Accept - Blood Of The Nations Lyrics

For the right to be free... We pay the wages of war
For our dreams and ideals... All that's worth fighting for
For Honor and Duty... Nations we will defend
Securing our safety and peace... We fight to the end

As allies we stand, in far away lands
Heeding the battle cry
We pay the price, with great sacrifice
The fuel of freedoms' fire

Together we fight... (For the blood of the nations)
Warriors on demand
We kill and we die... (For the blood of the nations)
It's a noble cause... And the blood is on their hands

We leave behind our homes... to ensure our way of life
To avenge our brothers murders... and stand up for what is right
For our countries and our future... our legions carry on
A war against the terror... that we did not bring upon

As allies we stand... in hostile lands
So the masses can be free
We pay the price... with great sacrifice
That's the way it has to be

Together we fight... (For the blood of the nations)
We are brothers hand in hand
We kill and we die... (For the blood of the nations)
Cos' war is hell
We pay with our lives... (For the blood of the nations)
Cos' freedom isn't free
We bleed and we cry... (for the blood of the nations)
A Soldier's Lot... And here we'll make our stand


Together we fight... (For the blood of the nations)
Warriors on demand
We kill and we die... (For the blood of the nations)
It's a noble cause

We pay with our lives... (For the blood of the nations)
Cos' freedom isn't free
We bleed and we cry... (for the blood of the nations)
A soldier's lot...

...(Blood of the nations)
We pay with our lives... (For the blood of die nations)
...Cos' war is hell

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Accept Blood Of The Nations Comments
  1. Ion L.

    I am building a wall of wax around my candle so the flame doesn't go off and so that I can finish my.... cigarette.

  2. Ruben Meijerink

    Not their best album, but this song is Acceptable

  3. Louis Csanko


  4. alberto castro

    Por the blood of the nations 🤟🤟 temazo que pasada

  5. gaetan landry

    Great stuff

  6. Louis Csanko


    Katie Brooks

    They’ve been back since 2010.

  7. Kronus

    ACCEPT um dos maiores nomes do HEAVY METAL mundial !!!!!!!! HAIL !!!

  8. Vitrolinha Canal

    True hymn!

  9. undone

    Thank's Accept

  10. stefan colwell

    UDO's voice , is what this song needs , this dude's voice just doesn't work for me

    Francisco Pérez Hofmann

    Tornillo is UDO on steroids


    Sorry but UDO'S voice is completely gone

  11. Flávio Kuntz

    isso que é banda!!! não é essas vistas.kkkkkaaassshhhhhhuaaa

  12. StarWars_noob noscope

    still the views........

  13. jazmin magi


  14. The Crimson Fucker

    I'm just saying....this is what a good song with an actual singer sounds like.

  15. TheSporehacker


  16. Asrael 1708

    666 Likes :O

    Luis Jimenez

    Asrael 1708 999 :D

  17. Hyago Eurico

    Quando ele grita '' Warriors on demand '' chega arrepiar

  18. Leo Cossoniche

    fodastico .....pqp

  19. Ludmyla

    incrível. :0

  20. Sinan çevik

    accept favorite song best band \m/

  21. 7nth Sparrow

    Powerful vocals!

  22. so os melhores do free frae jogos

    Perfect sound top solo

  23. Philip Moxom

    Great song

  24. Sarah

    Please someone do a instrumental version without the voices! I love the guitar sounds <3

  25. Michael Jacobsen

    love accept ☺☺

  26. Nate C.

    that bass!

  27. Smoke Bury

    This is a great Metal Band & always has been~f-yes!

  28. Alex Razorcif

    For the blood of Donations!

    Giorgos Glms


    cualkiera estabien

    Jajajajajajajajajajajajaja un spanish, translate please. Con dos huevos campeón xD


    omg now take it out of my heaaad please LMAO

    alberto castro

    @cualkiera estabien que grande jajaja un spanglish jajaj por cierto gran cancion temazo y gran bamda

  29. Israel Matheus C. S. Coutini

    Fodástica!!! :o

  30. pONtosan Az

    \m% Blood of the NatiONs\m%

    nice sONg

  31. Tom Grubbe

    Been a fan of Accept since Breaker.  Great song, great lyrics, great album!

