paul.

  65. DevilFish69

    Ace Frehley came down from the heavens to reward us Earthlings with music from the celestials.

  66. Tomi Malinen

    Ace sings it better than Gene!

  67. MikePlayzGuitar

    Is it just me or do I hear autotune?

    Anthony Dailey

    MikePlayzGuitar maybe a Tiny bit of pitch correction but no full on auto tune. Lots of reverb.

  68. Mikey B

    Ace has been my favorite KISS member since I first heard the band in 1977. However, I still prefer Gene's vocal on this one.

    Jim Linus

    Agree 100%

  69. FTR

    Cool version but isn't better than the original that most of us grew up with and love. I notice people like to state how they like new versions of songs better than the originals and I think they're full of shit most of the time. Cool version of cold gin and cool that Ace is singing it, but better than the original? I don't think so.

  70. John Doe

    "It's the only thang that keeps us together" :-)

  71. Rainy Day

    Mr Frehley, may I say, sir, that YOU ARE AWESOME. I'm smiling ear to ear while listening to this. :D

  72. Koussay Hatem

    Amazing track!!!

  73. Isaí Cervantes

    All my respect to Mr. Ace Frehley.

  74. buckingham412

    better than Kiss' remake for the Sonic Boom album

  75. Arito Rock

    Ace The Best KiSS

  76. knife

    ACE is Kiss !

  77. tommyt1971

    Just saw Ace about 2 mos ago & he played this one -- GREAT show too!

  78. leokimvideo

    Lesson to today's Kiss. Listen to this and learn from the master.


    According to Paul Stanley's own words on the KISS Kruise they will only sell you just the classic hits instead of new stuff. That means no obscure KISS songs, no solo material, etc. etc. They really only really listen to the Cha ching of cash now. Don't let their rhetoric about it all "being for the fans" fool you. It's not. Listening to you or anyone else is not their business byline in practice.

    Now hypothetically would it be a different thing if there was an alternate reality KISS where Ace Frehley was the founding member surrounded by replacements? If his current set lists are any indication you might expect an awful lot of the solo stuff mixed in with the classic songs that are more associated with the Spaceman like Into the Void, 2,000 Man, etc. etc.

    Mr SlimeE

    Passive fans go see KISS so they would not know obscure KISS songs. Hardcore fans go see Ace, therefore he can play anything and his audience will know it.

    Lisa Ford

    Gene & Paul; fuck off. The Spaceman is here!

    rusty davis

    leokimvideo you ain't lying know KISS misses Ace

    Roney Pitts

    It is still great?

  79. marcelotaker

    One of the coolest songs ever sung by its composer and finally recorded!

  80. quad1000

    an unmistakable guitar tone and attack to my ears. recognize it a million miles away.

  81. Kelly Sutton

    Saturday party music no doubt

  82. Kelly Sutton

    hell to the yezzzz

  83. Laura Ramone

    Ace is the KING♡

    Justin Churchey

    Laura Ramone He's the guitar god

  84. abby lassiter

    great KISS song, Ace is my fav!

  85. Brian Hengeveld

    Honestly, the drummer here pays absolutely zero respect to Peter. On both this and Parasite he's missing the whole groove of the tune. I'm all for bringing stuff up to date. But don't just play a lame heavy beat. Incorporate Peter's groove. Footwork here is all wrong.

    Eric Curry-Pitcher

    thank god its done the way it is. much tighter. love pete but these versions on drums is much better. old ones. they are still available. this drummer kicks

    Eric Curry-Pitcher

    Ace frehley kicks ass.


    I loved Peter's work on the original demo for this song. Blistering.

  86. MegaJetJaguar

    It's cool. But I still prefer the original version better.

    Keep on a Rockin', Ace!

  87. Channel Z

    I just have one thing to say... Tommy Thayer is NO ACE-FUCKIN'-FREHLEY !

    William Avitt

    I don't have a problem with Tommy and Eric. Hell, Eric is a magnificent drummer. However, I do agree with Dee Snyder that having Tommy and Eric wear Peter and Ace's costumes and be their characters is wrong. Eric and Tommy should have their own characters the same as Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent did

    Jerker Wallin

    You are the true hero...for me,since i was a little kid :)


    We think alike.

    Ignacio Bedregal

    Ace Fucking Frehley!!! Forever, Tommy is a fake Ace

    Lemmy Cash

    There's only one ACE

  88. Disasterguy Kissarmy

    it's good both versions are equally good

  89. CM rocker

    Looks like Mike McCready is doing some awesome collaborative work with Ace! I know other people still like or love Pearl Jam (I like some of their stuff too), but when I hear Ace and Mike play this song together, I'm thinking "Pearl Who?" haha.

  90. Ronald Flippo

    Ace is back as far as a reunion don't look back Ace you have been there and done that Ace Rock's all alone

    Rainy Day


  91. Motoroil

    Better than original version I think

  92. Cleveland Smith

    At last... an recent, updated version done right!!!

  93. joão paulo J.P baldassari

    joinha Chupetâo ACE !!!

  94. mitchell jones

    bad ass

  95. Boneslicer XXX

    Ace is Killer!!!

  96. Louis Torres

    Now this is the Ace Frehley that brings back the memories in the 70's. Awesome work "Space Ace."

  97. Mark Villenas

    fucken song just grabs you by the throat and shakes and rattles you....Cold Gin takes no prisoners!!!

  98. Jamison Dean

    Well its evident we have some amatuer musicians or ears here cause this is not nearly as good as the original. So Ace sings it better then Gene...Seriously?..Do you not know anything about voice fluxuation in a verse? Evidently not. Now dont get me wrong cause I love Ace and he was the main reason why I even picked up a guitar years ago. But you cant tell me that he sings this better then Gene did years ago... I know he took part in writing this great tune...But Gene sings it better. And anybody that sings professionally or even close to it will agree with me

    Rainy Day


    Nick perez

    Jamison Dean but ace doesn't sing this