AC/DC - Flick Of The Switch Lyrics

Well there's a love gone down on mine
Suicidal voltage line
She send signals out of distress
She devil she evil
She's got you reelin' on a rockin' machine

With a flick of the switch
With a flick of the switch
She'll blow you sky high
With a flick of the switch
With a flick of the switch
She can satisfy

She's gonna blow you all sky high
Flash the eye electrify
A power force you should feel
She devil she evil
She's get you screamin' on a lightnin' machine

With a flick of the switch
Flick of the switch
She'll blow you sky high
With a flick of the switch
Flick of the switch
She can satisfy
Give you pain
Blow your brains

Flick the switch
Flick the switch
With a flick of the switch she'll blow you sky high
With a flick of the switch she can satisfy
With a flick of the switch gonna burn you down
With a flick of the switch raise to the ground
With a flick of the switch
With a flick of the switch
With a flick of the switch she gonna give you pain
With a flick of the switch she gonna blow your brain

Blow your brain
She gonna put the light out on

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AC/DC Flick Of The Switch Comments
  1. Patrick Thibault

    If people dont know,Phil Rudd was record on this album and leave right after.Thats why you got Simon Wright in the video

  2. Randall Reno

    Good album but was missing the Rudd thump

  3. André Eduardo Eduardo

    O baterista não é o Phil Rudd?quem é ?é o Chris Slade mais com cabelo?kkkk

    Jacket Tнe Mαѕĸѕ

    Simon Wright

  4. Bob Shy

    Great album!

  5. Steve Garza

    aaaawesome jaaaam maaaan

  6. The_jack 124

    From my point of view Bon's era was better than Brian's era but i want to buy this album because it is kick ass.

  7. Konrad Chmura

    Czad 💪🏼💪🏽💪🏻

  8. Steve Lambert

    Very underrated . Man ,
    they were in thier prime !

  9. Andrzej Kowal

    Speed 1.25. That it should be played

  10. The_jack 124

    I want to drink those beers at 00:23 with the best band i have ever listened.

  11. James Cairns

    Love this song ! Awesome Riff —. Best band ever !

  12. John Krolczyk

    AC/DC's heaviest album, and a damn good one!

  13. Jean Francois

    Best underrated album of ever😉

  14. sabbathrider

    After Back In Black, ACDC´s best album w/Brian. Deal with it.

  15. Vincent Van Tuijl

    Music was my first love it wwill be my last music of the future music of the past AC/DC was the first love of my life ps I play guitar as well on YouTube=TheVincent666 ps I am writing a BLOG about schitzophrenia God bless!!!

  16. Luke Nutterz

    Fuck this is a cool and charged song.

  17. TheSmOOthSmOker

    Tht riff angus plays tht sounds like its outta a 80s dancing movie 🔥 thts talent

  18. RED CAN

    This song is amazing. This album is so unknown and yet is so powerful

  19. Nathaniel Ivey

    2:34 Malcolm broke a few strings and keeps on rocking \m/

    The_jack 124

    It is his secret.

  20. hosafihosafi

    One of my favorite album from them every song on this album rocks. Especially the song Landslide!

  21. David Olivier

    Such a great song from a great underated album. I think the reason it didn't do so well at the time was mtv was really popular and the flash and cash glam bands with big hair, spandex, and makeup were the big thing of the time. AC/DC didn't sell out and they stuck by with what they loved.

  22. MarvelDcImage

    Instant love when I heard this song when it came out.

  23. Fatima Opimi

    Lik dis coment if u saw malcoms lose string on his gitar in 2:34

  24. InfoFreedomFighter

    Maybe it is partly due to my age, and this was the period when I really discovered AC/DC, but I think that this their best period - the trio of releases: Back in Black, For Those About to Rock, and Flick of the Switch - all super high energy and driving rock.. great memories when those albums were released.. love it all tho'

  25. The_jack 124

    I prefer to listen to old stuff and this song is amazing.

