Accept - Chain Reaction Lyrics

Another lousy night
Out on the tiles again
Tired of the routine
I never ever get it right

I've been lookin' for some action
To divert my attention
Got no rhyme or a reason
Feel the sign, feel the time, the time of the season

Tonight I'm gonna make the grade
Out of the cold nothing can stop
Nothing gonna stop me now - no!

I know I need chain reactions
I know I need heavy action
I know I need chain reactions
All I'm lookin' for is the life's attractions - yeah!

Another boring day
I couldn't take no more
Turnin' down the blue mood
As long as I'm runnin' with the pack I know I'm free

Tonight I'm gonna make the grade
Out of the cold nothing can stop
Nothing can stop me now - no!

Chain reactions

I know I need chain reactions
I know I need heavy action
I know I need chain reactions
I know I need heavy action

Chain reactions - Life atraction

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Accept Chain Reaction Comments
  1. Larry Rodriquez

    I was all ready for this gig in Oakland CA with WASP sign on entrance Accept will not be performing tonight this sucks!

  2. Dopa M1n3rva

    Could've been a theme tune to Baywatch ...

  3. Chrystian Pestana

    Very Nice

  4. John Mulder

    how many albums does Accept have out?

    Dopa M1n3rva

    15 (of which this song's album is the most atypical):

    Accept (1979)
    I'm a Rebel (1980)
    Breaker (1981)
    Restless &Wild (1982)
    Balls to the Wall (1983)
    Metal Heart (1985)
    Russian Roulette (1986)
    Eat the Heat (1989)
    Objection Overruled (1993)
    Death Row (1994)
    Predator (1996)
    Blood of the Nations (2010)
    Stalingrad (2012)
    Blind Rage (2014)
    Rise of Chaos (2017)

    John Mulder

    Dopa M1n3rva that's very cool thank you for the info. I have a few vinyls so far.


    Hello a ton like 5 with new singer and like 13 studio lap.s with judo and also if u care this is neat if u look at a lot of there old records it says produced by accept and deaffy.I was unable to figure who deaufy was.its gab be hauke who is wolf Hoffman's wife she is the main lyric writer on most of there stuff.I find that very interesting and great.

    the ghost

    Too many.

  5. SrakeTV

    this is glam but still amazing metal

  6. Leandro Silvaaa

    isso sim é um heavy metal de verdade! heavy metal e alegria exaltação amigos e muita cerveja ! e essa banda combina com tudo isso ! amo accept!

  7. Ric Wood

    Best David Reece song!

  8. Иван Иванов

    самая аффигеннннаяя тема без ДИШНАЙДЕРА!!!

  9. Musica_aeon

    is wolf hoffman under rated........??? yes criminally under-rated....

    Volkan KINACI

    he is the best!

  10. Laurance Fisher


  11. LSDizzys

    he can do better than Udo. Much better. This is my fav Accept song although my fav album is Metal Heart.

  12. Błażej Bomba

    Udo = best voice for Heavy metal,
    Reece = best for Rock ;d

    Fang Face

    UDO is very good for Hard Rock songs to

  13. Błażej Bomba

    Guys, this is best rocknroll voice, idk what you want!

  14. Jeff kiado

    wolf hoffman is god.

  15. Dimitar Papazov

    It's one super underrated singer and album ! Amazing sounding voice !

  16. Harvey Cent

    what a start yearh ;

  17. diego Rios

    david voice amazingggggggggg!!

  18. KingOfDawn96

    UDO's voice is how can i say "rough" for this its better like this :D

  19. KingOfDawn96

    i love the end its so great :D

  20. Vicce82

    Omg I love this song. David's voice is awesome! :D

  21. MariusTheNerd

    Hey man! I agree there! Keep on lovin' metal!

  22. Psycho Child

    I like Dave's singing on this track especially. Sure he may not be able to shriek or scream like Udo can, but his style keeps this song balanced especially during the chorus.

  23. MariusTheNerd

    Yeah, it's damn good! Well, I think it is great as it is, but it maybe would have been better if Udu were was singin' it, maybe or maybe not.