Accept - Screaming For A Love-bite (Live) Lyrics

Screaming for a love - bite
And you hide it, that it makes you feel alright
See your secret in a mirror
It's black 'n' blue and it happened to you
In the heat of the night
It hurts just the first time
Ooh, it hurts
It hurts just the very first time
Screaming for a love - bite
For a love - bite
Hiding that it feels right
Screaming for a love - bite
Grinding makes so uptight
And you gotta face it, 'cause it decorates your neck
It's gonna stay there
Stay there for a long time
Just to remind you while you like it
When you went on and on
It hurts just the first time
Ooh, it hurts
It hurts just the very first time
Screaming for a love - bite
For a love - bite
Hiding that it feels right
Screaming for a love - bite
Screaming for a love - bite

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Accept Screaming For A Love-bite (Live) Comments
  1. Mr Vinylyzed

    Old school stuff!

  2. Debbie Athy

    Nothing like a classic metal song to get you in the mood with your old school metal head boyfriend

  3. Antonio Rodríguez

    Guitar solo is... exciting..👏👏

  4. Manny Badabing

    I needed a break from Country and I am here in metal universe....😡💪😎🤘

  5. juliyomaquetista

    Publicidad y la conchasu madreeeee!!!!!,....

  6. Perry Tornado

    1985 It happened to you in the heat of the night/ Screaming For A Love Bite

  7. Sergey

    У Accept много классных песен, эта одна из самых любимых

  8. Ruysdael Huerta


  9. Edgar Girtsis


  10. Edgar Girtsis


  11. Сашок 73

    Сука вот бля !?

  12. jozef śimurda


  13. llaith2

    God, I grew up with all these albums (born in 71) and I forgot how good they were. Accept really were the absolute best of their kind (the album after this Russian Roulette was my top album of high school days, and a lost classic). Great to hear again. Lot's of these bands were similar, and many were different just because of gimmicks, but Accept has something utterly fascinating going on. I think in the era of these high pitched metal voices, Udo's was the best of all time, beating even Midnight from Transcendence and (heresy alert) Ronny Dio himself. Only Blackie from WASP has a better voice and singing style. But Udo is that good, and how he isn't as famous as the others is just one of the crimes of music.

  14. owen bevans

    An Epic song about a hicky! Still sound just as epic as it did 40 years ago give or take a few years!

  15. Chris Ginny

    This song reminds me of my ex

  16. Brian Hougaard Baldersbæk

    Amazing how one still can sense, feel and taste the early Summer of 1985. It made an eternal impression of undisputed joy :)

  17. samu aarnio

    Tätä vähäpoikana kasetilta kuuntelin ja mietin mite Raisun tai 400cc Kotemin penkille oikein komian blondin vikittelen, no tulihan sinne muutama mutta vielläkin 46 ikäisenä oon yksin.

  18. Beastmode Poppa

    LMAO UDO reminds me of that guy off of King of Queens, Spence! 😂

  19. J.J. Decay

    god, this band brings back memories. this song, Turn Me On & Head Over Heels bring back the sweetest memories

  20. R.G. Koncyk

    AWESOME FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Joel Apodaca

    Thanks for the music.Huge flashbacks..... FABENS,TX.

  22. randall scott burress

    blah blah blah

  23. Dragón de Cuera

    One of the heaviest bands of the 80´s classic heavy metal.

  24. randall scott burress


  25. M T

    Oh this fucking record! I was stalked and threatened in the the 80's because of this record; still rock it however. Fuck those psychos!

  26. Big Dave Kilbride

    This album is one of the greatest metal albums ever released.

  27. anderson rocha


  28. randall scott burress

    r u metal

  29. dok holidej

    I grow up with this song. SCREAMING

  30. Flickeda booger

    1985, Back when Metal was being conceived into daily listening!!!!!
    I recall buying this Album and compared it to NON-OTHER. Saw Accept open for IRON MAIDEN - I think!!!!!

    Juan Flores

    A Dane county coliceunm Madison Wisconsin

  31. 7915thomas

    Top band, so much better than today’s pretenders

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    urza 49


  33. AlfonsoEA

    52 stupids...

  34. randall scott burress

    bankster smell ald felding stound?

  35. vonzo7878

    名盤 1985年

  36. Anthony

    This intro and this song are so fucking good ! Hail ACCEPT !

  37. Nartisha Eyster

    Wonder what Udo is up to these days?

  38. Олег Владимирович Чернышев

    Second Track !
    (I like Russian Men)

  39. Rogério Corrêa de Souza

    80 = Great times!

  40. Zeek M

    May 21 2017 - I get such a kick out of playing wolf hoffmanns solos.
    This one is so simple yet such big jumps around the neck like in blitz of lightening.
    But do I actually like the song? I sure do and I'm glad there's such a song like it.
    Yes I know , it's only metal and soul but I like it , like it , Yes I do.

  41. SuperRowdyone

    Hoffman's solo... perfection

  42. lonecrapshooter67

    best album ever, saw them on tour with Iron with Iron Maiden 1985 June in Peoria ,Illinois

  43. Chris YeahbuuWassrileegowynonn

    ooohh its heard   crazy mix of chords and riffs and uno! only accept

  44. Kasper E

    Classic Metal?? it Epic Metal ;-)

    urza 49

    Laser E.....Classic Metal 2🔝

  45. David H

    I remember back then, this was just another song...
    NOW it's so good when I hear it!
    compared to the shit on the radio now. \M/ RAAWK!!