  26. The_jack 124

    The rhythm is very close.

  27. Christie Tapley

    One of my favorite songs by them...loved the guitar in this one.

  28. whocareswho

    And that is how you do choreography. Rhythm and bass, forward-1-2-3-sing-1-2-3-back to battle station. No bull, just delivering hard rock'n'roll.

  29. cryingmushroom47

    rhythm is masterpeice

  30. John Mackey

    an ac/dc fan myself a must have in my playlist too.

  31. Thomas

    People say this is one of the worst because they listen to retarded critics and pay attention to sales numbers. This is absolutely one of the best Johnson albums, and my personal favorite (Sorry, Bon > Johnson).
    Raw, rock n’ roll, toe tapping songs, one after another.
    For those about to Rock had so many forgettable fillers in it, as did Razors edge. Apart from back in black, this is the only Johnson era Album that is almost all great.

  32. The_jack 124

    Son: "Excuse me, can you explain me what rock and roll is?"

    Dad: "Yes, it is AC/DC"

  33. Jeff Frerichs

    My personal favorite AC/DC album...

  34. Chris Troupe

    First ever concert with my bud at 13 years old at the L.A. Forum October 1983! Fastway opened and I won the tickets on KMET! Hot damn we had a freaking blast and have been rockin ever since!

  35. Bob Masters

    The ads are hysterical, these cheesefart wannabe bands are advertising on this rocking tune. Lol. Its a long way to the top, if you want to rock & roll

  36. Nardinho

    Malcom estava tocando com uma corda da guitarra arrebentada nesse vídeo. Esse album é muito bom. Comprei quando foi lançado.

  37. Mike Wasoski

    This album has some great songs but was released among some heavy competition during that era and when you peak with an album like Back In Black it's hard to follow up that kind of success!

  38. nikolas samaras

    Malcom is the best riff writer of all time... R.I.P.

  39. Paul C Lalchungnunga

    Hell Yeah !

  40. zzeus43

    First real concert I attended was Flick of the Switch!!! $12 to get in!!!!!!!!!

  41. showman pete

    yes!!!!! brilliant

  42. Daniel Cervi

    I like that little ascending riff

  43. D P

    Flick of the Switch is one of the best rock albums ever. Every song is headbagingly awesome.

  44. henry bedoy

    Wow excelente amigos saludos 🍻🎸👍

  45. Black Sunshine

    My band. Soundtrack to my sometimes monotonous life. Soundtrack when it's not monotonous at all. My band.

  46. Wolfpack Scrum

    Angus Young is possibly, probably, definitely, the best rock player ever!

  47. Tim Allen

    Fuck Yeah, one of hardest rock songs of all time!!!!!

    Get that shit Malcom!!!!!

  48. SEVEN of NINE

    want to hear the best ac/dc cover band in the world sing this ..??? check em out there that good !!!!!!

  49. Phil Cardenas

    There is some really good guitar work by Malcom in this track. He is groovin' up and down that fret...

  50. John L

    I never got why this album was shunned ? It is awesome!!

  51. Antonio López

    Piece of Theme !!!

  52. Captain Sar

    I'm sorry everyone but Brian's voice matches AC⚡DC much better! And that's a fact!

  53. Eye In The Sky

    These boys forever in our hearts <3

  54. Richard Burch


  55. The Funnybones

    Angus doesn’t look right with a shirt on

  56. Peter

    how many people thought an SG was a big guitar before releasing Angus was a small dude !

  57. Peter

    Self produced awesomeness

  58. Manfredi Erasmi

    Unbelievable vocals!!!

  59. bigmaxy07

    Next to Back in Black, Flick of the Switch is the second best Johnson Album, then For Those About to Rock or Razors Edge, not sure.

  60. max rav

    For me the most underrated album of all time. Its my 3rd fav acfc album and you know what the other two are. Ps fly is my 5th another underrated album.

