Ace Frehley - Breakout Lyrics

Been in this cell block seven years too long
Paying for a crime when I didn't do anything wrong
Lyin' here rottin' for someone else's mistake
I've come to my senses, it's time to make a break

Breakout, I'm coming after you
Breakout, I'd say our love is overdue
Breakout, I'm at the breakin' point
Breakout, gonna bust of this joint

I'm sick and tired of punching out license plates
For a criminal justice system that I hate
The food here suck, I'm not about to wait
Well I've come to my senses It's time to make a break

Breakout, I'm coming after you
Breakout, I'd say our love is overdue
Breakout, I'm at the breakin' point
Breakout, gonna bust of this joint

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Ace Frehley Breakout Comments
  1. Darren Plateroti

    Fun song with a tight sound
    Anton always brings it

  2. IlovemyCountry

    Ritchie is underated... Ace is ❤️❤️❤️

  3. IlovemyCountry


  4. IlovemyCountry


  5. 69xaverius

    mr fig!!!

  6. KISS4 ever

    Is this at electric lady studios??

  7. Ann Wilkiemeyer

    ACE FREHLEY, Eric CARR and Ritchie Scarlet wrote Break out

  8. Stixnfeet

    This song is the definition of a garage band jam that just goes epic!

  9. Bevvy Korte

    Awesome Guys,🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🤑

  10. dlrarmy

    Ace in his 'lil space boots.....🥾🥾

  11. Ann Wilkiemeyer

    Thisnt KISS Band. It's ACE FREHLEY

  12. Vince ReDavid

    Where is Anton after Letterman?

  13. Stixnfeet

    ROCKS !

  14. I love Guns and roses

    Rip Eric Carr

  15. NoGo

    Compare this to Ace Frehley playing “Dark Light,” which he wrote with Anton Fig, at a Kiss Kruise recently. It’s night and day.

  16. ray rose

    this is brilliant but I don't feel the need to bash Gene and Paul just becuz it is badass...some people act like to love ACE you have to be a dick and diss G&P grow up...get over it!

  17. mick destiny

    Anton is to Ace that John Henry Bonham was to Jimmy Page..

  18. Heath Barker

    Rare? Not anymore.

  19. xetexuk12

    Great song, but prefer the Tod Howarth version.

  20. AkJonny1965

    This is bad ass! Ace has always been awesome, and the rest of the crew definitely pull their weight, great song!

  21. arrow waterable

    I really really love this video. Was it in 1991 ?

  22. hitman

    I always watch ritchie in this one, fuck he's a pretty good player

  23. Neil Moneymaker

    My God Anton Fig is in the fucking stratosphere, not only on this recording, but on Ace's first solo album as a member of Kiss. Props to Ace for using Anton. Man what a drummer!!

  24. Lemon Shark


  25. Marcillio Ficino

    That song rocks.

  26. tompa1966

    great drummer great band!!

  27. MetalJesusRocks

    Man, this is SMOKIN!!!!

  28. Noreplyrequired

    Ace lets others shine and show their talent even though it's his band.No ego,just play.

  29. Jamison Dean

    This sucks because Scarlet sure aint no singer!...He simply has no range and its no wonder why Ace kicked em to the curb and brought Howarth in...A REAL singer! Todd was the best counterpart to Ace!

  30. Dennis A Waters

    Awesome lyrics

  31. Luckychurchyard

    Wich one is ace?

  32. PinkPonyOfPrey

    Ace has nothing to gain even looking in the direction of the psycho circus. This is much better!

  33. 01artist

    Ace always played light. You could hardly hear him play. The other guitars are much more pronounced. . .

  34. Dr m

    Anton Fig is a killer

  35. Ten13Rock

    better than anything kiss ever put out without ace in the band

  36. Brian Koncyk

    Always loved this song and this version is super cool as well! Love the edge on the guitars. Nice and heavy!

  37. Breck Donavon Bush

    This band was bad fucking ass

  38. Kyle J.

    Anton kills it and Ace wrote a great tune!!
    Ace shreds up Kiss with that one!!

  39. headlesssoldier

    this is so cool! one thing I didn't know until the internet was that Ace plays with all down strokes!. And he doesn't anchor his right hand. Its very hard to do anything technical on the guitar playing like that. Then again,, that's why he stood out. Necessity is the mother of invention. He took his very limited way of picking and wrung everything he could out of it.

  40. The Budget Aquarist

    Ace...a face made for makeup!

  41. cezar maatubang

    So kiss just took this riff switch it a little and made who wants to be lonely?

  42. Elizabeth Acasio Pinares

    Ace frehley el mejor guitarrista y el mejor vocalistas

  43. ACE ACE


  44. James Rockford

    What year was this filmed?

  45. Eric Bolt

    Absolutely blows the doors off of ANYTHING Kiss has ever done!

