Accept - Demon's Night Lyrics

Sparks - the eyes of fire
Flying high in the night
Storms - the arms of evil
It's gonna take your life

You know the bats crying
Hell bent for the death
Rain - the tears of the devil
Gonna lay you to rest

Rolling a thunder - a curse on that night
We've got your number - no use to hide

You - you've lost your freedom
To the masters of force
Ride on the waves of magic
Dark nights will be your course

Rolling a thunder - a curse on that night
We've got your number - no use to hide

Demon's night - no way out
Demon's night - the angels fight
Demon's night - cries of pain
Demon's night
Demon's night - a night to die

Lights - blinding your mind
Like a flash out of hell
Sounds - that no one will hear
It's a demon's bell

Look in the face of horror
It's a dangerous night
Scream for your mother's children
You've lost your human right

Rolling a thunder - a curse on that night
We've got your number - no use to hide

Demon's night - no way out
Demon's night - the angels fight
Demon's night - cries of pain
Demon's night
Demon's night - a night to die

Rolling a thunder - a curse on that night
We've got your number - no use to hide

Demon's night - no way out
Demon's night - the angels fight
Demon's night - cries of pain
Demon's night

A night to die

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Accept Demon's Night Comments
  1. dany rixx

    Fast As A Shark????

  2. Fredrik Scherman

    I first listened to to this record in early 80s and I know Stefan Kaufmann be a long head of drummers today, he is a fantastic drummer, the way he plays make a huge influence on me

  3. Manny Badabing

    Rrolling in thunder....cabrones....🤘😠

  4. Louis Csanko


  5. Manny Badabing

    This song gives me wood.....🤤

  6. Manny Badabing

    Rolling in THUNDA!!!!

  7. Diggerdog2nd

    I used to crank this entire cassette out of my 71 Skylark in the early 80's. Still awesome. Met them in 1985 on the Metal Heart tour.


    perfect and too f'g awesome Digger

  8. Vanei Pontes

    Great Band / Great Álbum🎸😎👊

  9. Manny Badabing

    This song gives me wood. Heavy Wood....😠✌

  10. Ugh Blake

    A living nightmare of German chaos! Run you fools.

  11. Eraj Akramov

    cannibal corpse cover better

  12. Demone


  13. simo

    reminds me of judas priest's delivering the goods

    Luis Duran

    Tu eres tonto hail accept

  14. alaric aguila

    Love that Bell!

  15. Manny Badabing

    This song cuts through concrete. Rolling in thunda!!!!!!!

  16. Manny Badabing

    But the original version is better than Cabinal Copres.

  17. Manny Badabing

    I heard the Cannibal Corpse version. Hilarious, but it's good. I hate death, Cookie Monster vocals but the guitars are sick.

  18. Manny Badabing

    This one track blows away the whole discography, including Blood Of The Nations.

  19. Manny Badabing

    This one track blows away Balls To The Wall. It's got more balls than Walls.

  20. Manny Badabing

    This is one mean, fucking track. Ooooooffffffff

  21. Manny Badabing

    Take that Pantera........grrrrrrrr

  22. Scrub Plant

    One of the most classic rhythms

  23. Charles Laddi

    Listened to the Cannibal Corpse version first, now this. LOVE em both. \m/

  24. Luis Duran

    En k coño se parece esto a acdc hail accept

  25. claudio Simões

    Melhor álbum do Accept...vocal fantástico Udo..

  26. Kaseb Mohamed

    Udo's voice is often compared to Brian Johnson's, but I find it much closer to Bobby Ellsworth's from NY thrash band Overkill, Bobby began singing in a typical Dickinson style in the first three Overkill records, but his voice in The Years of Decay and the records after it is so close to Udo's singing style that I couldn't guess who's singing if I didn't know the song!

  27. Thomas Montgomery

    I always remember when I hear this back in the early 80's I went over to my silver spoon buddies house and we had this room, called the woodroom, that we had to ourselves and I went in and my buddy was standing up on the ledge at bottom of fireplace,drunk as hell, jamming on his air guitar.Best days of my life.

  28. BryanX 64

    Best song on the album imo

  29. Brian Talbot

    cannibal corpse ruined this song in there cover -_-

    BryanX 64

    No they didn't. It was a shit cover but it didn't make the original not exist

    Bryan Perez

    Brian Talbot If it wasn't for the Cannibal Corpse version, I wouldn't have known about it. I love em both for different reasons.


    Brian Talbot Cannibal Corpse did fuck this masterpiece up.

    Brian Talbot

    @OscarLundin their cover is awful, even two years later😂

  30. angus scott

    Hell Yeah

  31. Mike N

    Best album ever

  32. Cristiano S.Pires

    Adoro esta musica \m/

  33. coaytch

    Okey doke! This is a special Accept song! German metal at it's best!  

  34. 1968hawkman

    I wanna see Accept live!!

    Joacim Lindberg

    @1968hawkman I am gonna do that on saturday. HA!