  61. Vincent Van Tuijl

    Acdc was my first love and it will be the lost music of the future music from thepast

  62. FightWorldSlavery

    THE most underrated album of ACDC.

  63. ZeeboLaywicker

    :49 miller lite...sweet

  64. Greg Stansfield

    Wow, johnsons voice! I saw acdc in bradford in the 70s. Been a fan ever since. This music wiĺl never die!!

  65. Vincent Van Tuijl

    I love this album this album is true rock n roll i love Angus with my heart

  66. Kzoo Detector

    399 Nickelback fans thumbs downing this.

  67. zzeus43

    First time I seen AC/DC was this album and tour. For 12 bucks in Biloxi, Mississippi, This band changed the way I look at music. Absolutely the best!

  68. Ágnes Gyebnár

    Nem a stílusom, de Őket bírom, eszméletlen hang, zene!

  69. Timothy Sweeney

    Love this album!!!

  70. jozef kollár

    IT s ,AC DC fucking well done souuundd+voiiceee.

  71. Bryant Chester

    Even with Malcolm's broken string..hardcore shit..

  72. Zoltán Szép

    Minden idők legjobb AC DC albuma !!!

  73. Fred Mitchell

    Bon Scott was ac dc not Johnson

  74. bombadilian

    Bit of trivia for those who might not know...Simon Wright is on the drums in this video, but Phil Rudd played on the album. He was fired just after the recording sessions IIRC.

  75. Cy Brunel

    This was to be " Snowballed " live. WTF ?!?

  76. Vincent Van Tuijl

    ac/dc was the first love of my life since I was just 6 years, and even in 2019 ac/dc is still one of my fav, acts ac/dc=antichrist/devilschild

  77. mick Jagr

    I was in Jr..High School when this came out...around 1983.... This album fuckn rocked....never got the credit it deserved...m.o...

  78. Bigo Garland

    Brian Johnson means that shit.

  79. Candido Siqueira

    O incomparável Ac ⚡ dc 🤘🇧🇷⭐ rock 🎸🎸🎸🎤🎶🎶☠️☠️☠️

  80. colemann76

    Don’t care how much it sold this song and album are both as good as anything they ever did

  81. Jim Moore

    Grooooovvvvvyyyyy....blow u sky high!!!

  82. motorbreathjz

    SHE BLOW YA SKY HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Jonathan Barnes

    Being underrated is underrated .

  84. Saschiii K

    Der Song und das Album sind so geil !!!!!! Höre ich zurzeit rauf und runter im Auto 😍😍

  85. Harley's G GAR

    I saw AC/DC on the Flick Of The Switch tour with Fastway! Bad ass show! RIP Malcolm Young and Fast Eddie Clarke!

    John MacDonald

    Jesus I seen that same show Dec 83 at Mapleleaf Gardens. Fastway were good too AC/DC were great that night .Could not hear shit for 30mins after but a ringing in my ears. F,n great show.

  86. Tom Hatfield

    This is what rock n roll is about!!!!

  87. Justin Banks

    Thanks for stepping in Brian almost 40 years ago I like to think bon and Brian are long lost brother's and fate united them love you all

  88. Peter Carey

    fuuckk'n xcellent

  89. Eric Stock

    I never realized that Malcolm breaks a string towards the end...


    MTV FLASH BACK almost 30 years ago May 27 1989 HEADBangers Ball #4 video of a 4 block ( YES A VHS TAPE )

  91. Joe Sinopoli


  92. Ian E Williams

    She blows you sky high 🔥🔥🔥

  93. Stormer 757

    if you flick the switch you will get a sprite cranberry

  94. Eye In The Sky

    This is the epic hard rocking 80's that cannot be replaced. <3

  95. matt mccartan

    Wtf???? Angus is wearing t shirt....i didn't know he had any.

  96. steve henrichs


  97. Dion Paschini

    Flick of the switch and you know ACDC is on the Prowl nothing but rock from these Boys !!