Acceptance - Permanent Lyrics

sometime ago,
i keep losing track over again,
all these promises wont turn golden until you touch them

its permanent,
nothing is permanent
its permanent,
we'll be watching your back following indecision's lasting for years,
indecision's lasting for years.

sometime ago,
memories in my head are starting again,
speak it fast dont move in slow,
running through the country maybe they will find me.

its permanent,
nothing is permanent
its permanent,
we'll be watching your back,
we'll be watching your back
following indecisions lasting for year
indecisions lasting for years
like a river in arizona dried up before you were born,

it's starting up again
it's starting up again
it's starting up again (we'll be watching your back)
it's starting up again
it's starting up again
we'll be watching your back its permanent nothing is permanent
its permanent
we'll be watching your back
its permanent
nothing is permanent
its permanent
time is pushing us back (following)
permanent permanent permanent

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Acceptance Permanent Comments
  1. Eric Lutz

    I never even heard of ATV off road. I just love acceptance. Respect tho.

  2. Green Van Memes Incorporated

    To the people who dislike this you disappoint me.

  3. Geoffrey Evans

    ATV Off-Road Fury for PSP. Best memories!

  4. Craig Borton

    nicest song ever i love it

  5. Patrick Kabongo

    this song reminds me of Fall-Out Boy

  6. Jake 4.7

    The first video game I ever owned was atv offroad fury 3, I was 5 years old at the time when I first got it. I'm 19 now, almost 20. And whenever I hear this song it just reminds me of better days come and gone. I always listen to this song when I'm sad because it reminds me of great memories growing up, this song will forever hold a place in my heart till the day I die. I love it.

    Matthew Pugh

    I agree with you, it reminds me of my childhood days back when I used to play ATV Off-Road Fury 3


    We are in the same boat bro

    Eric Lutz

    Solid progress mate. Keep plugging away

  7. Titty Tickler9000

    1 dislike cmon

  8. Evolved Soldier

    Radical song I just listen to it today 3/19/2019. I like it, Permanent (death is permanent, life is permanent, and true love friendship happiness and eternal salvation for those who are blessed.) The truth is one day we will all look back and say even thought their are some things that are permanent like paying bills, birthdays, good and evil. You want to be remembered as a great person who dream came true, maybe an actor, a writer, a police officer, or an athlete u have to work towards your permanent goal and never stop trying to make an impact in this world. Heaven & Hell are permanent and so is Jesus, God & The Devil. These things will always exist. I know that some day when we are old were going to look back and say what a life we live, mistakes on earth are permanent, your soul regardless of where you end up is permanent, light & darkness are permanent. I'm glad there are some nice people in this world we need more of them, may the people on this planet have peace before and after dyeing.

    Patrick Kabongo

    amen bro


    amen brother

  9. Arathyl 999

    Reminds me of my high school days :')

  10. Azrael Cain

    No dislikes. Finally people know what high quality music is.

    Jimmy McPerson

    This is what makes people dislike

    Kurt Lawrence

    Someone disliked it :/

    Mitchel 7346

    4 people don't understand what high quality music is

  11. We Remotely Low

    I like this version a lot more.

  12. Jacob Sternemann

    I really wish that they had just kept this on Black Lines to Battlefields

  13. Damanat

    ATV Off-road Fury 3. Nothing else.

    Margaret K

    One of the first games I ever played back when I was 5 or 6 years old. Still love it


    fuck yeah my dude!!

    Collin Klitz

    I'm trying to restore my PSP that has a broken switch so I can play again lol


    YEAH BABY 🔥🔥🔥🔥 i think this song is my favorite game soundtrack

    Jan Contratista

    now thats where I heard it.. thanks couldnt remember