  32. h k

    Man, I thought this song about a lot when I was in the army as a conscript. It was, and is, very fitting to a soldier after all. " We pay with our lives for blood the nations ".. hope it never comes to that! But we truly were brothers hand in hand :)

    Inspector Javert

    Thanks for your service, where do you live if I may ask?

    Mitch Graham

    @Inspector Javert from his name and the fact that they have mandatory military service, I'd guess Finland.

    Inspector Javert

    @Mitch Graham Cool I didn't know that about Finland. :D

  33. D D'ianno

    Fan since 81. I stopped listening first song.lame, typical ,.cliche lyrics,.singers voice annoys.this is a retread of stuff they've already done as they jump the military wagon. And as usual , accept will run out of gas and tank/retire. This crap is boring...guitar playing isn't even fresh.
    I own many accept cds, I wouldn't own this one for free. Why? I'd never listen to it.

    Mr. Crowley

    @d dianno Look dude, we all have different opinions and that's ok, but don't come here and shove it into everyone's face.

    Francisco Pérez Hofmann

    Wait... do you want to feel smart or something?


    Mr. Crowley that's what the comment section is for jackass

  34. esat bener

    1:37 perfect   brutal    warriors on denand

  35. Hugo Canelas

    blood of the nations

  36. ZBlacktt

    Never will forget hearing Balls to the Wall when it very first came out. Man that seems like so long ago, lol. Still and always Metal!  \m/ o.o \m/

    Louis Csanko


  37. Spyros Uchiha

    nice song, but still accept will never have Udo-this legend..

  38. WatcherFromThePlateauofShorn141

    Hey, the several first seconds, the singer sounds like ManoWar!


    Well, that shows me how much of an ignoramus I am, lol . But I guess a guy born in 1991 like me just likes metal from the 80's up to 2006 :)

    Peste Noire is nightcore for nazis change my mind

    @MrRammsteinKicksAss They are hard rock not metal.The first metal band was Black Sabbath (even though Led Zeppelin,Deep Purple and AC/DC had some metal songs/riffs etc)


    @MrRammsteinKicksAss Shit I thought I was the only one who thinks these guys sound like a metal version of AC/DC, I never wanted to say it cuz... well you know what people are like on YouTube XD

    Torsten Berghorn

    This Band and Priest are Prototypes for Metal. They are Metal as Fuck.


    Torsten: of course, Accept was one of the first metal bands ever.

  39. jaider madrid

    Blood of the nations rocks!!!!

  40. Peste Noire is nightcore for nazis change my mind

    Sad that the first Americans were immigrants huh?

    Maceo Flux

    The first Americans were conquerors. They came, took the land, and built a great White nation. And fuck you if you don't agree.

    Michael McDonald

    I think you mean Settlers.

  41. OTEP Fan

    Accept rockes people wake up

  42. HellPatrol92

    I'm sorry, but Accept is no nazi band at all.

  43. equimanthorn88

    THIS SONG HAS TO BE ABOUT THE LIBERATION of the ARYAN/EUROPEAN peoples from Jewish/Zionist global TYRANNY and the enslavement of the world under globalism and multiculturalism, at least thats how i see it

    Maceo Flux

    Exactly! I wish there was more Aryan/Anti-ZOG music with this level of quality.


    Pretty sure its about NATO 😂😂

  44. diego francisco giron astudillo


  45. MatthewCVR

    Accept is truly one of the all time great metal bands.

  46. Sam Curr

    you think were not gonna get the song if we want it?

  47. Sam Curr

    I searched for the regular song without lyrics, and Nuclear Blast can shove it up their asses for taking it off. (copy right infringement) (with jack off gesture)

  48. MarcoLucien

    I mis Udo

  49. J W

    That opening riff sounds like the spirit of metal, fucking hell!

  50. Jess Sinkula

    -Beevis and Butthead

  51. Mark Schumaker

    Excellent music and lyrics!