Ace Frehley - Change Lyrics

You find your life is not quite like what you thought it would be
And you don't know that you can hold the world in your hand
And all the people surrounding you just want what you have
So you've been weak up until now that your soul has been stripped...
Naked in the sand

Pick yourself up, and change
Pick yourself up and change

You couldn't see their faces as they were calling your name
Your head was spinning from the laughter of strangers to you
You turned around, your head in your hands as confusion sets in
Was just madness you felt, no more hearts will be broken...
I give you my command


Pick yourself up, and change
Pick yourself up
All the people around were dying for pleasure, not holding your hand, your hand, your hand
You see my sadness, and pain but all about you thought was the ride, the ride, the ride

You took for granted, my treasures were given to unworthy hands
You lived a lie, and you still want pity from me
I lost my patience, it's the changing that counts, now open your eyes
Your time is over now, no more wishes to grant your unsavoury demands

Pick yourself up, and change
Pick yourself up and change
C'mon, pick yourself up, and change
Pick yourself up and change
Pick yourself up and change
Pick yourself up and change

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Ace Frehley Change Comments
  1. Markis5150

    This whole record sounds soooooo much like early early KISS. Truly the genius behind that band's music. Dude is amazing. Love ya dude! \m/

  2. Anticolor Official

    i love the lyrics

  3. christophe thourot

    Only a God, can Thinck n' play like THAT !!!!

  4. Dead Weight

    8 months later....More powerful then ever.Just as powerful as ace first solo with kiss.


    I will always love Paul Stanley till the end . I think he actually makes the KISS sound really KISS. This is the first time in twenty years the Ace has wrote music thats KISS  worthy. If he had been writing stuff like this,he would still be in KISS..


    +LORDZAYVIOUS KISS sucks balls since he left.

  6. Tony Amato

    My favorite song in this cd!

  7. Edward Compter

    ..Ace, always with an unbeatable vibratro

  8. Edward Compter

    I don't know if you know, or if He even knows, but Paul " Ace" Frehley Is a Saint

  9. Brandon Strassell

    Can anyone not help but wonder if this is about Tommy Thayer?

  10. sven reckeschat

    kommt gut,jedoch ace ,ist und kann mehr!!

  11. Doom Reverb

    Great song. On a bit of a tech note, I'm glad Ace didn't fall into the current trend of "reverb" being a bad word in music these days. Some groups don't even use reverb on harmony vocals or melodic soloing and it just sounds hollow to me. Fuck the music snobs. Reverb rules and so does this album.

  12. septemberfire

    i just found out ace is the highest paid guitarist in the world!! 

  13. leonard denniston

    if this were put out in 1975- it would be O.K.     but really I was hoping ace would be better ... but he hasn't progressed at all. im disappointed. too bad.

  14. bpsitrep

    ..aaaahhhh.....started great.

  15. john crabtree

    love it Ace !!! you are still the best 

  16. GG Aaron

    this song changed my life.

  17. DR. Smith X

    ACE RULES!!!

  18. Edward st.antoine

    ACE IS GOD ;)

  19. joshgriffin1976

    His and Rachels vocals together sound good.I love this album.

  20. termsofusepolice

    Is it true Bruce Kulick played the solo on this track??? 



    Dis Continued

    What?!? Absolutely not! 

    Samuel Campos

    @Ace Frehley hes joking lmao

    christophe thourot

    you are joking ???


    this sucks.. I slept through this...... So, I guess there are Ace kool aid drinkers just as there are KISS kool aid drinkers.. So far, I'm thinking Anomaly is a better album..

    GG Aaron

    these songs are a lot catchier than any of the Frehley's Comet shit. The idiots who actually prefer the first 2 comet albums to this and/or Anomaly are fuckin' brain dead. Second Sighting was one of the worst albums of the 80's by any artist.

  22. MrMusicformyhead

    nice, Ace, nice

  23. Brooksie465

    This song is the hidden gem of the album. Everytime I listen to it, it just gets better and better finding little bits and pieces. So much depth to this whole album. Definately stands up to Ace's first solo album.

  24. Mike Mathieu

    This CD is blowing my mind. Ace is back beyaaaaatches!!!!

  25. Dead Weight

    Love this song...In your face ..ram it down!!!

  26. The1WhoKnowsTheTruth

    Great song.  The most talented guy ever to be a part of "KISS" is back!

  27. ZombIX138

    LOVE that Ace guitar sound!!! growing up as a kid in the late 70s and 80s I was a HUUUUUGE KIZZ fan, but mostly because of Ace Frehley!!!! glad to see him doing good and to hell with Gene and Paul

  28. Electro Funk

    Awesome! Great material this time out...I just wish they didn't use pro tools to record this album...

    Samuel Campos

    Why do you wish they hadn't used protools?


    every single fucking band uses it for the last 25 years. you've heard albums that used it and probably thought they didn't but you're simply being contrary for no reason and seeming foolish. i doubt you even know what protools is or what it does. you probably think it plays the music

  29. Tony Houle

    Wow! I can't believe this! Incredible song!!!

  30. Larry D. from the IE

    too bad the vinyl don't come out til October...

  31. Joe Clark

    Ace is God.........paul and gene pick yourself up and change lmao


    Gene Simmons is world class trash.  So good to see Ace on top of his game.

    Ken Roberts

    While they are at it they can buy Ace's album and learn how to make better music.

  32. Dan Brown

    Nice soloing. His guitar playing has really improved.

  33. Philippe Blanc

    Best Ace album since 1978 !!!
    Often imitated, never replicated !!!
    The real Spaceman rules !!!!!!! Rock soldier 4ever


    agree 100%.  I liked anomoly, didn't care must for any Frehley's commmet stuff, but this album is awesome as awesome can be!  Ace is back on top.

  34. Angelo Morsello

    Classic ace solo ! He rules !

  35. Rich Charles

    My favorite song off the new album!

  36. paul frehley

    this song should be released

  37. Arc333Angel

    Nice one Ace.  This song is fantastic!  Love Space Invader too.  Just checking out the album for my first time right now.  Loving it so far!

  38. paul frehley

    Best track off the album


    Each piece of Space Invader is the best song !!

    paul frehley

    @danae66 AMEN!


    Man, does this album have legs or what???!!!!!  Had about 5 passes on it now and it just grows on you like crazy.  This tune is probably my 2nd fave currently behind I Wanna Hold You, that song has a serious groove to it.

    christophe thourot

    Good choice ;)