  35. Fred dog


  36. Marc Tommolino

    I disagree hector, udo is singing his balls off on this song. Nobody can do it better

  37. Hector Rodriz

    I kind of agree with you. Udo's kinda funny vocal inflections take away the eeriness and power that it could've had. Cannibal Corpse's version is basically this song given a truly powerful kick in the balls. Of course, I'm not saying Accept should use growled guttural vocals. Udo could've delivered a more powerful, less "cheeky" vocal performance, which would've made this song into a real killer.

  38. Navard dowling

    Do not like. Cannibal Corpse does it better

    Bo Nichols

    WRONG.......Navard.......cannibal c. AIN'T NEVER seen the day they would come even close to this humble opinion of course.

    King Ace Hernandez

    Bo Nichols didnt care about cannibals cover but i did like their cover from black sabbath zero the hero

  39. Big Dick Archie

    If my neck would be broken. I would still be headbang to this song.

  40. Tyuzinhuh

    @TheTrueFortress Scorpions is hard rock, not metal. German metal started with Accept, and no one more.


    Thanks for the post!

  42. WrathofGobae

    @TheTrueFortress scorpions are good too just not quite as good

  43. paul hatton

    flash rockin man?

  44. americanliberal09

    @TheTrueFortress oh i see but to me the scorpions is little more hard rock to me
    and as for rush and ac dc i don't know if they should be called metal but those bands are great though.

  45. americanliberal09

    @TheTrueFortress hey i agree with you dude scropions is more hard rock except he is a woman she a man song

  46. americanliberal09

    @TheTrueFortress why discard scropions?

  47. ytaccno3

    i bought this LP today. For 6 euros!!! :O best value to cost buy , ever.

  48. WorldView

    This is very serious heavy metal; UDO had the voice. Scorpions, to comment on the other member's view, is hard rock, should not be compared, really; both are classic to what their respective genres.

  49. Axilleac

    The sound : a chainsaw spinning on a metal surface
    The voice : First shrieker in metal music??
    The title : Restless & Wild
    Side effects :Speed metal/Thrash Metal/German scene
    Year : 1982
    Region : Germany
    Any questions???????

  50. Brian Allen

    Great homage to German Metal!

  51. Yousuffering77

    Music reminds me Mercyful Fate, just imagine King's vocals ..The guitar work here is similar to Sherman/Denner, great song though.

    Luis Duran

    Yousuffering77 jilipollas accept es accept hail accept no ai comparacion con ningun otro grupo

    Vitaly Golub

    heavier and more thrashy

  52. Bulbasaruman

    @TheTrueFortress Not as offense but Accept is a god like all the other legends too.

  53. Ziggurat-06

    @snakekramer Napalm death is heavier!

  54. brnleague99

    @afoolisharrangement I like the original and I love Cannibal Corpse's cover. How can anyone hate the cover? It was done with love and respect to a band that influenced them. That's what a cover is all about.

  55. noobsaibot323

    agent steel cover is better

  56. Brian Bittermann

    this version is alright but i love CC'S version better

  57. Mega Doc

    Dub - can't find even 1 CC/Nevermore album that can touch Restless and Wild - to each his own --- notice who is playing who's the CC drummer....

  58. Mega Doc

    Dub - can't find even 1 CC/Nevermore album that can touch Restless and Wild - to each his own --- notice who is playing who's songs...

  59. Mega Doc

    I'm trying to think of an early 80's metal album that is better than this one...and can''d have to go with Met/Meg/Sla/Ant to compete - Maiden, Priest, Dio, Sab, etc....didn't match this album...

    Robert Ghanem

    Mega Doc powerslave?

  60. Mega Doc

    except that it's an Accept song...the down tuned guitars sound cool - don't like CC vocals at all...and Wolf blows CC away on guitar

  61. Harlekin

    Szaam youre right.

  62. fortheloveoftunes

    The "Restless and Wild" album is Accept´s masterpiece! but "Balls to the Wall" is their best song and "Starlight" from "Breaker" is the second best in my opinion :-)

  63. tyrant1505

    Not just the best Accept album, a real metal masteriece full stop and this track typifies the class on the album! Blows most around now out of sight, Rammstein and Priest apart IMO. Indeed saw Accept support Priest, what a gig! Problem is, anyone else think they ran out of steam after this? Although Breaker before this was a great album, Balls to the wall didn't inspire me much then, Udo leaving and the next album with the new singer, XTC apart, seemed average.

  64. Szaam

    Much respect to Accpet, but I just think Cannibal Corpse did so much more with this song. But mega respect to Accept.

  65. Plamen Pachaliev

    Yep gravelandart these guys are not joking around they play really hard and heavy stuff and they are doing this soo good every other band sounds shitty compared to them hats down Accept is probably one of the best heavy metal bands ever

  66. Carl Johnson

    cannibal corpse's cover is amazing

  67. Mega Doc

    Wolf goes off at 3:01 - 5 Stars

  68. Mega Doc

    forgot how good Restless and Wild is...Wolf Hoffmann lays down the cuts, great drumming and bass playing, awesome metal vocals by UDO...easily one of the best albums of the golden age of heavy metal.