AC/DC - Rock 'N' Roll Dream Lyrics

Deep water all around me
Circle sharks all about
Deep in trouble
Had me turned around
Man up and one man down
You pretty women gather 'round
You can't pick up not a single sound
You feel you're winning that's what it's all about
Knowing you are winning
And it could be the very last time

I could be in a rock n roll dream
I could be in a rock n roll dream

Circle sharks all about you
You come up and you don't know why
Where goes a woman with a warm embrace
Does a man walk in the hard rain
I'm amazed at the mess you found
Coming up and I'm standing next in line
Give into none and that one comes
Here me hollerin' I get the most

I could be in a rock n roll dream
I could be in a rock n roll dream
I could be in a rock n roll dream
I could be in a rock n roll dream

Circle sharks down and around
Deep water all around, 'round, 'round
Deep water all around and 'round

I could be in a rock n roll dream
I could be in a rock n roll dream
I could be in a rock n roll dream
I could be in a rock n roll dream

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AC/DC Rock 'N' Roll Dream Comments
  1. Michael Lester

    Got to Say Love this song It's also 1 of the Best Ever from the band

  2. Matias Vera


  3. James Beads

    Ac/dc will always Rock on they always find a way ... Keep up the good work love the new song can't wait until the new c.d

  4. Jm_80

    Thw last great Ac/Dc album...casually the last with Malcolm...R.I.P.

  5. Mover St Clair

    This track should’ve been a hit single. Great driving song in my semi truck going long distance.

  6. MarvelDcImage

    The Round and Round and Round part is like an ode to Bon Scott in one of his pre ACDC songs?

  7. theVibeTribe 89

    This should’ve been a single

  8. Otto Greenleaf

    Great song. Happy Birthday today(October 5) to Brian Johnson. Cheers!


    When the line “and it could be the very last time” came up, I felt a bit sad. Then at the time of the album release it could have easily been the very last time that AC/DC made an album. Hopefully they will last longer but it puts it into perspective that we must enjoy these bands as much as possible. Rock music is dying because most pop music now is fucking shit but people are buying it more than ever, eclipsing rock music.

    Benjamin Haley

    And rap, literally nobody in my school listens to rock except me and five other people, everyone else? Rap.

  10. sayerma

    Killer rock tune. Let alone AC/DC...
    Very underrated! Love it loud as fuck

  11. Fr. Pat Noise

    All you pretty women gather 'round
    Can't pick up not a single sound
    You feel you're winnin', that's what it's all about
    No, you ain't winnin'
    And it could be the very last time

    Gives me chills for some reason.

  12. javier e p

    Lyrics please

  13. MassReflux

    Up there with one of the most underrated tracks by the band

  14. lucas Camilo

    Uma das melhores desse album

  15. Oto Simpson

    En un intento de hacer una balada les salio blues hard rockero.

  16. Anthony Blakley

    I love to listen to this gem and stare out of my window at night and think of my aunt back up Algonquin IL whom i have not seen in a decade and a half or more. She is in remission from non hodgkin's lymphoma and all i wish for while staring out of the window into the drab but comforting darkness is to see her again one day. 1300 miles from me to her yet if feels in my soul as if she were in the triangulum galaxy. I suppose it's the distance combined with the time that makes it feel just so bloody far between her hurting soul and my comforting hands.

  17. Antonio Labaš

    Probably my favourite AC/DC song

  18. Tim Sørensen

    four, (4), idi's did not/ do not, understand this !!!

  19. Mario Garcia Guerra


  20. Paul Newsom

    This Album Has it All ,,Perfect Way for ,Malcolm to Finish his Recording Days ,,Little Did anyone Know of his Illness ,,And this Tour was Beyond Incredible ,168 dates over ,20 months ,,And Then it Was All Over ,,Could not Believe Come 2014 How Everything ,Went from Absolutely Bad to Falling Apart ,,Phil Arrested ,,Brian's Hearing in Left Ear Almost Gone ,,9 Operations on it ,,And Now ,Everything is A Wait And See ,,if New Album is Done ,,No Real Reason to Tour I Cannot See it

  21. SuperMad5000

    Ahh yes...🤘🏽😌

  22. Khennu

    very underrated track, one of my favorites

    Tim Sørensen

    Same for me !

  23. Bailey26boo 07

    Obviously there gonna be loads of likes then that one person who dislikes

    Templário do Rock

    Right on! And there is one cunt who did it!

    Tim Sørensen

    Yep... Haters are all over the place, right now !
    (Meaning: of course, there will be positive "votes"...most of the "likes"....But, You can't avoid the haters, of acdc ;)

  24. Kylo Ren

    I listening this music on the terrace with a beer <3

    Templário do Rock

    What a mix!


    Gonna do the same now :) Cheers!

  25. Stormer 757

    sprite cranberry dream

  26. L Chisholm

    Good tune