Ace Frehley - 2 Young 2 Die Lyrics

Walking urban streets and we got ourselves a gun
Not thinking about our lives and the shape, shape, shape
Shapes of things to come

Ducking down the alleyways of fear
A hungry cat calls and he know, know, knows
Knows the end is near

Now we can't take it no more
We'll smash down society's walls

Bad boys are comin', it's to late to cry
You better start runnin' or kiss your ass goodbye
Bad boys are comin', it's to late to cry
Too fast to live, we're too young to die

Listen little darlin' I said you'll never understand
Our times runnin' out, out, out, out
Out in this jungle land

Clock strikes twelve and the wind begins to moan
Shiver's down our spines and there's no, no, no
No returning home

Now we can't take it no more
We'll rip down society's walls

Bad boys are comin', it's to late to cry
You better start runnin' or kiss your ass goodbye
Bad boys are comin', it's to late to cry
Too fast to live, we're too young to die

We can't take it no, no, no, no more
We'll kick down the fuckin' walls

Bad boys are comin', it's too late to cry
You better start runnin' or kiss your sorry ass goodbye
Bad boys are comin', it's to late to cry
Too fast to live, we're too young to die

Bad boys are comin', it's to late to cry
You better start runnin' or kiss your ass goodbye
Bad boys are comin', it's to late to cry
Too fast to live...

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Ace Frehley 2 Young 2 Die Comments
  1. ole dahlseng

    Ace fuckin rules!

  2. chuckles1975

    I remember this back in the day thinking "uhmm. Peter, is that you????

  3. chuckles1975

    Heh heh, I remember when this came out... lots of debate on whether or not "is that Peter?"

  4. bebop fantan

    Credit to Eddie Kramer. Underrated work on this

  5. Vanei Pontes

    Ace "Fuck" Frehley Amazing 🎸👏👏👏

  6. hr. huber

    peter criss did not play and sing this track

  7. Gueeta Banzai

    fuckin kick in the nutz luv it

  8. Rahul Sharma


  9. David Gadea


  10. Glitter

    Great guitar work

    Maria L. Rapaglia

    greatest drumming ever heard--thats amazing!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  11. GG Aaron

    fuckin' KILLER song

  12. S.B Gildea

    prob one  of the best tunes on the LP ..Richie nails the vocals... Timeless

  13. danae66

    Great sounding and timeless album.

  14. Master Exploder

    F U C K I N G - A M A Z I N G !


    The Clarences love and support Ace!

    Maria L. Rapaglia


  16. NAC

    I always thought Peter sang this, "..a hungry CAT calls.." (plus it just sounds like him).

    Jon Dunmore

    Sounds a little like Peter, but that's Scarlet. It's got a different attack than Peter. Also, Scarlet is listed as LV. Peter actually did backing vocals on this and a cpl other songs.

  17. Kale Baldwin

    Richie's voice is like a mix between Peter and Paul.

  18. Chas Killcode

    just too much RULEAGE!

  19. Amanda Futral

    I hear ya bud!I might be small(4"10&95 pounds)but i want back down no matter how big they are.I stand you to them and what i believe in as well.If i have to i will do my best to kick a mans a** if i have to!!
    You take care and have a blessed Thanksgiving as well as Christmas:)
    Keep rockin,and stand up to what you believe in always! :)

    Rainy Day

    Southern? :D (Me too!)

  20. Acekicken

    I prefer to cadge fight but things change ,god bless

  21. Amanda Futral

    I love to read a good catfight on youtube&FB:)
    Gives me a good laugh.God bless

  22. alfredo ribaudo

    Me encanto esta cancion, increible, muy rockera y con increibles voces.

    Maria L. Rapaglia

    @above--says that he's enchanted by song, incredible voice incredible band.

  23. metallooney

    I remember seeing the bd boys tour Ace Frehley and Peter Criss touring together shortly after Ace put this lp out!!

  24. enkikesaurus

    No match for SPACE ACE.

  25. reaper man

    GOSH bless ACE and PETER

  26. Acekicken

    @Vaekkrinhart haaaa good enough lol

  27. Acekicken

    @Vaekkrinhart None taken but you should know who Ace has singing the song if he is goof enough for Ace enough said....

  28. Acekicken

    @Vaekkrinhart Thats how Richie sounds, you can here it on Give to me anyway as well,Im an animal & his solo CDs like Wise guy from NY,my fav song he has is called Sly little bitch

  29. Acekicken

    @Vaekkrinhart Dude I help run Bach's offical message board,Ace hooked him up with Baz in the late 90's 100% this is not Peter it's Ritchie Scarlet, would you like his facebook link he will tell u him self Peter only sang back up there is no mistake here

  30. Acekicken

    Scarlet is on Face book anyone who want to ask him if this is him feel free.....

  31. Acekicken

    @Acekicken This rumor was established due in part to the fact that Scarlet's vocals sound reminiscent of Criss' early vocal contributions to Kiss, along with the fact that Criss was thanked for his contribution to Trouble Walkin'. In fact, his contributions were limited to backing vocals on "Trouble Walkin'", "2 Young 2 Die" and "Back to School".

  32. Acekicken

    @Acekicken Contrary to popular belief, Criss did not contribute lead vocals to the song "2 Young 2 Die". Lead vocals were provided by rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Richie Scarlet.

  33. Acekicken

    @Vaekkrinhart The album peaked at #102 on the Billboard 200 chart. The lone single, a cover of Electric Light Orchestra's "Do Ya", did not chart. "Hide Your Heart", co-written by Paul Stanley, first appeared on Bonnie Tyler's Hide Your Heart album, and later appeared Kiss' Hot in the Shade, released the same month as this album.

  34. Acekicken

    @Vaekkrinhart Look up the song Give it to me anyway by Ace Frehely,the song is also Ritchie singing & is from the same recording sessions as this song but did not come out on Trouble Walkin

  35. Acekicken

    @Vaekkrinhart This has been brought up before,it's not Peter it's Ritchie Scarlet & he still plays the song in his own Solo set to this day. He also played it live while touring with Sebastian Bach who is singing back up on the song. I have this CD from the day it came out I remeber all the articals from when they made this CD Peter sings back up that is it.

  36. bren Polanno


  37. dobiedub1

    Oh my god! Eargasm! Ace, Sebastian, Peter, and Richie singing an epicly badass song together! So badass!

  38. Acekicken

    There is a live version of this song Richie singing it with Sebastian Bach while Bach was on tour 98/99 & they talk about recording this for Troble Walkin
    Great song from a great CD

  39. Acekicken

    @KissU2345 Peter is not sining this song it's Richie Scarlet, Peter sang back up along with Sebastian Bach,Dave Snake Sabo & Rachel Bolan. Peter did not play drums on any track for the record

  40. Pedro Z

    Epic song!

    Maria L. Rapaglia

    is this song about gangs or vietnam or both?

  41. KissU2345

    My favourite song in the album. Come to think of it, this was a cracking album! Peter Criss sings and plays drums on this one. Some much for Gene and Paul saying these two were crap... True, they were addicts and like any other ill people, struggled to keep "their jobs", but they had amazing talent and were capable of greatness. Essential part of the real Kiss.

  42. Cesar Kelly

    This is a super-great song!

  43. Lozzy7071

    OMG I LOVE HIM SO MUCH he amazing <3