    Rich Allegretti

    Eric Bolt - Anything? Implying that most of Kiss’ stuff is crap? Yeah ok. I love this but let’s chill on the hyperbole.

  46. jim jam

    wow, great stuff, they sounded great and were kickin butt in this vid.. props to them. i remember when anton was david letterman's drummer back in the 80's, he is a great drummer. every one of them in this video deserves a lot of credit. very tight and great sound.

  47. Austin Bennett

    All those stage moves, in the studio.....

  48. Something Wicked This Way Comes

    Really shitty song done by four guys plagued by timing issues. They should’ve kept this private because if someone of importance in the music industry heard it, they would never play a gig, Ace or no Ace.

    Beel Bug

    Barney Fike completely disagree

    james milardo

    Barney Fike.. You truly are a fucking idiot.. & do not have a clue about music!!!!!

    Neil Moneymaker

    Barney Fike

    U know nothing about studio recording or better yet, music period or u would know that, first and foremost this isn't the usable final album version. Secondly, the rhythm guitar track I'm sure you're hearing that sounds off isn't actually off, it's just picked up that way by the recording Mike's. And finally Anton Fig is one of the best drummers of all time, and especially modern times.

    Harry Nunez

    Yet you are here listening to the song. You are full of it.

  49. Beel Bug

    What amp is Richie Scarlet plugged into?

  50. Stixnfeet

    Bass Player makes this.

  51. monkey does dab

    sick riff

  52. Allan

    Oh my God! a Ritchie Scarlett is a awful singer...Tod replace him and made a great job

  53. Jef Jaeger

    Excellent tune and video! Great band...

  54. Eric Steele


  55. Fred dog

    ace keep you makeup on

    Kascha K

    Stumbled over more trim getting out of the shower with that face than you'll ever see and can still do it right now today.

  56. Daniel Perez

    Ace was tapping in 75 live in Anaheim awsome guitarist up there with robby Krieger.jerry Garcia.frank zappa. great songs

  57. Monster

    Richie Scarlet is horrible. I don't know what Ace is thinking with that guy.

  58. Don Richard

    ACE..KICKS ASS! ♠️🤘🍺

  59. The Diabetic Drummer

    Anton Fig is one of the best!!!

  60. KJBPSkipper

    I don't think there was ONE decent looking dude from kiss,lol.No wonder they wore clown outfits.

  61. Vinyltar

    This kicks ass!!!!

  62. Carlos Lozada

    Horrible horrendous garbage Ace is a drug addict scum

  63. Randy Fricke

    I could have done without the cheesy audience track at the end.

  64. Jeff

    It's just all wanking period.... everybody wants to put Ace on a pedestal but he really is barely an average guitar player....

    reaper man

    Says the bottom of the pit ,bar sweep. Boohoo


    I don't think so reeper the time I was 15 years old I was already doing studio work....and I can also say that because if you look at any of the really great players and compare them to Ace it's a no contest....he was ok for what he did....but don't get it in your pea brain that he is some real great guitar player....he is no Hendrix...he is no Steve Ray Vaughan....and the list going on and on......

    reaper man

    Wow. For such a expert, you are way blind in stupid.


    I find it funny that you compared Ace to 2 of the most overrated guitarists in rock history.

    Kascha K

    And he didn't have to be either did he? Neither of those guys could have outplayed Satriani but then again they didn't have to, did they? In fact why don't you run off and fap to the two headed Malmsteen/Vandenberg hydra you made out of clay and have on your shelf and stop throwing salt.

  65. MrZappaman420

    Bad ass!

  66. Josh A

    Fucking horrible.🤣

  67. damageplan67 carr

    Never heard this album before when it came out i found this album frehleys comet in a bought it instantly loved it Ace is so much better live than Kiss hes alot better now that hes been sober 11 years

  68. Brian Mccabe

    there is No Way this sings this better than Todd Howarth sang this on the first Frehleys comet record. Don't know about all the "carr" stuff, but I'll check that out.

  69. Justin Keyser

    Where's Tod? This guy sucks ass.

  70. overlorrd53

    The singer/guitarist is tearing Ace a new one, holy shit.

  71. Max Lang

    I swear every view this video has is from me lol I've been Watching it since it was uploaded


    Thank you and Rock On.

  72. ftwfck yea

    Ace sucks, what's with the hype?!

    reaper man

    The hype is , your girl will go suck Ace, instead of you.

  73. FlashframeFilms

    This is so great. Richie sounds amazing and Figg is slamming. I recognize that room, it's where my band recorded it's first album. Room A at Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village, designed by Jimmi Hendrix. I ' d recognize that Space Alien painting anywhere. It covers one of the walls.