  46. Tapani Kuokkanen

    I love this song forever, one of the bests.

  47. Gordon Gatt jnr

    A Classic Song and Metal Album from the 80's 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  48. Kjell Axel Östman Nostalgic inc.

    #spotify add this album.

  49. CheckyBeeBees

    intro sounds like the vocal melody in the chorus of Midnight Mover

  50. Dana H

    UDO ROCKS!!!!!!!

  51. spock_elvis


  52. ミルクルルド


  53. reiner bergkamen

    ac-dc meets van halen

    Jeff Wolgemuth

    Zeek M h

    Raul Corral

    Nice point of view man, so true.

    Billy Williams

    They only wish they was as good of musician as UDO

    Billy Williams

    Man does not need a certain band he picks his


    Riff does kinda sounds like Dance The Night Away.

  54. Elton Magnus GP

    "Black and White" of Michael Jackson looks like a lot this one.

  55. Jim Smith

    WTF is this a parody band? the singer appears to be aprox 4 ft tall, holy shit....

    Denied Metal Gaming

    the old singer is udo dirkschneider the singer now is mark tornillo


    Jim Smith apparently he is 5' 6", but I think that's bullshit.

    Chris Montgomery

    Does height make you unable to sing? No your a fucking idiot

    Bill Simmons

    Ronnie James Dio, ever heard of him he was not tall either..

  56. Among The Living

    Sounds like van halen

    Richard Cox

    Listen to Dogs on Leads and/or Princess of the Dawn and you will throw that theory right out the window. :)

  57. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    Fantastic tune

  58. D H

    Man it never gets old....Udo rocks!!!!

  59. Danny

    It feels like you can no longer just walk into a record store and pick something like this up, bring it home, put it on, and hear THIS.  It feels like that kind of quality and magic is gone!!!


    I miss the record stores...."Would you like to listen to it?".

    Victor Oro

    The passion to make original music is gone. There are only a few out there that still keep their music original. No a days, everyone has to sound like everyone else just to be accepted.

  60. Odd Magne Granli

    This is why Heavy Metal kicks the ass of every other genre out there. I love it.

    Debbie Athy

    Odd Magne Granli so true that

  61. Stefan Harmatzy-Simon

    geile platte

  62. Oleg

    ac/dc - for thous about to rock + crazy train by ozzy

  63. Caroline Lala

    This song.....sooo good!!..........

  64. Georgi Petrov

    The best

  65. Hystery animations

    thanks ga

  66. Guitar Covers by Alex Pomazov

    my guitar cover

  67. John Uotela

    accept my baby

  68. Lorenzo Sperduti

    I have this vinyl signed by Accept and also the new singer wanted to sign on it without problems. :D

    owen bevans

    Mark is great! I've been an Accept fan since I got the album ACCEPT around my 12th birthday. There new stuff hits every bit as hard and leaves an impression.

  69. Alberto N. Vargas Callejas

    Light hard rock de Accept....

    Paul Matthew G.

    Infectious rhythm

  70. \o/

    But, if you're thinkin' about my baby
    It don't matter if you're black or white

    Robin Sjörs

    +\o/ Hahaha, Never thought of it! I was thinking of Van Halen - Dance the Night Away

  71. алексей сальников

    ух))) какая старая старая тема) но классная


    алексей сальников I always liked the T-34 tank

  72. Tony Z

    Kick AZZ  !!!

  73. Ron hulka

    Udo know.

  74. Juan Carlos Diaz Pabón

    Definitely a MASTERPIECE!!!

  75. Christian Catherine

    tros bien a écouter sans modération et a font 

  76. Dar Blackthorn

    Typical 80's riff. But who doesn't love 80s' metal :) Great song.

    Perry Tornado

    Feminists hate it. They hate themselves too 'cause they got shit for brains, soulless and despicable.

  77. EnGeL VoNNzÖ

    i want more just than scream for a love bite...... good song!!

  78. Jr Jacques

    damn.. I love this song... so much...

  79. Robert Berardinis

    go for it UDO you will live forever

  80. Robert Berardinis

    this music is for intellectuals

    Paul Matthew G.

    I'm smarter than most!

    Αρης Μακρης

    thewhiteelephant goddamn lmao


    I hope that is a sarcasm

    Janek Franek

    It might have a deeper sense which I feel but I'm not sure if the author of the comment thought the same as I think right now


    Interesting factoid: "Deaffy" was/is a woman, and the girlfriend of guitarist Wolf Hoffman, who he later married. She co/wrote most of their songs with Wolf, so most of the sexual imagery in the lyrics comes from her.

  81. Johnnie Bee

    Udo is the man

  82. Marco Marconi

    Really a masterwork.

  83. Ygor Nimoy

    This song IS about hickeys.

  84. Hitman1m1


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  86. WOS

    this is the best music of accept,i love metal /.../

  87. Anthony Brown

    Love your taste in music, but don`t like your football team, Oh well, nobody is perfect !

  88. Julian David


  89. ggiul1256


  90. brnleague99

    Hahahahahaha. Nice!

  91. Mega tamaful

    Screaming for a love bite...what does it feel like?

  92. AORplaying

    One of the best metal LPs of all time. Epic title, cover picture and music!!