  74. Kascha K


  75. John Daff

    Killer !!!!!!!!!! : + ))

  76. John Katsoudas

    Best version of Breakout ever!!! I like Richie's singing much better than Todd's

  77. W G

    carr jam 1981

  78. Rainy Day

    DAMN this song rocks! <3 for the Spaceman! <3 Forever and always. <3 Always loved his mellow singing voice too!

  79. quit293

    singer sucks the guy from first album

  80. NemoDakkar

    why do people hate this?

  81. guillermo kuri


  82. The Fonz

    It's not Frehley's Comet, this is solo Frehley. John Regan and Tod Howarth were in Frehley's Comet.

    Rich Allegretti

    The Fonz - Problem is, Richie Scarlet was the original member before Tod but for some reason left the project before the recording started.

    John Fair

    Didn't Tod sing the original


    And Anton Fig was the original drummer in Frehley's Comet. John Regan played bass, Arthur Stead played keyboards, and they tried to recruit John Waite to be the lead singer but he didn't respond to the offer.

  83. Carlos Alberto Vicente Vicente

    uau... demais..

  84. pony girl

    cool 😎😎😎😎😎

  85. jaybone23

    Yup...this is a rocker.  Anton Fig on drums?  Can't miss.

    ElYorkiSalsero [AP]

    jaybone23 yes

  86. The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri

    commending the drummer

    Hellraiser Gordon

    None other than Anton Fig, who's David Letterman's drummer. He also played drums on Ace Frehley's 1978 solo album as well as KISS' Dynasty and Unmasked albums

    Väike Tiib

    And came up with the riff for "Dark Light" from The Elder.

    Vince ReDavid

    Played with Paul Schafer in Letterman shoe for many years

  87. psycho4163

    15 dislikes really

  88. psycho4163

    Anton fig is a fucking monster

    Beel Bug

    psycho4163 yes

  89. planktonau

    This illustrates perfectly why Ace had to leave Kiss. Compare this to the lightweight pop bullshit that Kiss were churning out at the same time. Ace had too much pride and rock credibility to put up with that bullshit. He said at the time he didn't like the direction the band was going in. Props to you Ace for being true to yourself and not selling out.


    Post: "Why he had to leave KISS, Churning out pop bullshit, and Didn't like the direction." He left during Creatures, not during the pop era of unmasked, not during The Elder. Not really sure what is confusing about my post. Creatures was the heaviest ever and he chose not to participate. It addresses the ignorance of the initial comment.


    In the post he refers to the video as reasoning as to why Ace had to leave the band. To make music as a solo act. You think they would've allowed Ace to make an album called Frehleys Comet ? That's what he means. Then in the next part of the comment he just compares this song to the lighter music KISS was making at the time and says Ace had too much pride and credibility to do the same, i.e go by the trends and popular things.


    Yes, Paul has stated on many occasions that he spoke with Ace and told him he could have both a solo career and KISS. And during Ace's solo career KISS was not churning out "Lightweight bullshit." Sorry, but I don't drink the kool-aid. And Ace put out "pop" music as well. Example: Into the Night, Words are not Enough, and many others. The proof is there to be found. His statements are not fact and do not hold truths.

    John Raymond


    The Fonz

    He left after the release of Creatures so this is bullshit. He was happy releasing pop rock stuff like Talk To Me and Two Sides of the Coin on Unmasked. He thought The Elder sucked but there was still time for him to participate on COTN and stay in the band if he gave a shit. He didn't. He was too wasted on drugs.

  90. Yari

    Tod. Harith is better

    Scott Burton

    Yari Richie has a certain Rock & Roll charm though

  91. HD Studios

    Ace Stole this from carr jam!!! Lol

    Baby Gorilla

    actually him and eric wrote it for the elder


    Completely backwards. Ace and Eric Carr wrote this in 1981, I think. KISS took Eric's drum track and dubbed Bruce Kulick's guitar over Ace's.

    James Boyles

    what kiss song did it become?

    Baby Gorilla

    carr jam

  92. B Real

    Hey KISS. THIS is musicianship!

  93. dragon gaming

    That's a good drummer


    anton fig


    dragon gaming david letterman drummer

  94. Bathtubgeorge!

    Incredible track, Richie and Ace are a great team, and who the hell is that drummer? Unreal.

    Mark Patten

    +Bathtubgeorge! Anton Fig.....became the drummer for David Letterman's band


    +Mark Patten Cheers, had a suspicion alright, incredible drummer, top performance all round here


    +Bathtubgeorge! Anton Fig, also the drummer on Kiss albums Dynasty and Unmasked. He's a beast.

    Neil Moneymaker

    That would be Anton Fig my man.

  95. Ziggyzag Zi

    Scarlet shredz!

    Beel Bug

    Ziggyzag Zi he's a much better player than Ace

  96. Granville Friel

    Anton fig can flat out ball on the drums

  97. David Lanham